Friday, December 12, 2014

My Snow Removal Equipment

When you live where we do and you get anywhere from 200 inches to 400 inches of snow yearly (from the 1st of July to June 30 or as I prefer from the Fourth of July to the next Fourth) you need a variety of snow removal equipment.

From left to right, a couple of shovels, a Yooper Scooper, and a Toro 7hp snowblower.
Next year keeping the driveway open will be all on me. The truck will take care of the majority of the snow removal, The scoop and/or the snowblower will take care of the paths and the shovels for cleaning off the steps and porches.

Snowplow On Different Truck

The transmission died on my old Jeep plowtruck. Last summer I took the plow frame off the Jeep and took the front bumper of the Dodge. Before I left to go play campground host I brought the Dodge with the plow frame in the back over to my neighbor. I asked him to put the plow frame on the Dodge. It required cutting and welding to make the switch and I don't have a torch or a welder for hearier metals. I told him I'd be back in November, but he thought I'd be gone longer. Anywho, I got my truck back last Sunday after he was done with the job.

Plow frame on the Dodge.

After I got the truck back I had to install the controls and the battery for the plow and the battery isolater. I still haven't wired up the plow lights, but I'm not planning on plowing snow at night. Although it does get dark early these days.

The snow has settled some or it might have been more difficult to find the plow.

When I took the plow off the Jeep, I put it off to the side where I thought it would be easy to get at, but not in the way for snowplowing in case I didn't get it on the truck before the county started plowing my driveway.  It was good that I put the plow with the arms up and the blade sitting on a couple of blocks of wood. Otherwise it would have been hard to find and/or frozen to the ground. I hooked a chain to the plow and pulled it out of the snowbank with the truck.

I plowed a spot next to The Guppy to park the truck.

This truck should hold up better for plowing snow. It has a 318 V-8 with a four speed transmission and a strong transfer case. All I got to remember is to keep the fluid levels up in various parts that require gear lube. All of which I should check before I do anymore plowing. It's supposed to be nice for the next few days, so I'll do that before we get more snow.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Google Fucking Sucks

This morning I decided to check my Gmail. I signed in and then could not get at the inbox to check for mail. Got some fucking shit about wanting my cellphone number and other e-mail address. I could not find any way around this bullshit so I could check for mail. All the things I tried just went elsewhere and nothing showed that would lead to my mail. Had The Old Lady try and eventually she managed to get at my Gmail. It shouldn't be so fucking hard to get at your mail.

Several years ago I decided to do a Gmail account for the hell of it. After trying it out for awhile I decided it sucked more than either hotmail or Yahoo, so I hardly ever used it or checked it. In the last year or so I have had trouble getting at Gmail. Sometimes I need to sign out of my Yahoo account and sometimes The Old Lady can find a way into my Gmail.

Last year I made the mistake of using my Gmail for a rewards thing at Kmart. I've tried going to the Kmart site to change the e-mail address for their frequent flyer program to no avail. The shit still goes to Gmail. That is about the only reason I check my Gmail.

I wish I could express myself better in order to say just how fucking frustrating it is to hit a roadblock and not be able to find any way around it!! It's like the computer geeks think everybody knows all the shortcuts and what icons to click on or what fucking keys on the keyboard will get you where you want to go. Like hitting ctrl and some other key to do some function or other. I've never had any classes or training in fucking confusers. I'm a self-taught computer illiterate!!

I would cancel the Gmail if I wasn't afraid that doing so would kill all my Google accounts like blogger. One of the times I couldn't get at my Gmail, The Old Lady trying to access it created another Gmail account by adding a letter to the name. I finally was able to cancel that one, but it still pops up at times in autofill.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

New York City, Formerly Known As New Amsterdam

One of things that has had me scratching my ass for many years now is why the fuck does the media keep saying "Myanmar formerly known as Burma" or "Myanmar also known as Burma". We are the only country in the world that still calls the country Burma. The country changed its name in 1989 and for a long time the US and UK refused to call it Myanmar. But now we are alone in refusing to just call it Myanmar. The BBC calls it Myanmar, so maybe the UK has given up on the juvenile ploy of adding the aka Burma to the name.

They don't say Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon. Or Zimbabwe formerly called Rhodesia. Or Bangladesh formerly know as East Pakistan. So why the fuck do they persist in the Junior High bullshit with the name of the country??

Kinda reminds me of the joke when they decided to switch which side of the road to drive on in Sweden. The conservatives argued that they shouldn't rush into it. First they should let the trucks switch from driving on the left to driving on the right and then after a few months the cars would switch sides!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Think I Figured Out Why The Camo

Besides the anglers dressed like they just stepped out of a fly fishing catalog, there are a lot that are dressed in Camo. Their waders will be camo and their shirt and/or jacket will be camo also. At first I thought they were trying to sneak up on the fish, but in that case why were the boot part of the camo waders a solid color?? IMHO the only reason to wear camo is if you are hunting wild turkeys without a blind. Then last night it hit me, a reason for wearing camo around here in this campground.

Buzzards circling.
 Shortly after we got here we noticed a huge number buzzards circling every evening. We have also seem them during other times of the day in fairly large numbers. I keep telling The Old Lady to keep moving whenever I see them circling overhead.

 Maybe the people wearing camo are trying to escape the notice of the buzzards?? That's got to be the explanation as you don't need camo to sneak up on fish.
Buzzards roosting in a tree across the river from the campground.
 This is just one of the many roosting places for the buzzards as there must over a hundred of them.
More buzzards.
The Old Lady said this tree had so many buzzards on it the other morning she wondered how the branches on this dead tree was able to hold all of them??

Was told that in the summer there are Turkey Vultures here and in the winter they go south and the Black Buzzards come here for the winter. I guess at this time there is a mix of the two.