Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tits In Space, Well Almost

Saw this on facebook this morning. While I agree the country is not broke and as a country we have got our priorities all fucked up, this is not a good illustration of that.

In the first place, we the taxpayers didn't have anything to do with the photo shoot. The shoot was done by Sports Illustrated which hired Zero Gravity Corporation to fly their plane to get the weightlessness effects. Other than the fact that the flight started and ended in this country, it was not an example of our country's fucked up priorities, just a business deal.

She does look while weightless!!

At first I thought they had used NASA's Vomit Comet for the photo shoot, but when I googled it I found it was a private company whose plane was used. If you are going to talk about how the country's priorities are fucked up, don't use some magazine's photo shoot as an example.

Retracting Studs On Winter Tires

It would be great to have a set of these tires during the winter. The studs retract into the tire when they are not needed, which would be a plus because studded tires are very noisy on bare pavement. But when you need them for icy conditions the studs would extend out of the tire to give you extra traction. I remember when studded tires were allowed for everyone to use. That was one safety device that people willing bought and would seek out for their cars. But because of concern about pavement wear (one thing I heard many years ago is that pavement wear was based on a study of the pavement wear caused by horse shoes on Machinac Island) and now studded tires are limited by what type of stud and on what vehicle it can be used on like emergency vehicles or by first responders and mail carriers.

I do know that the studded tracks on snowmobiles can cause pavement wear. Where the snowmobile trails cross the highway they have put in a different type of pavement.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

At Least Most Days It Got Above Zero!!

At the top of the list is my little hamlet. (We ain't even big enough to be a town, we used to have a store and a post office with its own zip code, but no more.) This explains why we have over 3 feet of snow on the ground. According to the official weather station we had 50 inches on the ground on Groundhog Day. It's settled some since then.

When I was out on Cape Cod the first time back in '69 I laughed when the Boston TV station talked how it had been below freezing for 30 days. I thought to myself, talk to me when it's been below zero for 30 days!!

One of the things that is a bitch about cold weather is when you wear glasses and after only a few minutes out in the cold, when you come into a warm place the glasses fog up and you are blind. (It's really bad with lenses that darken in the sun even when there isn't much sun.) This winter I've been taking off the glasses I've been wearing outside and put on another pair in the house. In past years I haven't had a back-up pair of glasses with a good prescription.

Here's some photos of the snow at my place.

This is the snow that's piled up from plowing. Behind that pile of snow is the carport I have my boats parked in. The pile extends out about 25/30 feet at that height.

I haven't bothered to remove the snow from the top of the truck or out of the box. I figure the weight of all that snow gives me extra added traction. We pay the county road commission to plow the driveway and some years it is really worth the fee we pay. I use the plowtruck to plow areas the county doesn't, like where we park our vehicles. I also use it to plow out by the mailboxes. Our mailbox is a ½ mile from the house and my slacker cousin that lives where the mailboxes are doesn't get moving most days until after noon. Also he doesn't plow unless he has to because his plowtruck has multiple problems and is barely functional.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'd Probably Have A Higher Opinion

of Bible-Bangers is they had a better understanding of their religion.  Here's an example I found this morning in the AJCs The Vent:
Animals were not put on this earth to "feed and clothe" us. They were put here for companionship and only became part of the diet after the flood destroyed all vegetation. Catch up on your history.
This all started when someone bitched about Joe Namath wearing a fur coat at the Super Bowl. Then someone else mentioned that animals were put on earth to feed and clothe us. Then today there was the above comment which remarkably got voted down to the bottom. I say remarkably because it is Georgia after all!! Even I know the above comment is pure BULLSHIT and I haven't read the bible, just the parts I needed to read to be confirmed* as a Lutheran when I was in high school. (After learning more about religion I became a Born-Again Agnostic.) When Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden is when they stopped being Vegans and felt the need for clothing.

