Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's A Mystery

Saw this comment on a post on Gin and Tacos:
Australia got all the criminals, America got the Puritans.
By all accounts Australia got the better deal.
(This was kinda of off topic as the post was about racism.)
The thought that occurred to me was how in the fuck did one small boatload of religious assholes fuck up such a huge country????
I've seen the replica of the Mayflower and actually been on it. Also I have read history books and know about the Puritans and how many of them there were on that ship. So my question still is: How in the fuck did such a small number of religious assholes fuck up a country as big as ours???? Part of the answer is other religious assholes took some of the Puritan ideas and ran with them and are still running with them. Some of them actually out-Puritan the Puritans. Other than their whining about the "War on Christmas" as the Puritans didn't celebrate Christmas.
My question still remains. How in the fuck did such a small group of religious assholes fuck up a country this big???

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Don't Need A Stinking Parade, I Want A Fucking Apology!!

Recently my cousin's wife did a comment on facebook about how my cousin liked marching with veterans at the local Pow-Wow because Vietnam era vets never got any parades when they came home. Actually, I don't need a stinking parade, I want a Fucking Apology from any and all politicians and others that got us into that fiasco called Vietnam. I still remember hearing BULLSHIT like "If we don't stop the dirty, fucking commies over there, we'll be fighting them on the beach in Long Beach!!" Well after over 50,000 dead Americans we finally left Vietnam and the only ones on the beaches of Long Beach and other places were refugees.

Most people put most of the blame on JFK and LBJ, but I say the one that started that fiasco was DDE. He had US there helping the French leave and then had our troops there secretly. JFK admitted we had troops there as "advisors", yeah right. Then LBJ increased the level and the massive build-up in '65 kinda fucked up my plans for the future as I was getting out of high school. LBJ had the balls to pass Civil Rights bills and Medicare, wish he'd had the balls to get out of Vietnam, but he knew if he pulled out he'd never be re-elected and that was more important I guess.

Another one that pisses me off is Tricky Dicky. He interfered with the peace talks in hopes of winning the election in '68, which he did. Imagine how many American lives would have been saved if the war had ended in '69?? (I sure as hell would have made me breathe easier for the rest on my hitch.) Then the bastard dragged it out in order to get re-elected.  (Tricky Dicky cut the budget and they kicked me out 4 months early because of "budgetary limitations", and I still didn't vote for the Fucking Crook!!) Hell that shit would probably still be going on if he hadn't resigned.

There are those that believe the real reason we were in Vietnam was because they thought there was a huge oil reserve in the South China Sea. That is probably true, I remember hearing how the oil companies were bidding on drilling rights in the South China Sea a couple years after the war ended. Don't remember hearing anything about it after that. So, was this the first war for oil, I think so. Have seen articles about how after WWII the pentagon concentrated planning on oil, insuring a steady supply of oil because that was the main reason Germany lost the war, not enough oil and its refined products. But I guess that's another rant.

I know I'll never get an apology:
1. Most of the ones responsible are dead.
2. Those that are still alive will never admit they Fucked Up!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

We Go Green Bay

We went Green Bay. Didn't see a game because training camp just started today. We went to the shareholders meeting.

This is a video I shot showing the crowd at the shareholders meeting. There is no sound as my old camera does video but without sound.

The money from buying my share probably went to pay for one of the seats in this picture and the one below, but I doubt if I'll ever be able to sit in one (did sign up for a drawing for tickets to a game in Sept). Tickets for Packer games are some of the hardest tickets to get. When season tickets for these seats went on sale, they went to people who had been on a waiting list for an average of 30 years. Now those are die-hard fans!!

Some of the improvements were new seats and the giant screens on both ends of the field.
These signs are on the streets around the stadium. Not sure how many blocks from the stadium they go, but first noticed them about a half dozen blocks away.

Hooters With A Scottish Accent

While in Green Bay this week we found a pub called Tilted Kilt. They have decent food at reasonable prices and the scenery ain't bad either.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Solar Panels

This thought has been kicking around in my head for awhile now. This country needs to do more about using solar for power. Solar will work anywhere as long as there is daylight (I have a little solar panel that plugs into the cigarette lighter and it produces power as long as there is daylight, even after sunset). 

The problem seems to be that those with the resources to do more about solar aren't interested in doing so. They'd rather continue with the status quo. And those that would like to do more solar don't have the resources to do so. I would be interested in doing solar, but the upfront cost is too great. Several years ago I saw something about how there were companies that would put in solar systems and the homeowners would pay the company for the power generated by the solar panels. Haven't seen or heard anything about anything like that lately. Also one thing that may keep some people from putting in alternative power systems is in most states if you have an alternative power system and sell power back to the grid, you need a separate meter and you get paid a pittance instead of having a meter that would run backwards when you put power back on to the grid.  

But if every home (or a large majority of them) were to have solar panels providing electricity, what would the power companies do?? They wouldn't be able to make lots of money producing and supplying power to homes and businesses (they're great at doing things like telling people to conserve energy and then jacking up the rates because people are using less energy). What if large businesses like the big-box stores were to put solar panels on their roofs and in their parking lots?? That would be a win-win, power for the store and shaded parking for the customers. In some areas the shaded parking would seem like manna from heaven, and in all areas would be welcome in the summer.

Seems like this country never thinks in terms of having a whole lot of little projects working together, instead they think in terms of doing a huge project or projects. Like the huge solar projects in the deserts in the Southwest. 

Some of my thoughts on solar, which may or may not be coherent. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shouting In The Wilderness

Recently I got an e-mail saying I had a google+ page. (I had been curious about this, but never did anything to start a page, but apparently google did one for me.) I clicked on the link and sure enough there was a page. I've put up a couple of things on the page, but at this point don't see what good any of it is. Talk about shouting in the wilderness because no one is linked to my page and therefore nobody will see anything I put on the page.

If I were to successfully link google+ from my blog there would be some kind of button. Don't know if the image above is the button or not as no button showed up when I tried linking blog and my google+ page. There is a link that works, but no button.

Not being linked to anyone might be a good thing, I don't have to worry about what anybody thinks and can put up anything damn thing I feel like!! Haven't done any real rants (shit, I can do that here), but could do so at any time.

Actually I think I might have two google+ pages. Tried deleting one, but yesterday ran across it, so it didn't get deleted. I think in order to delete the one page with the name I didn't want, I'd have to delete all my google accounts including blogger. Don't want to do that at this time.

Looks like I would have a lot to learn if I were to get serious about my google+ page. Right now I know very little about what I can do on there. I've seen other google+ pages and they have all kinds of stuff. I may or may not play with it.

The FuckingRepublicans Are Working Hard To Answer This

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Pig Is A Tea-Bagger

Panty Shields For Men

What does it say when this commercial is airing on NASCAR events?? Another commercial showing alot is one for testosterone cream supplement for those with "low-t".

The commercial that always has me chuckling and shaking my head is the Viagra one with the cowboy pulling a horse trailer and gets supposedly stuck in a mud puddle, so he gets the team of horses out of the trailer and uses them to pull the truck and trailer out of the mud puddle. I think the cowboy needs meds for Alzhiemers as the truck is a 4-wheel drive and all he'd have to do is put it in 4-wheel drive to get out of the mud puddle.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Expiration Date

Recently The Old Lady made some instant pudding from a package that didn't have a "best if used by" date and we are still alive, I think?? The fact that our food didn't have an expiration date, does that mean we don't have one either???

Also avoid food products that don't have a zip code in the address. Zip codes were introduced 50 years ago yesterday.