Saturday, December 28, 2013

English Is My Second Language, BUT

I seem to have a better comprehension of the language than a lot of people that learned English at their mother's knee, so to speak, and it is their only language. A couple days ago one of the people on my friend list on facebook put up a graphic from a Reich-WingNut site.

So I left a comment:  If the economy works for everyone, everyone that is able will be working!! The way it is now the economy only works for those at the top. But thanks for doing their dirty work for them, they are laughing all the way to the bank because they don't even have to pay you to do it.

I will admit the last part was a bit snarky, but bullshit like this kinda pisses me off. Then someone else commented:  Sorry you feel that way, I have always found work satisfying and while money in the bank is comforting, the labor of your hands and mind is much more so.

Now this made it sound like I was against working or maybe thought working wasn't worth while or some fucking thing. Anywho, it was just fucking stupid. So I commented back with: Whatever gave you the idea I'm against working. I'm only against working against your own interest and others that have to work for a living by spreading the propaganda of the rich elites.

The only thing I can figure is people only see what they want to see that agrees with them. If someone puts up something contradictory, their mind supplies something that coincides with their point of view. Smarter people than I have tried to figure out the minds of those on the right and failed, so I won't overtax my brain with trying to figure this out. 

My cousin who unfriended me a couple years ago also commented on how I only worked when I had no other choice. WTF? Is there any other reason people work for wages? 

It is true my work history has a lot of gaps in it that I call "Quality Time," but that's another story.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Who cares what color Santa is?

When I was a kid, I had a more confounding question -- was he even human?

Lately there is a big to-do about what color is Santa. When I was a kid, I was told that Christmas presents were delivered by Joulupukki, a Christmas goat. This is a tradition in Finland and Scandinavia. But then at school I would hear different stories about who delivers the presents.

What color Santa is or isn't is small potatoes compared to the confusion in my head when I was a little kid.

Joulupukki is a Finnish Christmas figure. The name "Joulupukki" literally means "Christmas Goat" or "Yule Goat" in Finnish; the word pukki comes from the Teutonic root bock, which is a cognate of the English "buck", "Puck", and means "billy-goat". An old Scandinavian custom, the figure eventually became more or less conflated with Santa Claus.

It was the guy below, Santa. Now Santa was easier to believe in than the goat, but still it was confusing to a kid. The cross-cultural shit can be difficult at times, especially if you are still learning the English language at the time.

In recent years Joulupukki has morphed into more of a Father Christmas figure, but for most in Finland he is still Joulupukki.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Free The Nipple

Why the hell would a movie about nipples and women wanting to go topless like men are allowed get a NC-17 rating when movies with an occasional bare breast can get a PG rating??????? And if it's legal in New York, why are women getting arrested for going topless????

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Dichotomy

There are a lot of people bitching about how they can get a better return on their money then they can with Social Security. They say if only they could invest that money they could get X% return and over X years it would be more than they can get on Social Security. Then some of those same people will turn around and bitch about how some people are getting more from Social Security than they paid in!! Now wouldn't that be getting a good return on your investment????????????

In the United StatesSocial Security is primarily the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDIfederal program. The original Social Security Act(1935) and the current version of the Act, as amended, encompass several social welfare and social insurance programs.

Social Security was originally meant to be an Old-Age insurance program. It's like the annuities that insurance companies sell to people. With the insurance annuity you pay a fixed amount every month and then when you reach a certain age the insurance company sends you a check every month. The difference with Social Security is that you pay in a percentage of your wages and then when you reach retirement age the amount you get each month is determined by what your income was when you were working. Where an insurance annuity and Social Security are alike is when you die the checks stop coming. Also if you die before the set age, neither the insurance company or Social Security will pay out anything. What it boils down is that a lot of people think it's fine that they personally get back more than they paid in to the system but they don't anyone else to do the same. 

From what I've seen, the people who bitch about Social Security being taken out of their check are the same people who don't manage to save a dime otherwise. If you ask them if they've got an IRA or even a normal savings account, the answer is usually No. If it wasn't for Social Security, they'd have no retirement income at all. They'd end up working at Walmart until they croaked.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Memorial Service For Me

Yesterday as I was heading for town in my truck the radio station (Oldies, of course) did the obits. I had a thought about my demise and the aftermath. I decided I don't want any kind of memorial service after my death. If people can't be bothered to visit me when I'm alive, they sure as hell don't have to come see me when I'm dead!!

