Thursday, May 26, 2016

Michigan Legislature Responsible For Poisoning Flint

We hear a lot about how Gov Snyder is responsible for poisoning Flint, but I think the Legislature should share the blame. The Legislature is responsible for there being an "Emergency Manager" is place in the first place. In Nov 2012 there was a ballot measure about the emergency manager law and it was defeated by the voters. Before the end of the year the weasels in Lansing had passed a new bill authorizing emergency managers and Gov Snidely signed it. Hadn't been for that Flint would not have had an "Emergency Manager" to make the decision to switch to Flint river water!!

Squatlo claims Tennessee has the worst legislature in the country, but I countered with Tennessee's hadn't poisoned a city. He came back with Oak Ridge being a worse health disaster than Flint. But Oak Ridge is federal, the state had very little to do with it.

To get back to my point, the legislature and the governor went directly against the will of the people of the state to counteract what the people had voted on and that is why there was an "Emergency Manager" in place to rule on switching the water in Flint!! And I have yet to hear one word from anyone in the media mentioning the legislature being in any way responsible for the Flint water crisis!!

To top it off, after the Flint water crisis was in the national news, the FuckingRepublicans in the state senate refused to give any money to solve the problem in Flint!! I guess they figured the same as this graphic of Gov Snidley!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Truck Mod

Back in December I bought an extended cab pickup. My old truck wouldn't start (still doesn't) and had been acting up for most of the Summer. But that's another story.

One of the things I've always thought was a good idea was that with the extra room behind the seats there would be a place to set stuff, like groceries, whatever. Problem is that with grocery bags these days if you set a plastic bag on the floor behind the seats, by the time you get home most of the stuff could be out of the bag and rolling around on the floor. In our car we have a laundry basket to put groceries or whatever in to keep the stuff contained. A laundry basket would fit behind the seats but if you need to put the rear seats down, what do you do with the basket?? I think I solved that problem.

The solution.
I built a couple of boxes to fit under the rear seats. The seats are still usable and the boxes will contain the stuff in grocery bags or any loose stuff. I also added a net to the front of it that can be used for miscellaneous small stuff. I bought the net at St. Vinnie's several years ago and now finally have a use for it. I put one like it in The Guppy, but haven't put anything in it yet.

The boxes don't interfere with the seats. They can be put down and there is still as much leg room (??) as before. Also, as The Old Lady pointed out after I showed her how it would look with the seats down, we could put stuff under the seat and with the seat down it would be hidden from view!!

My next project on the interior will be new seat covers for the front seats. Not sure if I will do the rear seats as I don't see them being used much. The front seats have some burn holes in them because the previous owner was a smoker. Plus with 230K miles on it the driver's seat is kinda frayed on the edge. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

More Guppy Repairs

On our last excursion we discovered that we had a water problem. When using the pump for water from the holding tank there would be a burst of water and then a trickle. Thought maybe the pump was wore out. Pulled the plywood off the bed to get at the pump. Saw that it was almost 29 years old, it was made in '97. Started looking online to get an idea how much new pumps cost and last week stopped in a RV dealer to price pumps. Decided before buying a new pump would check the screen between the tank and pump.

In line screen after I took it apart and cleaned it.

After pulling the screen and cleaning it, I looked at the tank and saw it had a couple of bathtub rings inside. So I pulled it out and started cleaning it. 

It's cleaner on the outside than inside.

Looks like it has a date on it, 10-18-88.
This is the original tank that has been in the RV since it was built in '89. So far I've filled it with soapy water and agitated it by using a blowgun with a piece of small tubing on it. I would stick it in thru the filler hole and move it around while blowing air. The tubing was soft enough that I was able to bend it and direct the air at most of the dark lines. 

Today when I drained the tank after I had it soaking for a couple days, I discovered that the water wasn't coming out of the line very fast, just a trickle. Took the line off the fitting on the tank and blew air in thru the fitting. The water came out at a good rate after that. Looks like the screen was plugged and the fitting on the tank may have had something restricting the flow.

The setup I used to test the pump.
Decided to test the pump, so I filled a bucket and ran the pump. At first I wondered why it kept running and the level in the bucket kept going down. Then I remembered I had drained the water heater. It took most of two buckets to fill the water heater. After that the pump shut down and I did my test, I opened a faucet to see what kind of water pressure there was and it gave a good stream after the pump kicked in. I don't think I need to replace the pump. It still won't give you a good shower (The Old Lady says it's like taking a shower in a phone booth even when hooked up to city water), but at least you won't have to wait a long time to fill the coffee pot!!

Right now I have the tank filled with water and some bleach to sanitize it. I'll let it sit for a couple days before draining and rinsing it out. I'm going to replace a couple hoses when I reinstall the tank. The hose for the drain is pretty black inside and so is the vent line. I'm also going to put in a new valve for the drain.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WTF CVS?????

