Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Rant On facebook

Recently I did a little rant on facebook and I think I'll expand on it here.

What makes some people think they can suck up to veterans by fucking over another group?? Especially when they haven't done shit for veterans before now?? Now it's refugees, before it was illegal immigrants. It's like, we'll help the veterans only if we can fuck over these other people. It's not an either/or situation in that respect, it is an either/or situation in that either you want to help veterans OR you don't!! In the end the veterans get the shaft!! If veterans should get better treatment, why hasn't it happened before now??

This has been pissing me off for years now. We can't do this, that or the other because we need to take care of veterans, homeless or homeless veterans, and NOT A FUCKING THING GETS DONE!! Other than nothing gets done about whatever it was that they couldn't do because of taking care of veterans etc.......

A couple years ago my niece shared a thing on facebook about how "illegal immigrants don't deserve anything. Veterans deserve everything". I commented, "illegal immigrants don't bother me, it's the cheap bastards that hire them."  She jumped all over me saying aren't you a veteran and how her parents had been veterans. Her daughter jumped in too. After admitting she purposely set me up and ranting some more, she unfriended me. In retrospect I should have said what I said on facebook a few days ago, "What makes you think you can suck up to me and fellow veterans by fucking over another group??" But I was trying to be nice because it was my niece. No more Mr. Nice Guy!!

This is the richest country in the world. We can do anything that needs to be done, it's just a matter of priorities. If it's important to take care of veterans, then we can do it. It's not a matter of not having the money to do stuff, we are the richest country in the world (did I mention that??), but for the last 30+ years the most important thing has been to take care of those that have more than enough already, and we need to insure that they get to keep even more of their bounty!!!!!!

Last summer one of my classmates from high school mentioned that instead of giving students free tuition at community colleges (Obama had talked about it), we should give more to veterans. I said it's not an either/or situation in that respect. Helping Vets is an either/or thing in that either you want to take care of Vets or YOU FUCKING DON'T!!!!!!

Especially those with "R" after their name.
 I'm a disabled Vietnam Era Vet, I only say this to let people know I have a right to bitch about this situation. And I not saying we need to take care of the Vets better for just myself. I'm doing OK, not well, but OK. There are lots that are worse off than me and at the very least they should get whatever help they need!!!!

Motherfucking blogger is really pissing me off this morning. As I have been typing the motherfucker will jump to somewhere else in the post and fucking up what I have already typed. FUCK GOOGLE!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Welcome Home

Usually unless I come home in the middle of Summer I am greeted by snow. This time it waited a couple days. We got home on Tuesday and it didn't snow until Thursday night. This is what it looked like on Friday morning.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Driving In Missouri Is Interesting

Driving in the Ozarks is interesting, most of the roads other than the federal ones (interstate and US highways) are what I think of as NOE (Nap Of the Earth). The state and county roads follow the terrain, some follow ridges and have a lot of curves. Sometimes the curve goes on for so long that you think you are going to meet yourself when you get around the curve. Following the ridges made sense when they were first footpaths as you would want to stick to high ground in order to not be ambushed (then again, they way some people in this country are lately, avoiding an ambush is still a good idea!!) Even when the road goes straight it still has a lot of curves, only up and down instead of side to side. If there is a little dip in the ground the road follows it, they haven't filled in the dips or cut down the hills. Some roads are enough to make people carsick, even if they aren't usually likely to get carsick. Kinda like an "E" ticket ride at Disneyland!!

Then there is this:

The first time I saw this I thought it was an anomaly, when I saw the second one, I knew it wasn't. These are where a road crosses over or under a divided highway. You have to switch sides and go on the left and when on the other side of the divided highway switch back again to the right side of the road. When I first saw this, I thought "What The Fuck??" The reason for switching sides is so you can make a left turn onto the onramp without crossing in front of oncoming traffic. A fucking left turn arrow on the traffic light would do the job a lot simpler!! There are the same number of traffic lights because there are lights at the Xs on either side. It must be common enough that I was able to find this picture of it.

Anywho, now we're back home and waiting for the snow to start any moment now!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm Not Fondling Your Ass, Honest

Living in The Guppy there isn't much room to maneuver. Unless we are both sitting we are constantly telling each other, "You're in my way" as we try to get around each other. Sometimes even if one is sitting in the chair, they are still in the way.

I usually put my hand on The Old Lady's ass when I go around her. She accuses me of pawing at her (fondling=pawing). I told her I put my hand on her ass to let her know I'm behind her. She said, "You mean like with a horse so it won't kick?" I said, "Exactly, and for the same reason!!"

Monday, October 12, 2015

Trials And Tribulations Of The Guppy

Before leaving I was able to fix a couple of things. I replaced the black water holding tank because the old one melted on our way home last Spring. I also changed the filter in the transmission. The transmission was leaking and I figured it was the pan gasket. A new gasket comes with the filter and the kit was only 8 bucks. Besides at 75K I figured it was due for a filter change. The old filter wasn't bad, a little bit of stuff in the screen, but not enough to be a problem. I straightened out the pan and flattened out the bolt holes, that fixed the leak. It had leaked over 3 quarts of fluid while parked over the summer. There were other things I wanted to do, but finances and time were an issue.

