Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One Of My Projects Before Winter

I moved the carport to cover the travel trailer. That's the only way to keep the roof on the trailer from leaking, by putting a roof over it.

Work in progress, I got this end closed in and only need to put metal up on the other gable end.
Because I won't be here to remove the snow off the roof this winter I decided I needed to reinforce the roof. The frames for the carport are a little over 4 feet apart and I figure with the amount of snow we get the roof panels could sag from the weight of the snow. I put 2x4s between the frames to support the sheetmetal panels.

Hopefully I put enough 2x4s to reinforce the roof. 
Notice how little room there is to work.

The hard part was working over the trailer as there wasn't a lot of room to work. If I had been putting the carport up for the first time I would have put the 2x4s in before putting the metal on, but I had already assembled it a couple years ago to put my boats in. That meant I had to get the screws back in the same holes again.

The metal I'm using to close in the gable ends is from a 12x60 mobile home we used to have. I dismantled it 10 years ago. The metal is aluminum, but the price for scrap aluminum hasn't been high enough where I felt it was worth the gas to haul it to a salvage yard!! So I have been using pieces for a couple projects. This is one and I covered the end wall on the barn with the aluminum. The barn used to be twice as long, but my brother tore down the haybarn part 55 years ago and the end wall was bare boards. I used lumber wrap and aluminum to cover it and stop the cold winds from coming thru the wall.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Veteran Memes

I am a disabled veteran, life member of the DAV. I'm feeling highly insulted with all these veteran vs whatever memes. A few years ago it was illegal immigrants, i.e. illegal immigrants deserve nothing, Veterans deserve everything. (My niece posted that one and unfriended me when I said illegal immigrants don't bother me, it's the cheap bastards that hire them!!) Now the latest group to be denigrated is refugees. We can't help refugees because we need to take care of the vets and in the end nobody gets any help. The vets get the same-old, same-old, LIP SERVICE!! And Jackshit as far as more help.

Spreading the various memes of veterans vs whatever is so easy, a couple of mouse clicks and you're done. Then you can feel good about yourself like if you actually did something to help the vets. That helps about as much as "Thoughts and Prayers," which is FUCK ALL!!

Actually these memes are doing the opposite of what people think when they spread them on social media. People think everyone is doing stuff to help the vets when in reality (some people don't even have a passing acquaintance with reality!!) everybody thinks someone else is doing something to help and nobody is. It's that "Thoughts and Prayers" mentality.  But hey, it's the thought that counts, RIGHT??

I feel insulted by the use of veterans to denigrate or refuse to help others because you don't happen to like that particular group. I've lost count of how many groups they've pitted the veterans against, illegal immigrants, refugees, even community college students (instead of giving free tuition, we should spend that money on the vets.) We are supposedly the richest nation in the world, we can afford anything, all it takes is the WILL TO DO IT, which is sorely lacking!!  And don't call this a christian nation when you do refuse to help!!

Another thing is when a football player doesn't stand for the anthem and immediately people are saying he is disrespecting the veterans. NEWS FLASH, every veteran when they were sworn in swore to uphold the Constitution, that means they didn't serve to take rights away from people!! This country was built on protest, if there hadn't been protests the national anthem would be "God Save The Queen"!! If you think the flag and/or anthem represents the military/veterans, your thinking is totally ASS BACKWARDS!!

Another thing that grinds my gears a bit is people going around telling veterans, "Thank You for your service". That does Jackshit other than making the person saying that feel good, look at me, I did a good deed, I thanked a veteran!! It actually kinda creeps me out to see perfect strangers going up to vets and saying, "Thank You for your service." That's why I never wear anything that would signify that I am a veteran.

 If you really want to thank a veteran do something to improve the situation for vets. There are 22 vets committing suicide every fucking day!! Lots of veterans are homeless. Some wait many months for a hearing on disability claims and years to hear an appeal on disability claims. I know the later from personal experience.

There are times when I feel we got used 50 years ago. The United States was in a pissing contest with the Soviet Union and Vietnam was just the proxy. Whether we were used then is debatable, but I damn sure don't want to be used now. Don't use veterans as an excuse to justify your prejudices!! 

