Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make Your Own Lite Beer

If I was to do this I wouldn't pour the beer down the sink, I'd put some in another bottle and maybe double the amount of beer. The only hard part would be getting the secret ingredient. The Old Lady's cat is diabetic and pisses alot, the problem would be in catching that vitamin water from the cat.

Not that I'd ever drink it. I so seldom drink beer that when I do I buy high dollar craft brews.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So True!!

I Think I Got All The Life Out Of These Pads

Last week I did a brake job on The Old Lady's car. Here is pictures of the rotors and pads. What's funny is I thought I'd hear something when the pads were worn to the point of needing replacement. There was a little metal tab that would make contact with the rotor when the pad was worn to a certain point, but we never heard any noise from them. Instead they got worn down with the pads. I replaced the pads and rotors and now it should be good for a few more years. The original ones lasted 5 years. I think the rotors were worn to the point where turning them wouldn't have been an option. They were close to the minimum thickness and were grooved pretty much.

The week before I rotated the tires and in the process discovered that the lugnuts were fucked up. There was a metal shell on the lugnuts and after having the tires replaced several times using impact wrenches the lugnuts were to the point where on several of them I had to drive the socket on the lugnut with a hammer in order to remove it.

This is what the lugnuts looked like when I got them off. They were pretty fucked up.

This is what I did with them. I took the outer shell off the lugnuts. It took some time to remove the outer shell from all of them (the shell had come off a few of them already), but now I have solid nuts to work with. I need a smaller socket to turn the nuts, but at least now I can put the socket on by hand and not have to use a hammer to drive it on. The lug wrench in the trunk is for the lugnuts with the shell on them, so I will need to put something in the trunk to remove the smaller size nuts.  They are now 18mm and they were 19mm.

I have a bunch of lugnuts off other vehicles, maybe I'll look and see if I have ones I can use to replace these.

Ford definitely didn't have a better idea with these lugnuts!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Might Need This Next Year

This will be the last year the county will be plowing driveways in the winter. Next year I might need something like this or maybe become a snowbird. I have been thinking about changing the snowplow from the Jeep to the Dodge pickup, but this looks like more fun. (I think I'll start removing the plow setup from the Jeep today so I can maybe get it installed on the Dodge before calendar Winter hits.)

Snowmobiles will let you travel over the snow drifts, but this rig would allow you to do it in heated comfort.

Friday, September 5, 2014


There was one day this summer when the temp was pushing 90 and the humidites were too. I dug out the portable A/C and hooked it up. It managed to lower the temp in the house a couple degrees and made it more comfortable by making it a little drier. Figured out that the trick with the A/C would be to start it early in the day before the house heats up.

We never did remove the firewood from the house. There were some mornings where we debated whether or not to light a fire in the stove.

Anywho, after that one day, never used it again. Left it in place until yesterday and it worked to keep things comfortable. If I had put it away earlier I know I would have had to set it up again as we would have had another hot day.