Sunday, January 29, 2012

15" of Lake Effect

It started snowing yesterday and by this afternoon we had 15 inches of lake effect on the ground.  One spot where I measured it was 16 inches, but I'll just call it 15 inches.
My four foot yardstick showing 15 inches of snow.

My snowblower parked under a tree with a washtub covering the engine.
 First I shoveled a path to my snowblower, then used it to clear a trail out to the driveway which had been plowed by the county.

What's interesting is that my pictures look like black and white, but my camera is color digital camera.  The Old Lady once got first prize for a color photo that most people thought was black and white.  Her picture was taken under similar conditions and here on the "Ranch".  Her picture was taken with a 35mm using color film.

 Our vehicles before brushing off the snow and moving them so I could plow the parking area.  Even tho there is 15 inches of snow in front of the vehicles, it is so fluffy that I had no trouble driving them out of the snow.

I used the snowblower to clear a trail to the Jeep plowtruck.  After clearing the snow off the windshield and hood, started plowing.
The snowbanks are so high that the plow rides up them when I try to push the bank back.  I didn't raise the plow in this shot.  After it pushes up like this I use the control to raise the plow so it stays up when I back up..


For some reason can't get the umlaut on the o  in klausterfokken.

Who Wants a Star Wars Name??

Get your own Star Wars names from The Star Wars Name Generator!My Star Wars name is Merope Neonflight
A clone from Fresia
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012


What it boils down to is, I don't know what will happen after I die and I don't give a shit!!

Speaking Well of the Past??

While listening to NPR report on the FuckingRepublicans in Florida for some reason this song came to mind. Maybe it was all the sound bites of Newt talking about how he and his good buddy St. Ronnie worked together back in the day.  Back in the day Newt was a nobody from BFE(Georgia) and was talking all kinds of trash about Ronnie.  Now that Ronnie has been anointed, consecrated, declared god of the tax cut (even tho he raised taxes more often than he cut taxes) and everyone is convinced he walked on water, all the FuckingRepublicans have nothing but good things to say about St. Ronnie of Reagan.  Of course today St. Ronnie wouldn't make it out of Iowa!!

Maybe I shouldn't have put this song up in this context.  I really like the Old Dogs album and would hate for the song to be ruined for me because of the FuckingRepublicans!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Political Ad

Here's another ad, this one for Romney-Gekko.

H/T to Crooks and Liars where I found this vid.

Political Ads Have Begun

I had hoped because we are watching TV online that we would be spared the political ads.  No such luck!!  Last night while watching a show on Hulu this ad came on.  Was wondering about the "Secretive Billionaires" that were running ads against Obama as hadn't seen any ads up to that point.

Then  later while still watching the same show, this ad came on.  It is financed by the Kochsuckers and full of lies.  aWol wanted to fast-track the loans to Solyndra back in 2005, but the loans didn't go through until 2009.  There was more money invested by FuckingRepublicans than by Democrats, but why bother mentioning pesky facts like that in this "Post-Truth Era"???

It was bad enough when watching online to have to put up with ads from cable companies, insurance companies("mayhem," the gecko, Flo), Disney etc.  Now looks like we will be subjected to political ads too!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Cell Phones

Last Monday I ordered new phones for me and The Old Lady.  Our old cell phones worked just fine but they were in a plan where we would pay X dollars for Y minutes a month.  Any minutes you didn't use were gone at the end of the billing period.  No contract and it was reasonable when we were using them more.  Lately the only calls I get on my cell phone are either a wrong number or The Old Lady calling me when she was ready to leave Menard's and is wondering where I am. (Menard's is competition for Lowes and Home Depot in the Mid-West)  That and I am tired of getting spam texts and my old phone has no way to delete a text without opening it first.

The minutes may cost a little more than our old plan, but we keep all our minutes until we use them.  I ordered two phones like the one pictured below.  They were $19.99 each and came with a 60 minute card.  They will double the minutes each time we add minutes as long as we are using these phones.  After activating the phone which gave me 10 minutes and adding the 60 minute card I had 130 minutes and 150 days service.  The question I have is, did we get free 60 minute cards when buying the phone, or did we get a free phone when buying the 60 minute card????
Tracfone said we could activate them online, but when I put in the serial number for my phone it said it was already on an account.  So I called the toll-free number and activated it that way.  Same thing happened to The Old Lady when she went to activate hers.

My old phone was only text or talk.  If I was to text each one would cost 10 cents in addition to the monthly bill.  I never sent a text with my old phone and that's why it pissed me off to get spam texts as they cost extra. With the Tracfone a text is only a fraction of a minute.  Sent my first text to The Kid to let her know we got new phones and it cost me 3tenths of a minute.  Have yet to hear back so I would know it went thru, but so it goes!!