Also this morning one of my bible-banging relatives posted  something on facebook by some sky-pilot saying paying taxes are bad. Something about the king wanting more taxes and all more taxes does is the rich get poorer and the poor get poorer. The only one that gets richer is the king. 
Now, we don't have a king, but in any case what happened to Heysus (one definition is King of Kings, does that mean not to pay taxes [tithe] to this king also??) telling everyone to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. In other words if the government demands taxes be paid it's your obligation to pay them, or is he saying that because the church doesn't have to pay any taxes its members don't have to pay taxes either. The fucking ironic part of this is my ignoramus relative doesn't pay any income taxes because he is on disability and disability income is exempt from tax. Now, who better to pay taxes than those that can afford to pay versus those that can't??

When did the church side with the rich? I seem to remember lots of passages that talk about helping the poor and none about helping the rich. I guess when the kings and the rich got religion the church started to side with them, but in that case why be against paying taxes to the king????? It doesn't make any fucking sense and that's why I have such a low opinion of religions in general!!

*The only reason I had to go to conformation classes and be confirmed was because when my dad was a kid in Finland you had to be confirmed in the church in order to do a lot of things. Besides getting married, you needed to be confirmed to be able to testify in court and in order to get a good job!! That's just a couple of things that required confirmation in the church, there were others, but I haven't really gone looking for what all there was.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roadside Memorial

Three years ago Georgia started offering state approved memorials (for a $100 fee for the sign) to put at accident sites along highways. They thought the makeshift roadside memorials people were putting up at accident sites where someone died were distracting and a safety hazard.

Last Wednesday a member of PETA in Atlanta filed a request to have a memorial placed at the scene of a crash near Gainesville, GA between a car and a truck carrying chickens. Neither driver was seriously injured but dozens of chickens died.

Normally a member of the family is the one to make the request, but no relatives of the deceased chickens are still around to file the request.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Super Bowl

Third time's a charm. Tried to embed (or is that imbred) this from The Colbert Report and from Crooks and Liars with no luck. Finally got the code to work from Daily Kos. Below is a behind the scenes look at the Coke ad.

H/T to Daily Kos for the videos.

The Lamest Fucking Excuse For Why The Broncos Lost, Updated

One of The Old Lady's friends posted this on facebook the day after the Super Bowl.

The more I think about last night the more I believe the Bronco's team was a team of Angels protecting a man, Manning, from further injury to his body, regardless of losing a big game. As I watched I became more convinced they were protecting him. The injuries in football have become headlines, as they are long term, to body and spirit. Yes, the SeaHawks won. Good for them. But my praise goes with the angels protecting one of their own. One reporter said he had had 4 neck surgeries and I read this AM they said neck surgeries. Something happened here last night and I caught it. God is Good. Yes, He is, all the time. Trust Him, Listen and watch all around you for His wonders never cease. Have a great day today.

Now, I have a different theory, if there is a god, maybe She is pissed at the Broncos because of what Elway (Vice President of something for the Broncos) said about not helping the poor. He gave this interview the day of the Super Bowl.

Here's someone who because he got the chance to play football in the NFL and became a multi-millionaire doesn't think the poor need help. Instead he thinks the more you deprive them the more incentive they'll have to better their situation. BULLSHIT!!!

Elway invested some of his millions in multiple car dealerships. (Saw ads for some of them when we were out in Colorado last Spring.) The only thing lower than a used car salesman is the asshole that owns the dealership!!

Here's another theory on the Broncos loss!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Condom For Needledick The Bug Fucker

Yesterday I went to visit a friend and after I sat down he tossed a small package at me and asked what are these. He is no longer able to read after he had blood vessels burst in his head many years ago. I looked at the package and saw these little round things in the bubble package. 

It is sitting on quarter inch graph paper.
 After reading the instructions, I saw it was for caulking tubes, adhesive tubes, etc....
The condom is in place with some free space at the end.
The instructions for these is the same as for applying a condom on a person.

Above picture is from their website. They have all kinds of suggestions for usage, but the prices I'm seeing from doing a google search is all over the map.

Meet Our Governor

It may be a fake ad, but the facts are true.