Last February I got two new prescriptions filled at a local Target store. Target's pharmacy has been bought out by CVS. The people at the Target pharmacy were wearing name tags that said CVS. Anywho, the two generic drugs cost me $16. Based on the generic price of $10 for a 90 day supply and $4 for 30 days. One of my prescriptions is only 45 pills as I cut them in half and that gives me a 90 day supply. The one with 45 pills costs me $6. So the total is $16.

While we were down in Missouri my supply was running out and because they had built a new CVS drugstore in Farmington, Missouri last year, I went there to get refills. First it took them a long time to transfer the prescriptions, I dropped the old bottles off one day, went back the next and they claimed they got no answer when they called the previous evening. They said they would try again. I asked them to verify that they had my cellphone number so they could call me when the scripts were ready. Several hours later The Old Lady got tired of waiting and called. She was told the scripts were ready, they had just forgot to call.

We went back to CVS to pick up my drugs. When they told us what the price was, both of us dropped a shock. They wanted almost $75 for the two that cost me $16 originally. I said they should only be $16 as they are generic. I was told, "But these are a 90 day supply." To which I said, "Yeah, one should be $10 and the other $6." I asked for my old pill bottles back. (A 90 day supply for drugs cost $24 thru the VA, so the two of them would have been $48, still way cheaper than CVS!!)

I stretched out my pills by skipping some by only taking one a day instead of twice a day and every other day on the other drug. As soon as we got home we went to the same Target the next day. I asked what the prices were on the two drugs and was told $16. (The Target and CVS computer systems for drugs have not been combined yet, so that may explain the difference in price!!) I said they would have to transfer them back from CVS. The guy said it would be a little while (actually he said 20 minutes). We did some shopping in the area and had lunch and when we went back the prescriptions were ready.

If this is what the price is going to be when the CVS takeover of Target pharmacies is complete I guess I'll need to find somewhere else to get my drugs!! (The Old Lady used to get prescriptions filled at CVS when we lived in Hot-Lanta as it was just a couple blocks down the street. Each time she got the same script it was a different price, but because she was only paying a small co-pay it wasn't a big issue.)

As for the CVS in Farmington taking so long, maybe it's just typical Southern way of where they are nice and friendly, but not very swift. Like my nephew once said after living in Georgia for many years, "You'll never get hot french fries down here!!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Further Adventures With The Guppy

One of the improvements I made before hitting the road was I replaced the charger for the RV battery and to run the 12v stuff when plugged into 110. The old one was putting out too many volts. It was putting out about 17v at all times. It was burning up the lights and killed a radio/CD player I had put into one of the cabinets to make it easier to turn on the tunes. The old radio would only work if there were several lights on or something that drew a lot of 12v power. Then it wouldn't work at all.

This is the new charger. It works as advertised; when the battery is down, it puts out 14.6v, then drops to 13.6v, and finally is at 13.2v to maintain the battery. I had to install an outlet because the new charger came with a cord with a plug on the end and no way to get into the box to wire up the 110. Also had to put in a fuse block because the old charger had a built-in fuse block. One of the wires to the fuses was white and at first I couldn't figure out what a white wire was doing mixed in with the black ones. After hooking up all the wires except the white one and trying various things to make sure everything worked, the water heater didn't work. When I traced the white wire to where it went, I found out it went to the switch for the water heater. As you can see the white wire is hooked up.

This is one of the reasons I changed the charger. Other bulbs were burning out, but this was the worst one. It got to the point where the lens wouldn't stay on the light. A couple other lights got hot enough to melt things, but instead of melting the lens the base of the light was melting.

This is the new outside light. It has a bunch of LEDs in it so it should last longer than I will be using The Guppy, and even if the charger starts putting out more voltage, it will handle up to 18v. I also ordered some LED bulbs to replace bulbs in some of the lights that we use the most. The LED bulbs were in two different orders and they are different colors or temperatures. One is a whiter light than the other one. The LED bulbs should help conserve the battery when we are boondocking.

After I replaced the charger I bought a new radio/CD player and installed it in the hole where the radio that died was in the cabinet. Now all we need is to find some decent radio stations!!

The next thing I need to do is replace the water pump. It will pump water from the holding tank, but after it shuts off there is a burst of good pressure and then the pressure drops off quite a bit. If it is original to The Guppy, it is over 25 years old and could just be worn out. I had drained the water heater before we left and when I was getting all the RV anti-freeze out of the plumbing, it took a long time to fill the water heater and get water to the hot water faucet.

