Friday, April 13, 2012

LBJs Air Force One Half

This Lockheed Jetstar is at LBJs ranch which is now a National Park.  There is a paved runway over a mile long on the ranch, but only 60ft wide which would make it too small of a runway for the 707 Air Force One.

Any plane with the President aboard is Air Force One, even if it is a Cessna 182.  LBJ used to joke about how this plane was Air Force One Half.

For some reason blogger is still giving me trouble with my pictures.

UPDATE; replaced the picture with the same picture without the distortion.  The problem must have been with The Kids ISP.  That's the only time I've had problems with loading pictures to my blog.  Now that we are back home, there's no problem with the pictures.


  1. Got the picture ok. The Air Force used to use the C-140 Jetstar as
    an air traffic control service evaluation aircraft - Well, they used tail numbers for call-signs and everyone knew who they were.

    Note: Air Force One Foxtrot means that a family member of the President is aboard without the President - Michelle Obama for example.
    I controlled aircarft at Dobbins AFRES with Amy Carter aboard.


  2. Rolls eyes, we sure piss away a lot of money on stupid shit.

    but only 60ft wide which would make it too small of a runway for the 707 Air Force One.

    It's landing gear is wider than 60ft? I don't know, just asking.

  3. BBC, the landing gear on a 707 isn't 60ft wide, but you need a lot wider runway to land a 707 as you can't land it on a dime. The runway has to be wide enough to allow for cross winds pushing the plane sideways as it lands. Also there wasn't enough paved area at the ends of the runway to turn around a plane as large as a 707.

  4. lbj had a weird sense of humor


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