Sunday, April 17, 2016

Further Adventures With The Guppy

One of the improvements I made before hitting the road was I replaced the charger for the RV battery and to run the 12v stuff when plugged into 110. The old one was putting out too many volts. It was putting out about 17v at all times. It was burning up the lights and killed a radio/CD player I had put into one of the cabinets to make it easier to turn on the tunes. The old radio would only work if there were several lights on or something that drew a lot of 12v power. Then it wouldn't work at all.

This is the new charger. It works as advertised; when the battery is down, it puts out 14.6v, then drops to 13.6v, and finally is at 13.2v to maintain the battery. I had to install an outlet because the new charger came with a cord with a plug on the end and no way to get into the box to wire up the 110. Also had to put in a fuse block because the old charger had a built-in fuse block. One of the wires to the fuses was white and at first I couldn't figure out what a white wire was doing mixed in with the black ones. After hooking up all the wires except the white one and trying various things to make sure everything worked, the water heater didn't work. When I traced the white wire to where it went, I found out it went to the switch for the water heater. As you can see the white wire is hooked up.

This is one of the reasons I changed the charger. Other bulbs were burning out, but this was the worst one. It got to the point where the lens wouldn't stay on the light. A couple other lights got hot enough to melt things, but instead of melting the lens the base of the light was melting.

This is the new outside light. It has a bunch of LEDs in it so it should last longer than I will be using The Guppy, and even if the charger starts putting out more voltage, it will handle up to 18v. I also ordered some LED bulbs to replace bulbs in some of the lights that we use the most. The LED bulbs were in two different orders and they are different colors or temperatures. One is a whiter light than the other one. The LED bulbs should help conserve the battery when we are boondocking.

After I replaced the charger I bought a new radio/CD player and installed it in the hole where the radio that died was in the cabinet. Now all we need is to find some decent radio stations!!

The next thing I need to do is replace the water pump. It will pump water from the holding tank, but after it shuts off there is a burst of good pressure and then the pressure drops off quite a bit. If it is original to The Guppy, it is over 25 years old and could just be worn out. I had drained the water heater before we left and when I was getting all the RV anti-freeze out of the plumbing, it took a long time to fill the water heater and get water to the hot water faucet.

I really can't complain too much. The Guppy didn't cost an arm and a leg to buy because it was 25 years old when we bought it. With something that old it's a wonder we haven't had to fix something major. Now I just fucking jinxed myself!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You Look Like I Need A Drink

That campground we are at is such a "dead zone" that there is only a few radio stations that come in. Most are bible-banger ones, but there is one country station that is local and pays a variety of songs new and old. This one is one that I thought had a catchy line in it.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Last night I was thinking (and ya it hurt) about what if Bernie or Hillary don't win in November. That would leave one of the two left in the running on the dark side. Of the two I think Trump would do less damage to the country and the people. For one thing he wouldn't have very much support in Congress. No Democrats would help him and very few FuckingRepublican'ts would back him.

With Trump it would be, Sure I'm going to fuck you, but it's not personal, it's just business. I guess that could make it a little less painful, while he wouldn't use lube, at least he wouldn't throw sand in the mix!!

About the only true thing his campaign has put out. HE IS THE GREATER EVIL!!

This is true, Rafael Cruz is not the lesser evil, he is the greater evil. He would consider himself anointed by god to be President, so anything he did would have divine approval. He would think god told him to do it and he's got this Jesus boner, so he has to fuck you!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Is There Anyone Gov Snyder Won't Fuck Over, Other Than Koch Bros and DeVos Family??


Read an editorial in the Detroit Free Press that got me all pissed off. Gov Snidely privatized the Veterans home in Grand Rapids. In 2011 he fired the government staff and gave a contract to J2S Group to take care of the veterans in the home.  After initial complaints about deterioration of care, a resident veteran filed suit, and an Ingham County Circuit Court judge briefly halted the privatization. But the state ultimately prevailed, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruling in 2013 that residence at the home was voluntary, and that veterans were free to relocate if the care wasn't up to par.

