Sunday, November 20, 2022

It's Done

 Got the truck put back together today. Temp in the low teens with a Northwest wind blowing snow around.

Ran into several problems while working on the truck. Got everything put back together and put the wheel on and discovered the new lugs were coarse threads and the old lug nuts were fine threads. Luckily I have a wrecked 2001 F150 and it had coarse thread lug nuts so I was able to get 8 lug nuts to put the wheel on. Just have to remember that 1 wheel has different lug nuts. Then when I lowered the jack I couldn't get it out. The ground must have started to heave with the cold weather.
Everything is fine now, maybe tomorrow I'll take it for a test drive.


  1. We were on the Alcan highway in 1993 and the bolt securing the right spring to the tag-along came loose. The RV sagged. Fortunately the bolt was still hung up in the frame mount but the nut was gone. I found that one of nuts on my truck wheel fit the bolt.
    The Alcan highway is not a place to break down.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. know this for a ain't over til it's over.


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