I really can't complain too much. The Guppy didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy because it was 25 years old when we bought it. With something that old it's a wonder we haven't had to fix something major. Now I just fucking jinxed myself!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You Look Like I Need A Drink

That campground we are at is such a "dead zone" that there is only a few radio stations that come in. Most are bible-banger ones, but there is one country station that is local and pays a variety of songs new and old. This one is one that I thought had a catchy line in it.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Last night I was thinking (and ya it hurt) about what if Bernie or Hillary don't win in November. That would leave one of the two left in the running on the dark side. Of the two I think Trump would do less damage to the country and the people. For one thing he wouldn't have very much support in Congress. No Democrats would help him and very few FuckingRepublican'ts would back him.

With Trump it would be, Sure I'm going to fuck you, but it's not personal, it's just business. I guess that could make it a little less painful, while he wouldn't use lube, at least he wouldn't throw sand in the mix!!

About the only true thing his campaign has put out. HE IS THE GREATER EVIL!!

This is true, Rafael Cruz is not the lesser evil, he is the greater evil. He would consider himself anointed by god to be President, so anything he did would have divine approval. He would think god told him to do it and he's got this Jesus boner, so he has to fuck you!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Is There Anyone Gov Snyder Won't Fuck Over, Other Than Koch Bros and DeVos Family??


Read an editorial in the Detroit Free Press that got me all pissed off. Gov Snidely privatized the Veterans home in Grand Rapids. In 2011 he fired the government staff and gave a contract to J2S Group to take care of the veterans in the home.  After initial complaints about deterioration of care, a resident veteran filed suit, and an Ingham County Circuit Court judge briefly halted the privatization. But the state ultimately prevailed, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruling in 2013 that residence at the home was voluntary, and that veterans were free to relocate if the care wasn't up to par.

Which shows that we need to pay more attention to who is running for the various judge positions. Right, if the veterans don't like it there they are free to go somewhere else. Most of them are there because they can't afford to be in a regular nursing home!! 

Another thing he fucked up privatized was the food service in the state prisons. He gave the contract to Aramark.  When the State of Michigan privatized a prison food contract, it was easy in certain circles to ignore the egregious wrongs perpetrated by employees of Aramark, the private company hired to provide food for inmates in Michigan's prisons. For some folks, it's OK to dismiss maggots near the food supply or rats nibbling on food intended for prisoners, food workers having sex with inmates or smuggling in drugs, because some believe that prisoners deserve rough treatment. They're in prison, after all.
We have become such a fucking mean-spirited country!!!

Gov Snidely fucked over veterans and prisoners (actually they are both in a similar situation, they have no fucking control over their living conditions!!), poisoned an entire city (mostly black so who gives a shit, RIGHT??), what more does the asshole have to do before he is held accountable???

That's the problem is a nutshell, if you are rich and/or a rich politician, you are never held responsible for your actions. Crash the economy, poison a city, you get a free pass. If you are poor and you steal a loaf of bread to free your family, it's prison time for you!! 

The editorial ends kinda weakly.  And, as far as theories go, there's nothing wrong with ensuring that government uses tax dollars effectively, delivering the best value to the people who trust, and rely, on its care.
But that's the caveat: As with any governing philosophy, it had better work.
When will the champions of privatization in Michigan admit that thus far, it has not?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Twenty-Turd Shithouse Races

Yesterday we drove two hours to Trenary. They were having the Twenty-Turd shithouse races. We had heard about and seen pictures &videos of previous years events. Yesterday was a nice day (got up in the 40s and partly sunny, almost t-shirt weather) so we decided to go and also do some shopping on the way back.

The track.
Usually road crews will try and remove all snow and ice from the roads and streets. There are a few occasions when they will put snow on the streets. UP on the Tundra we have a couple sled dog races and the shithouse races.

I managed to get photos of most of the entries. I think I only missed one because my camera went to sleep.

Before the races began they came down the track tossing out rolls of toilet paper, I guess in case some had to go??

The first racer.
Don't know why, but the races were scheduled to start at 2pm. After about 20 minutes I was muttering, "It's time to get this shit on the road!!" Finally around 2:30 it began.

Not sure what the hell Batgirl was doing there. But she came down the track as you can see in this pic.

Track grooming.
About halfway thru the races they had a couple of snowmobiles groom the track. The Old Lady said that this was one good use for old pallets, not like some of the projects they show where you'd end up with a lot of splitters if you tried doing them.

Holy Shit!!
Da Dapper Crapper.

This one fell apart about a third of the way down the track, but like true troopers they dragged it to the finish line!!

Only one had a driver and he was helping propel it Fred Flintstone style!!

They had a beer tent set up in front of one of the bars. There are two bars side by each!! (That's Yooper talk.) There were several kids making quite a haul picking up the empty beer cans and bottles. A dime apiece adds up pretty quick. Saw a couple kids using a plastic sled to haul their booty.