Tuesday, June 25, 2013

And They Say A Little Pussy Won't Hurt You???

This was in the comments on Jezebel.com on a post about a newspaper in Ashland, WI censoring an ad for  a local theater group doing Vagina Monologues.

Squatlo says pussy makes you stupid, but it looks like this one will shock and awe you!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


H/T to Keith Olbermann Fan Page on facebook where I first saw this vid.

This video expresses my feeling about the Greedy Old Parasites GOP real well!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Telephone Surveillance, Tell Me About It

All this talk about the NSA snooping into phone records and e-mails kinda has me chuckling. It's not like they are listening to our phone calls or reading our e-mails, they are just seeing who is contacting who, which are all in the business records of the phone companies and IPOs. And supposedly that is only on foreign calls and e-mails.

30+ years ago when I worked in Lockheed's Skunk Works in "Beautiful Downtown Burbank", my phone was tapped. It took longer than usual for me to get phone service when I rented an apartment in the Valley. Then one day I saw a guy up on the pole in the alley behind the apartment and after that the phone worked. I didn't use the phone much, still don't, but The Old Lady noticed funny things about the phone service. At times when talking to a friend, the friend would comment on how the phone sounded funny. The Old Lady would say, "Lockheed's got a tap on the phone, so we can't talk about national secrets, but we can talk about that drug deal we got going down!!" She said there would be a click and the phone would clear up. No more static or funny noises!!

Talking with co-workers I heard about how some were followed when they were off the job. One guy said he noticed someone around just about everywhere he went. One day he went into a store and then out again quickly and around the corner. When the guy came around the corner, he threw him against the wall and asked him what the fuck he was doing following him. The next day he got called into an office and chewed out. The guy following him was there too, and he said basically what shit job the guy following him was doing because he figured it out. I never noticed whether or not I was followed, but I led a pretty boring life so I hope they had fun if someone was following me!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Projects

The Old Lady bought this trailer last week and it looks like I got my work cut out for me. Three of the four corners need work. The fridge doesn't work and the plumbing is shot. Looks like it froze and a previous owner did a new hookup for cold water. The good news? None of the windows are broken.
This is part of the old plumbing, thought the hose going into the wall was from a water tank, but no, it just went into the wall and over to the outside water fill opening. The wires on the floor were probably to the water tank and water pump which have been removed some time ago.
Also it appears a previous owner was a member of an ultra-Reich Wing group. The Birch John Society!! Someone replaced the old travel trailer toilet with a regular toilet and put it in where the shower used to be. It is set up like the toilets on trains used to be way back when. There's no holding tank for it and unless I hook up some drain pipe it'll dump right out on the ground. I plan to tie it in to the septic system where we used to have a mobile home. We're not going to use the trailer for travel, just want to have a "guest cabin" when the kids come to visit. 
And this is my project. A 14ft Boston Whaler that I bought last Friday. All the guy I bought it from could guarantee was that it was water tight and floats. Shit, a Boston Whaler will float if cut in half or thirds.
This is where the jet drive used to come out. Need to reinforce the transom so I can hang an outboard on it. It came with a 40hp motor. Should move pretty good once I get it fixed up.
This is where the motor and jet drive were inside the boat. There's a tunnel that comes from the center console and ends just after the piece of plywood. Looks like the guy figured on running the control cables thru there to the motor. Which is what I plan on doing, unless as I work on it it doesn't work out.
This it the center console where I'll mount the controls. Also need to put in some seats. That's why I was goggling diagrams for the wood reinforcements on Boston Whalers (my post last Tuesday).

The pieces parts are worth more than I paid for everything, boat, trailer, and motor. Got it all for $450, so don't think I went wrong in buying it. Once it is made seaworthy it should be worth several times what I paid.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things That Make You Wonder

I was doing a google search on Boston Whalers. Was looking for diagrams of the hidden wood reinforcements, so did google images and this is one of the pictures that came up. Also a picture of some guy with a cart loaded with wood and various boots??

While this picture does a nice job of demonstrating Global Warming (or Climate Change if you prefer and also cultural change), what the fuck does it have to do with a Boston Whaler boat??????

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tit-Filtered Booze, I'll Drink To That

They claim every bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity that it was poured over the breasts of the model shown. I'm sure pouring booze over a nice pair of breasts would improve the flavor of the booze.

I'd like to either have the job of pouring the booze over the tits or when done with that, licking the booze off the tits to clean them.


Is This How Michele Bachmann Started??