Saturday, July 6, 2013

Panty Shields For Men

What does it say when this commercial is airing on NASCAR events?? Another commercial showing alot is one for testosterone cream supplement for those with "low-t".

The commercial that always has me chuckling and shaking my head is the Viagra one with the cowboy pulling a horse trailer and gets supposedly stuck in a mud puddle, so he gets the team of horses out of the trailer and uses them to pull the truck and trailer out of the mud puddle. I think the cowboy needs meds for Alzhiemers as the truck is a 4-wheel drive and all he'd have to do is put it in 4-wheel drive to get out of the mud puddle.

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  1. Ain't there and hope I don't go there! One more zap and I am done!
    However, understand that all men have prostates and they all act differently. Like today - I nailed three drafts at Hooters and then traveled the whole 1.1 miles to my place and had to hit the john as soon as I walked in the door. Well,
    I am on a Flow-Max type pill so that doesn't help.
    Guy's pay attention - get that annual PSA test AND demand a finger wave...



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