Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Sidebar Info

Last Monday we were playing tourist in Louisiana and on the way back The Kid said "we should do a daiquiri drive-thru so dad would have to change his blog".  Long story short or short story long we stopped at a liquor store with a daiquiri drive-thru just before crossing back into Tejas and got daiquiris.  I have now changed my info on the sidebar to reflect that!!

What is interesting is that to comply with the open container law, they put a piece of tape over the slits in the lid for the straw?? 


  1. been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Did the daiquiri drive-thru, and had a skunk egg, what's next.?

  2. I give - what is a skunk egg?


  3. You gotta love Louisiana...a piece of tape...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Was it duct tape?

    Hey Sarge, I know what a skunk egg is, but I'll let Granny answer it...but I will say, get ready for some mainline cholesterol.

  4. Been through Louisiana about ten times, never saw anything there interesting enough to stop experience it.

  5. In the Philippines (on one drunk and almost unconscious night) I had a baloot: a fertilized egg that is allowed to rot for a number of weeks - you shoot it down and chase it with whiskey.
    Is that the same thing as a skunk egg?
    I'm just asking.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. Duct tape is useful, they used cellophane tape on the daiquiri.

    A skunk egg is like a giant stuffed hush puppy. Nothing that was left somewhere or buried for several weeks to rot. All fresh ingredients and in that fine southern tradition, deep fat fried!!


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