Going back several decades I can count on one hand the number of people that have visited me at home. I've visited a lot of friends and relatives thru the years, but most never return the favor. So like I said, if they don't want to visit me when I'm alive, they sure as hell don't need to come see me when I'm dead.

The kids may have other ideas about this, but I'd like if they do anything that it be limited to the immediate family. The Old Lady says if I go first she's going to have me toasted and scattered, so if the family gets together to see me released into the wind, that's OK.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Intratubes Can Be A Good Thing At Times

A while back a friend called and asked if I could help him with a problem he was having with his car. The heater blower motor wasn't working and he wasn't able to find it in his car. Under the hood was a layer of insulation on the firewall and it wasn't under that. I got on my confuser and googled removing the blower motor for his car. While still on the phone I was able to tell him how to go about finding and removing the blower motor. (When we first started using the Intratubes I wouldn't have been able to talk on the phone and look up stuff online as with dial-up it was either/or. Either you used the phone or you surfed the 'net.) Now with DSL I could talk on the phone and look up stuff online. I also looked up how much a new blower motor would cost. I was able to find a price on the Carquest website, but couldn't find a price on the Auto Value site [it doesn't even recognize that the local store exists] because it sucks the big one. (Those two auto parts store are the only ones in the county.)

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Anywho, he was able to remove the blower motor and free it up and get it working again. The only problem was it now only had two speeds, high and off. Talking with a parts person he decided he needed a blower motor switch resistor. Then after not being able to remove the heater controls to replace the resistor where he thought it should be, he called again. Even tho he had a repair manual* for his car, it didn't say anything about replacing the resistor. I googled "How to replace blower motor switch" and it suggested "replace blower motor resistor". I clicked on a couple of links and found a forum where a guy was complaining about the insulation getting in the way of removing the screws on the resistor. Then a day or two later I went over and helped him replace the resistor. I looked under the dash and saw the blower motor and behind it looked to be the resistor. I removed the blower motor and started to remove the screws on the resistor. Then I found out what the guy online was talking about. Two of the screws were difficult to get at as the insulation on the firewall was in the way. You had to push the insulation back to get the socket on the head of the screw. With both of us taking turns we got the two back screws loosened enough to pull the resistor out and slide the new one back in. The resistor had a circuit board that stuck up in the heater box. The circuit board looked like someone had bit a big chuck out of one corner, kinda like when you bite into a sandwich. That would explain why it only had the high speed. After replacing the resistor and putting the blower motor back in and hooking up the wires the blower worked on all speeds like it should.

30+ years ago my friend wouldn't have had much trouble figuring out how to fix his car, but he had some blood vessels blow in his head and that fucked him up. He has a field cut in his vision where he can only see things to the left of the focal point with his left eye and a pie shaped area to the left with his right eye. He has problems with short term memory and figuring out the logical progression of things like doing mechanic work. First thing in the morning he can usually read, but as it gets later in the day he gets confused and words become gibberish. It's amazing what he has been able to do since his head blew up, but he's too stubborn to give up and keeps trying. A lot of the time he'll have to redo today what he did yesterday, but he keeps at it.

*I used to think Haynes repair manuals were good, but after getting one for my Jeep pickup and now seeing his manual for his car, I have my doubts. I bought the Jeep manual when I needed to replace the chain for the transfer case. What the manual had to say about transfer cases was they "are complicated and if it needs repair, take it to a transmission shop". If I was going to take it to a transmission shop I wouldn't have bought the fucking manual. On his manual for his car, it didn't say anything about replacing the resistor. The only reference I found about the resistor is it said to remove it to spray cleaner into the heater box to clean fungus from the air conditioning evaporator coil. Even tho it said to remove it, it didn't say how to remove it or where it was located!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Google Is Starting To Piss Me Off

Google has made changes where changes were not needed. I'm now having trouble signing in to my blog. The sign-in is totally different now. Now I get two options for signing in. One of the ones I clicked on this morning went to a page after doing my password that wanted me to either do a Google+ account or a new blogger profile. Had to shut that shit down because I couldn't get out of it. It didn't do a fucking thing when I clicked on the back arrow. Then tried again and got my blog, but could not find anything for doing a new post even tho it said I was signed in. Clicked on dashboard and got the same bullshit about doing new accounts and/or blogger profile. Had to shut down that tab and try again and finally was able to find the link for a new post so I could do this post to bitch about Google.