While we were on the road we lost one of the roof vent covers. We were cruising on the interstate and I noticed it looked like the roof vent was open looking at the shadow of The Guppy. The Old Lady got up and tried to close it. The mechanism was closed but the cover was up. After a while it left the vehicle. As it wasn't raining, I figured it would be all right until we got to The Kid's place and I could get another vent cover from a RV dealer. When we got to The Kid's place it was raining, so I covered the opening with some plastic and got a new cover the next day.

I wanted to replace the charger that runs the 12v lights and stuff and charges the RV battery, but that was one of the things that got put on hold. Sometime after we get home I'll replace the charger. It puts out too high a voltage (about 17v) and won't shut down or go into float mode. It is burning out the lights and in order to play the radio I installed last year, we have to turn on a couple of lights. If I kill the AC power, the radio plays fine without any lights on or anything else drawing 12v power.

Last week when the propane tank ran dry the water heater was on and it would ignite and run for only a short time and stop. Then it would cycle and burn again for less than a minute. I checked the tank and the guage was above the halfway mark, but when I tried to light a burner on the stove, there was no gas. I hooked up a 20lb tank and tried the water heater again with the same results. I kept trying the water heater several times over the next few days and finally it is working again. The only thing I can think of is there is some water in propane and maybe some got into the nozzle on the water heater burner and it took numerous times of lighting the burner before it was gone. For awhile I thought we'd have to replace the control valve for the water heater.

Gas mileage still sucks. I'm going to replace the fuel filter before we head home and see if that'll help. I took the K&N air filter (it's the same size) from my pickup and put it in The Guppy thinking that might improve the mileage, but it didn't help, still sucks.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's Not Junk If You Eventually Can Use It

The Old Lady is always giving me shit about hanging on to junk. Several years ago when a coffeepot died, I pulled some of the parts out before pitching the coffeepot. I kept the heating element and the cord and switch. This morning the current coffeepot didn't work. When the power button was pushed a little light came on, but nothing happened. The Old Lady dug out her French press and made coffee with it. Before supper I took the coffeepot into my shop and took a look at it. I ran a continuity check on the heating element and it checked out. Then I dug out the coffeepot parts that I had saved.

 Not sure what this is, but it was attached to a metal plate attached to the heating element. When I ohmed it, I got nothing. When I checked the one in the parts bag, it had continuity. So I pulled this one out and with some modification because the other one was slightly different in size, I got it working. I plugged it in and checked to see if it would heat up. When it did, I unplugged it and brought it back to the house, put water in it and turned it on. It worked like it usually does, not very fast, but all the water ran thru and was hot in the pot.

Another view of the part.
Tomorrow morning will be the real test to see if it works. I am confident it will, the only question is how long will it last.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Too Fucking Many Mondays

Since I retired I've been saying that every day is Saturday. Lately there have been too fucking many Mondays including yesterday which was a Saturday!! The Old Lady volunteered me to work on the siding project at the museum. When it was first mentioned it would just be me and another guy taking turns "supervising" a couple of young guys that would do the work. Well it didn't go according to that plan. I've been the one being there everyday that we work (the other guy was there one day and hasn't felt well enough to be there more. He has a bad back and can't be on his feet for any length of time.) I've been doing way more than supervising and because I've been doing some of the actual work, I've missed a lot of the mistakes that were made. Some I have caught and corrected, but there were just too many. (I've reached the point where I just say "Fuck It", let's get this shit done!!) Now we are nailing the fake log siding on and having to do whatever to try and make that "sow's ear look like a silk purse"??

Every day that I have to be there to work on this project is like a Fucking Monday. I've been used to a certain routine which did not include getting dressed in the morning and leaving the house. Most days I don't leave the house till after lunch, but the days we work we have started at the crack of 9am!!

Because this project has been eating so much of my time I haven't got a lot of my projects done, like getting The Guppy ready to hit the road later this month. I haven't even got half of my winter's firewood made yet. My plowtruck needs some work, but as it has been sitting yellow jackets built a nest in the passenger side door. I've gone thru several cans of hornet spray and they are still alive and buzzing around. It's hard to get the spray in the right place to kill the nest when all there is is a couple of small holes in the door that they go into the door thru.

To top it off my truck has been giving me trouble. The Old Lady says it doesn't like me anymore. At times it won't start. I can hear the fuel pump running, but it won't fire. Last week I used it to take my mitersaw on a stand down to cut the siding. Then we put brush in the back of the truck to bring home to put on a brushpile. It sat there for half a week because it wouldn't start, then on Friday it half-ass started and died several times. Finally it started and ran so I decided to drive it home even tho there was the possibility that it would die and leave me stranded on the side of the road. It did get me home and now it won't leave again until I figure out what the problem is.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Be The First On Your Block To Shove Donald Trump Up Your Ass

 Petitions have been circulated, protests have been staged, jokes have been told. But the single best response to the Donald’s “immigration reform” comments may be this one, from artist Fernando Sosa.

The “Donald Trump Plug” (h/t Dangerous Minds) is a 3D model “printed in full color sandstone,” made of “fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel,” and yes, it allows you to stick Mr. Trump where the sun don’t shine.

Found this at something called Flavorwire.