Basically it's all just LIP SERVICE, just like the politicians that say, "We love the veterans" and when in office vote against most of the bills that are designed to help the vets!! It's gotten to the point where the only LIP SERVICE I want to see is for the aforementioned people to KISS MY DISABLED VETERAN ASS!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Old Dude Had To Be Involved In Naming These Jeans

An older person had to be involved in naming these jeans. I can remember when I was a kid older guys talking about tight pants as being like a cheap hotel, no ballroom!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Toy Or Headache??

Bought another 4wheeler this week. Didn't pay much, it hasn't been run in 8-9 years. It's probably never been under cover since it was new in '94.

New Toy or Headache??
When he said it had a plow I offered more than I had originally thought to give.

It will be under cover soon, I plan on putting it in the barn for the winter while we are SnowBirds. When we get back in the spring I'll work on getting it working. Right now I know it needs brake work and probably work on the front driveshaft. Hopefully it's only need U-joints. If it needs a yoke for the U-joint, then it'll get pricey!! The back tires are shot, but it came with replacements, all I have to do is get the old tires off and mount the others. I'm going to go see my neighbor and see if his tire machine will work on the ATV wheels.

When I told The Old Lady that I was considering buying it, she said that when I get it running we could both go riding with the two machines. I bought a used machine in working condition 5 years ago and have been using it around the place. Also used it to go icefishing a couple winters.

The machine I bought 5 years ago.

Now I think I'll head over to the neighbor's and see if he can change the tires on the rims.

I Think I Finally Got The Hang Of It??

Making sourdough bread that is. Last winter I created a sourdough starter from scratch. No yeast other than that which is in the flour and in the air. I've tried several times to bake bread with the starter with varying results.

This was my first attempt and it came out OK, a little overbaked and burnt on the bottom. Then I tried baking the bread in a breadpan and less time. Those turned out to be underdone and doughy in the middle. The Old Lady compared some to a brick!!

This is my latest attempt. I made these the other day. Figured out I was rushing things. I didn't allow enough time for it to proof and rise. These loaves took almost 24 hours total from start to finish. I started the proofing the night before and 12 hours later started mixing the dough. Then 2-3 hours to rise, a couple more hours to rise again, and finally a couple hours to rise in the pans. They finally came out of the oven in the evening.

Before I made these loaves I shared my starter with The Oldest Daughter who is a cook. She took it to work and everyone there was excited about it. Haven't heard yet if they have baked anything with it or how it turned out.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Scrubbing Bubbles??

The flash really highlighted how beat up the table is!!
This is actually a brush with a soap dispenser. It said it works best with Dawn detergent because that's who makes it.

When I took this out of the package and set it down it reminded me of the scrubbing bubbles in the TV commercial.  But this post is not about scrubbing bubbles, but about a power scrubber.

When I bought this I wasn't sure how hard it would be to just get the brush part. Turned out all I had to do was twist it a little and it came apart. The screw and washer and nut is so I can attach the brush to my drill.

And here is my power scrubber. After I put it together I used it to get rid of the soap scum in the bathtub. It looked so clean The Old Lady took a bubble bath in the evening!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

It's Still Fucking Magic

I thought putting a new battery in the wireless mouse fixed the internet problem, I was WRONG!! Tonight while trying to watch a show on NetFlix we got the "internet connectivity problem" message again when the picture froze and it started buffering. I pulled the dongle for the wireless mouse and refreshed. We were able to watch a few more minutes of the show then it froze again. Tomorrow I get to call tech support at the phone company again. Whatever it is, it is worse in the evening from 8:30 to 9:00. It's like the internet feed stops completely. It's about an hour after it screwed up and we seem to have service, but I haven't tried streaming anything, just checked emails and now doing a blog post.

The battery in the mouse was weak, but it hadn't started acting up like it usually does when it goes dead, the mouse was still working.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Electronics Are FM, FUCKING MAGIC!!

Recently we've been having problems streaming stuff on NetFlix and other sites.  With Netflix it seemed like we could watch most of a show and then it would freeze with about 5 minutes left to go!! We spent the better part of a week trying to watch an episode of Inspector Lewis on PBS. It would play for awhile and then freeze and start to buffer. We tried various things to get it to stream, would pause it, sometimes we would back it up a minute or so in the hopes that it would continue. Usually it would play up to the point where it froze and freeze again. In trying for 4 nights we managed to get about half way thru the episode.

