Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Reason The Smoke Alarm Went Off

I got the shit tank out of The Guppy the other day. I had thought that maybe I could repair it by doing a fiberglas patch. After seeing the extent of the damage, I now realize I have to get a new tank. It is surprising how much melted from the exhaust hitting the side of the motorhome and up at the tank.  Once I get the new tank installed, I'll put some hangers on the exhaust system. I got the parts, but the tailpipe needs to be down in order to remove and replace the tank as the tailpipe goes under the tank. After I replace the tank I'll put some kind of extension on the tailpipe so it will either stick out from under the motorhome or bend down towards the ground so this can't happen again.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Google+ Sucks A Big One!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I was trying to sign into my blog while using Firefox browser. It kept coming up with a sign-in with the Google+ that I've tried to get rid of because it was a mistake. I seem to have two Google+ pages. I did one for the hell of it some time back, but when doing the profile it kept asking to stuff I didn't feel like putting in the profile. Like it wouldn't accept just one name, it had to be a first name and a last name. And somehow my gmail wound up being used for Google+ and that is the problem. I would get rid of the gmail and Google+ if I knew it wouldn't fuck up my blog which is on google blogger.

The fucking ironic thing is I was able to sign in the way I want using Google Chrome browser. I haven't been using Chrome lately because ever since the latest Adobe update videos don't want to play on Chrome, so I have been using Firefox because videos will play on it. There's another fucking IRONY, the Adobe update was supposed to make videos play better?????

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Latest Project

Photo taken 5/19/2015.

Yesterday I started on my latest project. Eventually I hope to be able to see the train going along the tracks that go thru "The Ranch". I plan on doing a lane about 15/20 ft wide. The Old Lady used Google Earth and she figures I have about 700 ft of brush and trees to cut. Most of it is tag alder and some of it may be big enough to cut into firewood, and there are a few popple, cherry, and birch that will make some good firewood.

At one time it was fairly open, but I made the mistake of fencing the area and using it for pasture when we had a cow and a couple of steers. They ate the grass, left hoof prints in the soft earth and created ideal conditions for tag alder seeds to sprout. Most of the area I had fenced off is now overgrown with brush.

I'm not surprised to see the snow on the ground this morning (the forecast said there wouldn't be any accumulation, RIGHT!!), it has snowed on my birthday, which is next month!! It has even snowed on the Fourth of July; in fact it has snowed every month of the year at one time or another.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Was Driving Down The Interstate And The Smoke Detector Went Off

In the two months we were traveling in The Guppy we put just over 3500 miles on the odometer. The last 300 were the most exciting. We were on our way home and were about 300 miles from home and the smoke alarm went off. I pulled over on to the shoulder (being in Wisconsin and on an Interstate there was a shoulder, not like some of the state and local roads in Missouri and Arkansas) and shut it down. The place was full of smoke. There was a weird smell to the smoke. At first I thought maybe it was wiring burning. I checked under the dash and under the hood. I also checked the RV battery and it was cool, so that wasn't the problem.

After looking at everything I could see, (which wasn't much) I started off again. I only got a mile or two before the alarm went off again. The Old Lady got up and shut it off. I continued on to where I knew there was a truck stop a few miles further. She said she saw smoke coming out from under the engine cowling. I pulled it after we parked and finally we saw some debris on the engine. There were some pine cones and seeds that a squirrel or some critter had stashed on top of the engine.

Thinking that that was the problem we took off in the morning after spending the night in a motel because of the smell in The Guppy. About  5 miles down the road the smoke alarm went off again. This time The Old Lady said she saw smoke coming from under the refrigerator. That's where the furnace is, but the propane was turned off for traveling. We checked around the furnace and couldn't find anything so I looked under the motorhome. One of the hangers on the exhaust system had broken and the muffler dropped down. When the muffler dropped it tilted the tailpipe up and it was pointing at the holding tank. It had melted part of the plastic tank (source of the weird smell and smoke) and it now was leaking. I had some safety wire which I used to wire up the muffler. The wire wasn't very heavy (.032) so I did 5-6 pieces around the pipe and parts of the frame and the broken hanger.  The rest of the trip was uneventful, smelly but uneventful.

Now I have several months to make repairs to The Guppy before we head out again. Obviously I need to replace the holding tank. Another thing I need to replace is the battery charger. It seems to be unregulated. It charges at too high a rate (it's burning out the 12v lights) and doesn't quit charging when the battery is fully charged. I had to add water to the battery as the charger was cooking the water out of it.

And I need to fix the steps going into the motorhome. The steps move when someone steps on them. Looks like the problem is that the wooden structure of the steps was just stapled together and things have worked loose over the years.

I also want to replace the TV antenna. The one we have is the original one from when the motorhome was built in 1989. It's an old analog one and now everything is digital. The only time we got any TV was at a campground in Waco and we were close enough that we probably could have gotten an signal with just a piece of wire. I used a piece of wire for a TV antenna back in the 60s when I was close to the TV station.

I need to replace the marker lights on the front at the top. I lost 3 of the five lens on the lights. I might as well replace all 5 with new led lights.

I don't think I'll have a chance to work on getting the generator running and installed in The Guppy. It would be nice to have it for those times when there isn't an electric hookup available like when you are "boondocking".

Friday, April 24, 2015

They Brand Everything In Tejas

When we were in Tejas I bought some eggs. When I opened the carton I noticed the eggs had the store brand on them.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Not The Magazine I Remember From My Youth

Recently we bought a copy of National Geographic. Saw in big letters on the cover, "War on Science" and thought it might be an interesting article. (Not Really.) The Old Lady noticed how little written content there was and how short the articles were.  (The Old Lady said that even tho' I don't read as fast as she does, I finished reading the magazine very quickly.) I noticed a lack of what was the main draw of the magazine when I was young. No chocolate tits. There used to be articles on tribes in Africa, or South America, or New Guinea

The photo above is an example of what I remember being in National Geographic. Then again with the intratubes there is no need to look at National Geographic to see naked tits.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winter Returns

It's been Spring for a week now and there actually were signs of Spring, leaves budding out, some flowers appearing, etc.... Then this:

If I wanted to put up with snow during Spring, I'd have stayed home. There was snow when we arrived here and looks like snow will bid us farewell. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so this won't stay.
The heater doesn't work worth a shit on this cart!!!????
The funny thing is it feels better today than it did the other day when the temp was a little higher. It's around freezing today and the other day it was in the 40s. It felt colder when it was 40 and damp than it does when it's 32 and snowing.

On April Fools Day we will be leaving here and a week or so later we'll head further South in search of Summer. Finding Spring appears to be a bust, so we'll push on looking for nicer weather before heading home.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

$10 Dollar Fish

Went fishing yesterday, and caught dinner. Caught a trout about 10" long. Fried it up for dinner, broke in the new cast iron skillet. (We found a new 10" cast iron skillet at REI that was cheaper than some old ones we saw at flea markets!!) Maybe the fish was longer than 10" because it was longer than the frying pan was wide.

It was $7 for a one day non-resident license and $3 dollars for the day tag to fish in the park. Had thought about getting a yearly non-resident license, but it's been cold enough that I haven't felt like fishing.