Which shows that we need to pay more attention to who is running for the various judge positions. Right, if the veterans don't like it there they are free to go somewhere else. Most of them are there because they can't afford to be in a regular nursing home!! 

Another thing he fucked up privatized was the food service in the state prisons. He gave the contract to Aramark.  When the State of Michigan privatized a prison food contract, it was easy in certain circles to ignore the egregious wrongs perpetrated by employees of Aramark, the private company hired to provide food for inmates in Michigan's prisons. For some folks, it's OK to dismiss maggots near the food supply or rats nibbling on food intended for prisoners, food workers having sex with inmates or smuggling in drugs, because some believe that prisoners deserve rough treatment. They're in prison, after all.
We have become such a fucking mean-spirited country!!!

Gov Snidely fucked over veterans and prisoners (actually they are both in a similar situation, they have no fucking control over their living conditions!!), poisoned an entire city (mostly black so who gives a shit, RIGHT??), what more does the asshole have to do before he is held accountable???

That's the problem is a nutshell, if you are rich and/or a rich politician, you are never held responsible for your actions. Crash the economy, poison a city, you get a free pass. If you are poor and you steal a loaf of bread to free your family, it's prison time for you!! 

The editorial ends kinda weakly.  And, as far as theories go, there's nothing wrong with ensuring that government uses tax dollars effectively, delivering the best value to the people who trust, and rely, on its care.
But that's the caveat: As with any governing philosophy, it had better work.
When will the champions of privatization in Michigan admit that thus far, it has not?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Twenty-Turd Shithouse Races

Yesterday we drove two hours to Trenary. They were having the Twenty-Turd shithouse races. We had heard about and seen pictures &videos of previous years events. Yesterday was a nice day (got up in the 40s and partly sunny, almost t-shirt weather) so we decided to go and also do some shopping on the way back.

The track.
Usually road crews will try and remove all snow and ice from the roads and streets. There are a few occasions when they will put snow on the streets. UP on the Tundra we have a couple sled dog races and the shithouse races.

I managed to get photos of most of the entries. I think I only missed one because my camera went to sleep.

Before the races began they came down the track tossing out rolls of toilet paper, I guess in case some had to go??

The first racer.
Don't know why, but the races were scheduled to start at 2pm. After about 20 minutes I was muttering, "It's time to get this shit on the road!!" Finally around 2:30 it began.

Not sure what the hell Batgirl was doing there. But she came down the track as you can see in this pic.

Track grooming.
About halfway thru the races they had a couple of snowmobiles groom the track. The Old Lady said that this was one good use for old pallets, not like some of the projects they show where you'd end up with a lot of splitters if you tried doing them.

Holy Shit!!
Da Dapper Crapper.

This one fell apart about a third of the way down the track, but like true troopers they dragged it to the finish line!!

Only one had a driver and he was helping propel it Fred Flintstone style!!

They had a beer tent set up in front of one of the bars. There are two bars side by each!! (That's Yooper talk.) There were several kids making quite a haul picking up the empty beer cans and bottles. A dime apiece adds up pretty quick. Saw a couple kids using a plastic sled to haul their booty.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Something I'm Sick And Tired Of Hearing Lately

 This country has gotten really FUCKED UP in recent years. It used to be MAJORITY RULES, now it is the loudest minority, even if it's a minority of a minority. I'm talking about the Tea-Baggers and the "Evangelical Voters".

Lately all I've been hearing because of the caucuses and primaries is how Iowa and South Carolina are full of "Evangelical Voters"!! They are a minority of a minority, so why should we give a shit about them.

This graph shows the religious make-up of GOP
 The graph shows the "Evangelicals" are only 34% of the FuckingRepublican'ts. Like I said a minority of a minority!!

This shows the FuckingRepublican'ts are a minority.
Actually I'm surprised there are that many that are willing to call themselves FuckingRepublican'ts. No, not really, there are a lot of people that will believe what they hear and never look to see what the fuck the politicians are actually doing!!