Some time back I made the mistake of doing Google+ and wound up with two Google+ sites, one probably linked from my blog and another from my YouTube account (YouTube wouldn't accept my 'nom de intratubes' [Kulkuri] and G-mail wouldn't either so I used a variation). I'd like to get rid of one of the Google+ accounts, but am afraid I'll lose my blogs and everything else if I try to delete one. I also have a G-mail account and yesterday I had a helluva time trying to see if there was anything new in my inbox. I don't use the G-mail account for much other than my K-Mart rewards thingee and when I want to send an e-mail to inquire about something on Craig's list, etc. and I don't want to use my other e-mail accounts.

Part of my problem may lie with my confuser. The Old Lady says she doesn't have any problems with blogger on her confuser.

I also was having trouble with my Yahoo e-mail after they made changes. Took me some time to figure out how to go to the next message without deleting. Instead of up and down arrows above the message they put in arrows on the sides of the message to go to next or previous message. At times had a helluva time trying to delete messages. Sometimes there wasn't anything I could do to delete messages and it would freeze up. I ran a my virus program and a cleaner and now it is working some better, but not sure if it is back to normal, or is this the new normal?? These two things my be related, but Google did make changes to blogger that didn't need to be changed like the sign-in page.

Bottom line is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"!!!!!! The fucking geeks need to learn that instead of changing shit just because they can and they think it may be better. Sometimes you don't need to improve something that is working as it is!!

Sometimes I've tried to improve something and fucked it up and wasted a lot of time trying to fix it to get it back to where it was when I started.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

He's Trying To Say She's Number One

Heard about this earlier today on the radio and happened upon the video.

Here's a picture of the artwork without the blackout of the finger.

Physics And/Or Leverage Will Get You

He managed to lift it, but couldn't move it.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Old Lady Keeps Buying More Work For Me

Back in Sept. The Old Lady bought this motorhome. It's a '89 model built on a Ford E-350 chassis. It has a 460 V-8 motor. When we looked at it it had a problem with the brakes. It would shake badly when you applied the brakes. The seller said he got an estimate on what it would cost to replace the rotors to do a brake job and was told $400. (So far I've spent about $200 on the brake job and done the work myself.) So he said he'd knock that much off the asking price. The RV battery was shot so I got him to knock another $100 off.

The first thing I did with the brakes was to check how warped the rotors might be and discovered the wheel bearing on the drivers side was way too loose. I could shake the hub in and out when I removed the caliper. The wheel bearings had been replaced about 1000 miles before we bought it. The previous owner thought that might have been the problem with the brakes shaking. A loose wheel bearing will cause it to shake under braking. But after I adjusted the wheel bearing the problem was still there. So I took the rotors off and brought them to a local auto parts store that turns rotors and had them turned to true them up. They were able to true up the rotors and I got new pads and installed them when I put it back together. It didn't shake anymore when I test drove it, but the calipers hung up and were dragging. One of the brakes was smoking when I got back home after only a few miles. Didn't appear to do any damage to the rotors.

So I got new calipers and flexible hoses. After installing the new parts and test driving it the problem was gone. I still need to check the rear brakes and see what shape the shoes are in. I know they're working, just don't know how well.

Then I changed oil and filter on the engine and lubed the front end and u-joints on the drive shaft. Checked the level in the rear end. Had to add about half a quart of gear lube. Now I have a gas leak coming from somewhere on top of the gas tank. Not sure where the gas is coming from or how much is leaking. Will need to investigate this problem further.

