Monday, April 30, 2012

Fucking New Blogger

Just noticed something, when using New Blogger some words in a post would be highlighted even tho I didn't create a link or anything.  When I switched back to Old Blogger that disappeared.  I find the highlighted words for ads annoying.  If a word is highlighted I want it to be because I put a link there not so readers will be spammed with BULLSHIT!!

 Update:  I thought the bullshit had disappeared, but after publishing this post, noticed that the words cell phone and phone still highlighted in the previous post.  I guess you can't get away from this shit.

Addendum: 5/1, After I signed into blogger this morning, the problem is back.  One says "powered by text enhance" and the other is spam and if you click on the pop-up you may have a chance to win an i-Pad.  I've noticed this when visiting other blogs recently, so it isn't just a problem with my blog.

Texting Can Be Fun

With my old cell phone I didn't do any texting as each text coming and going cost an extra dime over the monthly charge for the minutes in the plan.  Now I have a Tracfone where I prepay for my minutes and when I text it gets subtracted from my minutes usually 3 tenths of a minute per text.  At the rate I pay for minutes with double minutes each text costs about 5-6 cents, but I don't have to pay extra, it just gets taken from my total minutes.

Last week for the helluva it I decided to send a text to a cousin.  I said, "Thought about giving you my new cell NO. then remembered u never called my old cell"  A few minutes later I got a reply.  "Why not?  Who is this?  Give me your no so I can think about calling."  And then another, "Maybe I lost your no. Or was waiting for you to call or...."  I'll let him wonder about who sent the text until the next time I see him, which may be a year or three??

One of these days I'll see if I can send an e-mail with my phone.  Don't know if that'll work as it doesn't say anything about e-mails in the phone manual.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Too Early??

Maybe it was a little to early to put up the hummingbird feeders.  Most mornings they look like this.

I put up two feeders the other week because The Kid said she had seen hummers here in April.  I only put a little sugar water in each as I didn't want it to break the feeder if it froze.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fucking Blogger

For some reason Blogger is acting like I'm starting over posting on my blog.  When I posted the Digital one, it was the only one that showed up, the others are still there but you have to click on "older posts".  I went into settings and it was at 9 posts at a time and changed it to 8, but it still only showed the one.  Then I did another post and then there were two posts showing at a time.

How Stupid Challenge??

The Old Lady had shared this on facebook and I thought I'd post it on my blog!!


Got this cartoon from an e-mail from High Country News.