My new phone has all kinds of features, bluetooth which I Synced to the car so can talk thru the radio for hands-free if get a call while in the car, and a camera which I may use and send pictures right from the phone.  It even has an internet browser, but I think that'll burn up the minutes fast.  All in all for a cheap little phone it does much more than my old Nokia, but it was a bottom of the line Nokia and after four years practically an antique!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Had just finished looking to see if there was a new episode of "House" available to watch online.  Then went to a joke site and this was the first thing I saw!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Editorial "Should The Times be a Truth Vigilante?" Proves They Are Nothing But Glorified Stenographers!!

When I first something about this on the intertubes, my first thought was; This has got to be something from The Onion, Right???

Here's an editor asking if the reporters should report on facts or not.  Now we know facts have a nasty tendency to have a liberal bias and that tends to piss off conservatives.  Gin and Tacos has an interesting post about this where he sums it up by saying, 'Editors are not editors because they understand journalism particularly well; they are in positions of authority because they understand the publication's need to market itself to the widest possible audience. They are gatekeepers who exist not to enforce the standards of good reporting but to screen every story through the question, "How can we write this story without conservatives getting mad at us?"'
I think that hit the nail on the head!! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

For Those That Like Snow

 There's smoke coming out of the chimney so the place must be warm.  So far this winter we've been nice and warm, usually in the 70s inside occasionally 80 or higher.  The stove is working very well and fairly easy on wood.  So far we've burnt about 3 tier of wood.  This winter will determine how much firewood I'll have to cut for next winter.
Like I said in the previous post, the snowbanks are a lot higher now than in the picture with the Jeep.
This is a large pulley off some belt-driven machinery.  It's a least 3ft in diameter maybe bigger.

Here I am playing in  the snow.  These pictures were taken on the 14th of Jan.  The Old Lady was trying to get a picture of the frost in my beard.

There are many jokes about the seasons UP on the Tundra.  The one I like is this: What do they do UP on the Tundra when it's Summer.  Ans. If it falls on a Saturday, they have a picnic!!

Addendum:  What I call a tier some call a cord, but it is actually a face cord or 1/3 of a cord.  It is a pile 4ft high by 8ft long and 16 inches deep.  Put three of those together and you have a full cord which is 4ftX4ftX8ft.  Unless you are buying a logtruck load of firewood, when they say so much a cord, it is really a face cord or a tier.  So I guess I've burnt a full cord of wood so far.

Maintaining a comfortable temp with a wood-burning stove can be tricky.  Either you freeze or roast unless you can control the burn, usually by regulating the air.  The more air the hotter it burns if you have good dry wood.  Right now it's mid-70s inside and 14 outside, so we are doing OK.

It Was a Good News, Bad News Sorta Day

Last Thursday I bought a new fuel pump for my Jeep plowtruck.  Figured the pump may be bad when even tho it is dripping oil wherever it goes the level in the crankcase was up past the full mark.  Also had lousy fuel milage altho it's hard to tell as the gas guage doesn't work and haven't really paid attention to the mileage when I'm plowing snow.  Anywho, yesterday it got up into the mid-20s, so thought it was warm enough to work on the truck bare-handed.  Got the new pump installed and was able to push some snow around.  We paid the county for driveway plowing(in this county they still do driveway plowing), so didn't have to worry about being snowed in while the truck was down.  I use the truck to plow areas the county doesn't plow like where The Old Lady's car and my pickup are parked.  Getting the Jeep running again was the good news even tho it wasn't fun doing the work.

The picture was taken when I plowed the driveway the first time.  The snowbanks are much bigger now.  Also it's much easier to plow now that things have frozen and it's colder.  When I plowed the first time the ground under the snow wasn't frozen and the plow would want to dig in and it was around the freezing point so the snow was very slippery.  Got stuck many times where the tires would just spin in place.

Picture taken while plowing snow after the first major snowfall back in Nov.
The bad news was my Packers lost to the Fucking Giants.(Spent several years one summer in New York and can't stand any of their teams because of arrogance of the sportscasters on the New York TV stations!!)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


That thought balloon pretty much sums up Romney's campaign this go-round, "Money can't buy me love!!"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pack Your Bags

There's an old joke about a guy winning the lottery, calling his wife and telling her, "Pack your bags.  I won the lottery."  She says, "Where are we going?  I've always wanted to see London or Paris or Rome.  So, where are we going?"  He says, "I don't give a fuck where you go.  Like I said, pack your bags, I won the lottery!!"

Yesterday I got to tell The Old Lady, "Pack your bags, I won the lottery!!"  Which is what I tell her every time I win, altho this time I won only $6.

Powerball is about to jack up the price for a ticket.  They are doubling the price from $1 to $2.  I've been spending that amount because I pay another buck for the powerplay which increases the payout on the lower amounts by a number drawn after they draw the powerball numbers.  I doubt if I'll do the powerplay because all it will do is double the prize.  Now the powerplay can be from 2 to 5 times.

Survival Suit

These must have sold like hotcakes with a lot of people wearing them these days!!