Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Nice Day To Work On The Plowtruck

 The temp got above freezing if you call 32.9F above freezing. Sun was shining and I was able to work bare handed. 

A step I built several years ago to overcome
an eye problem, they are too close to the ground.

When I opened the hood on the plowtruck I discovered a problem that I hadn't noticed before. The vacuum line going to the power brake booster looked like it was dry rotted or cracked.

When I pushed the line back, this is what it looked like.

The first thing I had to do was replace the vacuum line. It had been running a little erratically lately and this may be the reason why. I happened to have a hose that would slip on the the fittings. It was labeled as transmission coolant line, but I figure it'll work as a vacuum hose, it shouldn't collapse.

New distributor cap and new sparkplug wires.


After getting the new cap on and the wires in place I fired it up. I could tell right away the I had some wires crossed. Dug out the repair manual, looked up the firing order and checked the wire locations. I did have some in the wrong place even tho I tried to be careful replacing one wire at a time. Would look at the old cap when I pulled a wire off and put the new one on the new cap in the same place. Anywho, it is running good now, which is a good thing because they are predicting snow for tomorrow.


  1. Last motor I could work on myself was a 289 in a 68 Falcon. Good you got her running. If you have too much snow send some our way. We got an inch last night. First for a couple months.

    1. It was running, just thought after changing the sparkplugs I should finish the tune-up with new wires and cap.

      We could use more snow too. We are way behind normal snowfall for this time of year. Also haven't had much cold weather, it' been above normal for the last month or so.

  2. Sometimes among all the noise we have to get back to the basics. Life goes on.

    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. It is pretty basic, other than the fact it doesn't have points in the distributor it's as basic as you get.

  4. you and your toys. Toys that make life easier for you but toy nonetheless.


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