Friday, March 18, 2016


Last night I was thinking (and ya it hurt) about what if Bernie or Hillary don't win in November. That would leave one of the two left in the running on the dark side. Of the two I think Trump would do less damage to the country and the people. For one thing he wouldn't have very much support in Congress. No Democrats would help him and very few FuckingRepublican'ts would back him.

With Trump it would be, Sure I'm going to fuck you, but it's not personal, it's just business. I guess that could make it a little less painful, while he wouldn't use lube, at least he wouldn't throw sand in the mix!!

About the only true thing his campaign has put out. HE IS THE GREATER EVIL!!

This is true, Rafael Cruz is not the lesser evil, he is the greater evil. He would consider himself anointed by god to be President, so anything he did would have divine approval. He would think god told him to do it and he's got this Jesus boner, so he has to fuck you!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Is There Anyone Gov Snyder Won't Fuck Over, Other Than Koch Bros and DeVos Family??


Read an editorial in the Detroit Free Press that got me all pissed off. Gov Snidely privatized the Veterans home in Grand Rapids. In 2011 he fired the government staff and gave a contract to J2S Group to take care of the veterans in the home.  After initial complaints about deterioration of care, a resident veteran filed suit, and an Ingham County Circuit Court judge briefly halted the privatization. But the state ultimately prevailed, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruling in 2013 that residence at the home was voluntary, and that veterans were free to relocate if the care wasn't up to par.

Which shows that we need to pay more attention to who is running for the various judge positions. Right, if the veterans don't like it there they are free to go somewhere else. Most of them are there because they can't afford to be in a regular nursing home!! 

Another thing he fucked up privatized was the food service in the state prisons. He gave the contract to Aramark.  When the State of Michigan privatized a prison food contract, it was easy in certain circles to ignore the egregious wrongs perpetrated by employees of Aramark, the private company hired to provide food for inmates in Michigan's prisons. For some folks, it's OK to dismiss maggots near the food supply or rats nibbling on food intended for prisoners, food workers having sex with inmates or smuggling in drugs, because some believe that prisoners deserve rough treatment. They're in prison, after all.
We have become such a fucking mean-spirited country!!!

Gov Snidely fucked over veterans and prisoners (actually they are both in a similar situation, they have no fucking control over their living conditions!!), poisoned an entire city (mostly black so who gives a shit, RIGHT??), what more does the asshole have to do before he is held accountable???

That's the problem is a nutshell, if you are rich and/or a rich politician, you are never held responsible for your actions. Crash the economy, poison a city, you get a free pass. If you are poor and you steal a loaf of bread to free your family, it's prison time for you!! 

The editorial ends kinda weakly.  And, as far as theories go, there's nothing wrong with ensuring that government uses tax dollars effectively, delivering the best value to the people who trust, and rely, on its care.
But that's the caveat: As with any governing philosophy, it had better work.
When will the champions of privatization in Michigan admit that thus far, it has not?