Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Valuable Shit

An interesting article in the AJC.

When $10,000 worth of diamonds went missing from an Albany jewelry store, employees say they suspected the heist was an inside job.

So they took X-rays of Honey Bun, a beloved dog who greets customers at the store, and determined that the pooch ate the diamonds.

Roberts said an X-ray showed two suspicious looking spots inside Honey Bun. The next day, they recovered the missing earring back and two diamonds.

Reminds me of an episode of "One Foot in the Grave" where supposedly the neighbor's dog ate the key to Victor's garden shed.  The neighbor saved the dog's business for the two weeks Victor was on holiday.  Turned out the dog coughed up the key right after it swallowed it, but the neighbor let Victor think it would past thru and let him dig thru the dog shit.

More Campaign Posters

I like the Rick Perry one, "Yes We Can Secede"!!  Is this the result of his Texas education and he can't spell or WHAT???????????

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plowtruck Project

 This is a '79 Jeep pickup that I am fixing up to plow snow next winter UP on the Tundra.

'79 Jeep with snowplow.
Below is a picture of the old chain that was slipping.  It would slip under hard acceleration and would not spin the wheels at all.  Tried pulling out some brush with the Jeep and it just sat there with the chain slipping and making noise.
Old drive chain.  Wonder why it was slipping??
New drive chain.  Hope this fixes the problem!!
Got the new chain yesterday and installed it.  Hopefully today I'll get the rest of my order, the special lube for the Quadra-Trac transfer case.

To test whether the repair fixed the problem I have a plan.  The rear bumper is bent and I plan on wrapping a chain around a tree with the other end hooked on the bumper.  Then I'll try to pull the bumper out straight.  That will show how well the four-wheel drive is working.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Hostage Takers

I don't think Yosemite Sam would hang out with those two!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pump House Project

Last year I redid my water supply, pulled the old set-up out and drove a new point, dropped a smaller pipe down to the point for a supply line for the pump.  Poured a pad and laid up block for the walls.
This is how I left the pump house last fall.
 When I got back UP on the Tundra this year, I had problems with the pump not building up enough pressure.  Turned out the pump got wore out last year when the water had a lot of fine sand in it after driving the point and I ran it a lot trying to clear the water up.  Should have probably let it sit for a week or two to let it settle out.  Anywho, I bought a new pump, which fixed the problem.
The roof or lid for the pump house in progress.
Last week I started to make a cover (lid or roof or whatever) for the pump house.  So far the only money I've got in the project is for the hinges and the handle.  The wood is salvaged material I had and the tin roofing is part of the roof off an old house trailer I tore down 5yrs ago.  Bought the trailer (or shoebox as The Old Lady called it) in the early 70s and lived in it off and on until shortly after Y2K.  Had primer left over from painting drywall in the cabin and the blue paint has been here for many years and is still usable after freezing several times.
This is it with the first coat of paint applied.
Had some pieces of 2 inch foam and other insulation that I used to insulate the cover.  I'm going to buy a sheet of 2 inch foam to line the inside of the block walls and hopefully it'll keep from freezing during next winter.  I figure the only other thing I have to do to winterize it is to hang a 40 watt lightbulb under the line to the pressure switch.  Because of the small diameter of the line, that is the first thing to freeze in this type of pump. My past experiences have shown that a light will put off enough heat to keep the line from freezing.  By the time the bulb burns out there will be enough snow to cover everything and it will be good until spring when the snow melts away and I have to put in a new bulb.  This is the only way the old bulbs are better than CFLs as they give off a lot more heat!!