Sunday, May 18, 2014

Google Fucking Hates Me

Or maybe I should say Fucking Google hates me!! Yeah, Fucking Google hates me and everybody else.

Once you make the mistake of getting sucked into google, you can't get out!!

Several years ago I made the mistake of doing a gmail account just to see how it works. I never was very thrilled with how gmail worked and rarely used it. Last year I gave the gmail address for Kmart when I signed up for some kind of shopping thing. Turned out that might have been a good move as Kmart sent me a ton of e-mails trying to get me to buy shit.

The other day I tried to access my gmail account to empty out the Kmart bullshit and had trouble getting at my gmail account. I've had trouble getting at the account for a long time now, usually I get a page that wants me to add a new account and I haven't been able to work around it. Sometimes when this would happen I'd ask The Old Lady to help me and usually she'd be able to get at my gmail (sometimes by shutting down my Yahoo account). This time she asked me what my gmail address was and typed it in to the add an account thingee. I told her it would say that address is already in use. Well, it didn't, turned out she put in an extra letter and now I have another gmail account. That wouldn't be too bad, but now google wants me to use that gmail address for signing into my blogs.

This isn't the only problem I've had with Fucking Google. Last year I thought I'd try out Google+. I set up a Google+ page using my Yahoo account. In the process of working on the Google+ thingee, I somehow wound up with 2 Google+ plus pages.(Google+ is about as user friendly as their fucking gmail.) One using my Yahoo account and another using gmail.

I would like to get rid of the gmail and the Google+ bullshit, but I'm afraid if I try to delete any of that shit, I might lose my blogs because they are on blogger.

I think the next time I run into the add an account page I'll try making a new gmail account using either fuckinggooglesucks or googlefuckingsucks!!

I googled "google sucks" and got a shitload of hits. Here's one, There is a facebook page, several YouTube videos and several other hits on just the first page and there are many more pages of hits.