Sunday, January 29, 2012

15" of Lake Effect

It started snowing yesterday and by this afternoon we had 15 inches of lake effect on the ground.  One spot where I measured it was 16 inches, but I'll just call it 15 inches.
My four foot yardstick showing 15 inches of snow.

My snowblower parked under a tree with a washtub covering the engine.
 First I shoveled a path to my snowblower, then used it to clear a trail out to the driveway which had been plowed by the county.

What's interesting is that my pictures look like black and white, but my camera is color digital camera.  The Old Lady once got first prize for a color photo that most people thought was black and white.  Her picture was taken under similar conditions and here on the "Ranch".  Her picture was taken with a 35mm using color film.

 Our vehicles before brushing off the snow and moving them so I could plow the parking area.  Even tho there is 15 inches of snow in front of the vehicles, it is so fluffy that I had no trouble driving them out of the snow.

I used the snowblower to clear a trail to the Jeep plowtruck.  After clearing the snow off the windshield and hood, started plowing.
The snowbanks are so high that the plow rides up them when I try to push the bank back.  I didn't raise the plow in this shot.  After it pushes up like this I use the control to raise the plow so it stays up when I back up..


  1. Having fun yet? My plow rides up like that also, or just stops going while the wheels dig holes in the dirt.

    My mower is pretty old, to start it in the winter I use a hot air gun to blow hot air into the air cleaner to get it started. Sometimes a bit of HEET being as I'm out of starting fluid and it works just as well.

    We may not get anymore snow this year.

  2. Great pictures. Lake effect, is it?
    You are lucky there are enough trees to prevent the wind from blowing or those banks you are creating would be level to the tops some morning and you would be shoveling out from under.
    We never got much snow on the prairies but it sure moved around a lot.

  3. When you can write First I shoveled a path to my snowblowe..., you know you're no longer in the South.

  4. Blog Fodder, there have been times in the past when the driveway was drifted level from snowbank to snowbank. That's why we gladly pay the county for driveway plowing. I hate when they drop that barbed wire fence in Canada and that allows the cold north wind to come down!!

    Lisa, but I am in the south, south of Lake Superior that is, that's where the lake effect comes from after they drop that barbed wire fence in Canada!!


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