Occasionally we would get a pop-up saying "Internet connectivity problem." I called tech support at the phone company that provides the Internet. The guy had me hook up the laptop directly to the DSL modem and it still had the problem. Could hear the audio stopping and starting as I tried to play a video. That eliminated the router as the problem. Was wondering if it might be the laptop as it is 6 years since I bought it and it was a refurbished one at that. Borrowed another computer and it worked fine. Tried the laptop again in case the phone company had fixed the problem. Laptop still wasn't working right.

Then I thought maybe the dongle plugged into one of the USB ports might have something to do with the problem. Unplugged it and it seemed to play normally. Then The Old Lady said, "I wonder if the battery is going dead in the wireless mouse?" The wireless mouse is what the dongle is for. Anywho, I replaced the battery in the mouse and plugged the dongle back in while the laptop was playing the episode we had so much trouble trying to watch. It continued to play normally and last night we watched several things on NetFlix with no problem.

What I can't figure out is how the hell a weak battery in a wireless mouse could affect the streaming of stuff from the intratubes??? Like I said in the title of this post, "ELECTRONICS ARE FM, FUCKING MAGIC!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Water Heater

Earlier this summer the water heater died. It was about 20 years old and finally gave up the ghost. I'd replaced the thermocouple a couple of times, but that was the extent of the maintenance. It did get drained and flushed a few times and was moved once. We originally got it to replace the water heater in our 12x60 mobile home. When I built this place it got put in here.

We decided we didn't need to rush out and buy a new one, we could get by for awhile as it was summer and we had the stove to heat water for doing dishes and other stuff (bird bath). Also we had The Guppy where we could take showers. Just had to wait awhile (10-20 minutes) for the water heater to heat the water.

Finally on the 9th we ordered a water heater from Lowes as I have a Lowes credit card and can do 6 months with no interest on large purchases. While we procrastinated the price went up. But on the plus side learned they do a discount for veterans. I knew they did a discount for military and retired military, but didn't know they did one for short-timers like me.

The only bitch I have with Lowes is they didn't let me know when the water heater arrived at the store. When we ordered it the expected date was the 24th, on the 25th The Old Lady called and was told it was there so we went and got it. Asked about the veteran discount and showed my VA card and got 10% knocked off. As I was working on installing it the other day I noticed a tag on the box that said it had arrived at the store on the 22nd. The least they could have done is send me an email to say it was at the store or the store could have called!!

Anywho, the other day I decided to do the water heater swap. Got the big box off the truck and with a hand truck got it into the house. Before I did that I drained the old one. Disconnecting the old one wasn't a problem, disconnected the gas line and the two water lines. Hauled the old one outside and removed the plumbing parts I needed for the new one (water lines and gas fitting). Put the new one in place and hooked it up. Checked the gas line for leaks, checked OK. Filled the tank with water, had a leak at the union on the hot water outlet side, tightened it. Lit the pilot, which is different than the old one. The old one you lit it with a match, the new one had a sealed burner unit and you push a button that creates a spark to light the pilot. Got it lit and turned the knob to start heating the water.

It worked for about 5 minutes and then went out. Thinking Fuck, spent all that money and the fucker doesn't work. Tried lighting the pilot, pilot would light, but when I released the knob it would go out. This new ones has several wires going to the control, one is for the spark deal and there are a couple others. It also has a light that flashes (the light also supposedly will give you codes to tell you what's wrong, from 0 to 8 flashes, well I had 0) when it is working. The light had gone out and would not come back when the pilot was lit. Tried several times with no luck. Then looked at where the wires went and noticed a small button (looked like a small peg between the terminals) where the two wires plugged in, pushed the button and when I lit the pilot the light started flashing and I turned the burner on and it's been working ever since.

The disgusting thing about this is it came with a 36 page instruction manual telling how to install and maintain the water heater. It also has a trouble shooting guide for things like "no hot water" which basically tells you to light the pilot. If after several tries and it doesn't work call a service technician. NO WHERE IN THE FUCKING MANUAL DOES IT MENTION THERE IS A FUCKING RESET BUTTON!!!!!!!!