So if the "Evangelical Voters" make up a third of a quarter of the voters, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE CARE WHAT THE FUCK THEY VOTE FOR OR AGAINST?????????? And why the fuck do they have so much power in today's politics???

For years now I've been saying we should get Big Money out of politics. Now I think we need to get religion out of politics. Nixon started it with his Southern Strategy even tho he was a Quaker (who generally stay out of politics as a group). Then St. Ronnie sucked up to the Bible-Bangers even tho he wasn't really religious, he was just using them.  Now it's the party that is getting used. Old Proverb; "Be careful what you wish for!!"

Now I'm hearing that Trump will tear the party apart, promises, promises!! There are even "Evangelical Voters" voting for him. The party is in disarray these days and I would gladly sit back and watch them self-destruct, just wish they would be quicker about it!! My fondest wish is to live long enough to see the FuckingRepublicant's become the Whigs of the 21st century. Then they would have gone full circle!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Windows 10 Is Not Ready For Prime Time

A couple weeks ago I took the plunge and upgraded to Windows 10 against the advice of others that had upgraded. Like I said in my previous post on Windows 10 I figured I might as well get used to it now because all confusers from here on out will run that system.

Well, Windows 10 had too many glitches. I had hoped it would help run streaming better when I'm watching TV shows either videos or on occasion something live like football or NASCAR. It didn't, now I'm thinking the problem may be with my internet service. But the worse problems were things like Opera browser would crash a lot. Firefox would have a problem with "script running" and would have to click on the pop-up to kill it. In Windows 7 we had eliminated that!!

Also they had changed the solitaire games, nothing big, just different. Could have lived with that if the fucking games had worked right. Do you know how fucking frustrating it is when the game freezes (for what at times seemed like a minute or two) and you have to wait for it to start again and hope you catch it in time to make the move you have figured out. Or it would start up again for a couple seconds and freeze again before you could make a move!!

Turns out because I had upgraded less than 30 days ago it was easy to go back to Windows 7. All the stuff was still there under the Windows 10 upgrade. Even my score on one of the solitaire games!! In the process of going back it asked why. There were several options to click on and a blank to leave a comment. I clicked on "Windows 7 is more reliable" and left a comment, "When Windows 10 can't even run solitaire games right (freeze), Windows 10 isn't ready for prime time"!!!!!!!

I will keep Windows 7 on this confuser until I need to replace it. Then when I get a new confuser I will have no choice, but may be it will work better when it is the only operating system installed on the confuser. While researching shit about Windows 10 I saw several sites that said the best way to upgrade was to do a "clean install", which means you erase the version you have and then install Windows 10. But if I had done that even if I could have figured out how to do it, I wouldn't have been able to go back to Windows 7 with just a few clicks like I did. It would have meant erasing Windows 10 and then installing Windows 7 from a DVD or something like a flash drive. I did make a recovery disc when I first got this confuser, so I do have Windows 7 on a DVD, but I'm glad I didn't need to go thru all that hassle!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Facebook Posts That Make You Want To Deny You Know The Person That Posted It

Saw this on facebook yesterday by someone I used to know (he unfriended me several years ago when I asked him to explain why he was against the mosque in NYC). The reason I saw it is because someone that I am friends with had liked the post.

It was a blog post by a climate change denier about how can this be about reducing CO2 when you have a helicopter burning aviation fuel, a truck burning fuel with the heater to heat the water burning fuel? This is wrong in so many ways and is typical of those on the Reich-WingNut fringe in the way they try to deny shit. In the first place, most wind turbines today have de-icing capabilities, either heating elements built into the blades or a heater in the hub and fans to blow hot air into the blades. The photo shows a system developed for those early models that don't have de-icing capabilities, which would have to wait until the weather warms up enough and/or the sun can melt the ice off the blades.

How many tons of CO2 would be produced by a coal fired plant while waiting for the ice to melt off the wind turbine naturally???? Strikes me as the helicopter, truck, and burner produce a hell of a lot less CO2 than a coal fired power plant!!

In any case, it's typical of climate change deniers to take one small example of an old style wind turbine being de-iced and say it applies to every wind turbine everywhere on the planet.