Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That Damn ACORN Again!!

Auto Repair Manuals

I'm feeling kinda ripped-off. Recently I bought a Haynes Repair Manual that covers the Jeep pickup I bought last summer. After getting it home and removing the plastic shrink wrap, I looked over my purchase. The reason I bought the manual is that I need info on how to repair and maintain the Quadra-Trac transfer case on the Jeep. The only how-to on the transfer case was on how to adjust the linkages to the transfer case and how check out and repair the vacuum switch on other Jeeps. It also has some info on replacing some seals and the speedometer gear. As for the info I wanted on the inner workings of the transfer case, it said, "Overhauling a transfer case is difficult job for the do-it-yourselfer. It involves the disassembly and reassembly of many small parts. Numerous clearances must be precisely measured and, if necessary, changed with select fit spacers and snap-rings." Then it says to either remove and replace or take it to a transmission shop for overhaul. Like I'm going to take the truck to a transmission shop when I only paid $400 for the truck. (I found an invoice in the glove compartment from the 90's for a transmission shop to replace the transfer case with a used one. Total for used transfer case and labor was over $400.)

The repair manual I bought.

I got more info on the transfer case from JPMagazine on-line. I learned that I don't need a special Jeep tool to determine when the chain from transmission to transfer case needs replacing. Drain case and open inspection port, push chain up with screwdriver, if it moves more than a half inch, replace.

I have bought several Haynes Repair Manuals, for Ranger pickups, for Escorts, for my F-150, for Dodge Shadow and one for Datsun 200SX. I also have other repair manuals, a Chilton for 1979 Plymouth Volaire (or as we call it, LT's revenge, I didn't know how much my father-in-law hated me until he gave me that car), one that covers cars from 1972 to 1979. A couple of Motors Repair Manuals, one covers cars from 1964 to 1970 and one that covers 1980 to 1986. Years ago I picked up a Jeep shop manual for Jeepster Commando at a yard sale.

I think what is frustrating me is my inability to find the info I need to fix the truck. I know I need to replace the chain, but I would like to know more about the inner workings of the transfer case. Also a vacuum line diagram for the transfer case controls would be nice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Transmission Woes

Picture taken in Oct, not last summer.

Last summer UP on the Tundra I had my neighbor and his son rebuild the transmission in my pickup. When the transmission was taken apart, this is what was found .

It looks like at least 1/8 of an inch or more wore off as the two pieces rubbed against each other.
The picture above shows the part in two pieces. The part is supposed to be one single piece like the picture below where I placed the broken piece where it should be.

I had ordered what we thought was all the parts needed to rebuild the transmission, but when this was found, wound up ordering more parts, this one and a couple of others that were damaged by the metal shavings from the broken parts rubbing together.

The problem I had with the truck is that the transmission would overheat in stop & go city traffic or construction zones on the highway. Also it had poor acceleration and was getting to where it didn't want to back up and would not spin the tires in either direction. While city driving caused problems, I could drive long distances on the Interstates and highways with little or no problem. After the first problem with the transmission in city driving, I drove almost 700 miles to Tejas with no problem and back again. Had more incidents with overheating in city traffic in Hot-Lanta (some want to ban using the term Hot-Lanta, but they are only talking heads on one radio station). Because it didn't overheat at highway speeds, decided to try and make it UP to the Tundra, so my neighbor could fix it. I would rather give him the money than get ripped off by a repair shop.

Now the truck performs like it did when I bought it. (The performance still sucks, but not as bad as it did before the transmission was rebuilt.) Before it wouldn't spin the tires on dirt even if I power-braked it. Now, I don't need to push the accelerator pedal down as far on take off.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Social Communication Continued

Follow-up to yesterday's cartoon.

Redneck Xmas

A friend sent me this in an e-mail and I thought it was cool, so put it up here. Don't know if this is Rudolph or not!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I Want One!!

Seeing as we are moving back UP on the Tundra next year, I think this would be perfect as my next car!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What Is It??

Last year when construction on this project started, I was wondering what it was. Before there was an old stretch of two lane concrete highway from the 50's where the row of stakes are in this picture. At first as they hauled away the old concrete and hauled in dirt and leveled it, I thought maybe it was going to be a small roadside park with a few picnic tables. Not so.
In the middle of each of the black squares a tree is planted. Not sure how many, didn't count them, but there are a lot. Notice the dead trees, they brought in dead trees and planted some and placed others around the area in some artistic plan.

Found out this year that this is a replacement wetland. Some developer wanted to build on some property that was classified as wetland and this was done to replace it.


This picture was taken UP on the Tundra on Oct. 8, 2009.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


H/T to Darius Whitplume's Tumblr where I stole this. I think this sums up why people use Google.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Award, Thanks

MRMACRUM at Lost in the Bozone has passed on an award to me and I am very thankful for it. There are times when one hopes to get some award or memento of recognition and when it does come, it's a surprise.

MrMaCrum said he gave this to me for the following reason: "Just cuz he shares a Mainers dislike of strangers in his driveway." This is not a regional thing. One reason I dislike strangers coming up my driveway is that when I see a car coming, I think, "Oh good, a friend is here and we can sit and bullshit and have a cup of coffee." Or tea, one friend no longer drinks coffee, he drinks tea. But when they turn around in the yard and leave, you wonder why they drove in??

This one has rules of engagement. Simple rules thankfully. I am requested to pass it along to four other blogs I feel are deserving of recognition. Simple in the request maybe, but not so simple in the execution.
I have to agree that passing it on is not easy as so many blogs have already received this award. But here goes:
Gadfly and Dan'l at The Future Was Yesterday, not sure what the title of the blog means, but sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me think.
Yellowdog Granny for her Stumbles and general attitude.
Nan at All The Good Names Were Taken, for her insight and humor.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Perfect Present??

I think I found the perfect present for The Old Lady!!!

The Old Lady doesn't like snowmobiles for several reasons. 1. They are noisy 2. They are smelly 3. They shit beer cans!!!! That is three of her top reasons.

I had snowmobiles back before they became winter crotch rockets. Anyone who says you don't get any exercise on a snowmobile has never got bogged down in deep snow. Which is why I gave up on them, they would not go in snow like I would have liked. They got so you could only use them on a packed trail or a road and what's the point of that???

11-3-09 Added a link to RoadsideAmerica.com which has a couple of pictures of this trap. On the sidebar there are local motels listed, but not the one in the town where the trap is, they are all in the two towns 6-7 miles up the road.