Friday, May 31, 2013

She's a Good Fifty Footer

 Took the car out of storage (the barn) the other day and yesterday washed it. I really need to get to work on this car and fix it up so I can drive it. When I do get it fixed up, I can use this license plate on the front to register it. The car and plate are '65.
First thing I need to do is weld patches in the floorboards to keep small varmints from shitting on the seats.

Also need to do an engine swap as it is wore out. Have to change plugs every few hundred miles because they get oil fouled. I have another car with a 318 that should be a bolt in swap with a few minor changes like the exhaust manifolds. The engine is a '79 so will run on unleaded with no problems. Had to use lead substitute when I last ran it back in the '90s.

The car used to be basically rust-free with some minor dings and dents, but now is rusting through in various places. I didn't post pictures of the bad spots as I didn't want to show how bad the rust is. But if you look close at the lower rear quarter panel behind the rear wheel, you'll see the rust. That's not dirt causing the color. The other side is worse, there is actually a spot where the rust has made a hole behind the read wheel.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Better Days Are Coming, Maybe

Saw this segment when we watched Real Time last night. (Found a site where I can watch shows like Real Time, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, ETC.)

Micheal Moore saying it's going to get better because the younger generations have different views on most current issues. Then Bill Maher said what I was thinking, "It'll get better, but we'll all be dead."

Which got me to thinking the reason the FuckingRepublicans are pushing so much crazy shit is some of those in charge of the party realize they are dinosaurs and they need to do as much damage as possible before they become "Irrelephant"!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dead Horse

A Turtleneck To Hide A Turtle Neck

Funny How The Mind Works

Yesterday I went to the graveside services for my cousin. Most of the time during the goings on I was thinking about this song. There were a couple of guys off to the side waiting for everything to be done. One guy was from the vault company and the other was the guy that dug the grave.

Because he was a Navy veteran there was an honor guard and firing squad from the local American Legion. The thing that bothered me was there was more mention of god in practically everything said by those in the veterans group than by the minister that gave a service after they were done.

Didn't really get to see him planted. The coffin was sitting on the thing for lowering it on what was probably the vault off to one side of the grave. I guess they were going to lower the coffin into the vault and then pick it up with the hoist on the truck and lower it into the grave.

His truck is long gone, but he died back in January and the ground was covered with snow, so they had to wait until now for the burial. Actually we've been speculating on how long it'll take his widow to sell the house and build another fucking church in Africa!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Game of Thrones Sex Play

Those that have been watching Game of Thrones will know what's going on here.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Will This Shit Ever End??????

Some flowers have come up, but the snow has knocked them down. Once the snow melts they should perk up.

 We had bare ground around the parking area until this morning when it got covered with white shit again.
My little trailer that was almost buried in snow until recently. A few days ago I noticed that it had fallen onto its wheels, but there is still too much snow to get it out of there so I can use it. My first project for it will be hauling firewood and I can't do that until all of the ground is bare and dry. The other day The Old Lady bought an apple tree. She plans on planting it close to where this trailer is, about twenty feet from it and there is still over a foot of snow on the ground.

Update: 5/12/'13 The new snow melted during the course of the day and then yesterday evening it started snowing again. This morning there was 2-3 inches of more snow. It's a bitch trying to plant stuff when you have to first scrape the snow out of the way before you can dig a hole in the ground.