This is the generator for the motorhome. Have no idea what is wrong with it or why it was taken out of the motorhome. This is something I will look at next year. The first thing I'll have to figure out is how to hook up a battery to it to turn the starter. The throttle and choke butterflies were frozen in place, but some penetrating oil sprayed on the shafts freed them up.

I winterized the water system on the motorhome so it shouldn't freeze. Had the propane tank filled and checked out the stove. All the burners and the oven work. Will check out the furnace sometime in the future and also the refrigerator, which is gas and 110 electric. Still need to do some minor stuff inside, like replacing a few cabinet latches. The Old Lady is planning on us heading South in February, so I need to get things done before winter sets in.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I've at times said I would like to go naked on rollerskates and say I'm an adult pull toy. Doubt if that would go over now at my age!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

People Are Bitching About The Wrong Things!!

While in a way I can understand why some people get upset about people on food stamps and how they spend them, they are making a big deal out of small potatoes. I guess the reason some people get pissed about what they perceive as abuse is because they can actually see it in action. (But who the fuck made you the nutrition police??)

What nobody sees is the huge rip-off that is CORPORATE WELFARE!! There are corporations that actually give employees instructions on how to get on Medicaid and food stamps. Walmart costs taxpayers over $900,000 for each store each year. You are paying for that cheap shit at Walmart whether you shop there or not!! That's just the tip of the iceberg, when you figure in all the money they don't pay in taxes and the rebates some corporations get even tho they don't pay any taxes, it is in the BILLIONS!!

There's an old saying, "Penny wise and Pound foolish". People are bitching about a few dollars here and there while ignoring the billions of tax dollars that go to subsidize some of the most profitable corporations in the world!!
I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. -- Jay Gould 
That is what is happening these days, not literally, but figuratively. People bitching about other people that are at the same level or people they think are below them is what the powers-that-be want. If you're busy bitching about the guy buying a Snickers bar with food stamps, you won't notice how deep into your pocket the rich bastards are reaching!! Why should we have to subsidize the oil companies or Walmart or McDonalds??? They would still be profitable without the government assistance!!

We need to realize we are all in the same boat. This bitching about what others may or may not be doing is like arguing about who gets what deck chairs on the Titanic all the while the fucking ship is sinking!!!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Dare Poor People Not Look and Act Poor Enough???

I'm sick and tired of hearing all this BULLSHIT about how the poor shouldn't have cellphones, air conditioning and should only eat oatmeal and elbow macaroni!!!!!! Everybody in this country would like to live the good life and if they can't they'll fake it. Of course, if they are poor and they look like they are living large, other people who don't consider themselves poor will give the poor suckers a ration of SHIT. Even those that don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of will be down on those they think are on the government dole even if they are on it themselves!!

What the hell has happened to this country? People take great sadistic pleasure in the misfortune of others, but only if the others look and act suitably poor and downtrodden (and they'll gladly step on them when they are down!!) The Germans have a word for taking pleasure in other's mishaps or misfortunes. Schadenfreude!! But here in 'Murika it's more than taking simple pleasure in the misfortune of others, now it's "How dare they look and act like the rest of us when they are poor"?????

Cellphones are one of the things some bitch about. If a poor person or one they think is poor and they have a cellphone, it's automatically assumed to be a high dollar smartphone or an IPhone. Here are 10 Best Cheap Prepaid Plans. Nowadays it is cheaper to have a cellphone than it is to have a landline. Besides, if you are looking for work and don't have a phone, how is an employer going to get a hold of you to offer you a job?????

Another bitch is about people on food stamps buying the wrong foods!!! Like steaks, crablegs, even soda and TV dinners, how dare they?? (And they are all driving down to the welfare office in their Cadillac to pick up their checks and food stamps!!) I think of food stamps the same as I do a gift card, once I give the gift card to someone, I have no control over what they buy with it. The same with food stamps, the person receiving the food stamps has the right to decide how to spend them within the guidelines for food stamps. You don't know the circumstances of the person with the food stamps. They may be buying TV dinners and other prepared foods that just need to be heated before eating because they are working shit jobs and don't have time to do real cooking or don't know how to cook from scratch. Or they may be buying steaks to celebrate something and will run out of money before the end of the month and be lucky if they have ramen noodles to eat.

And what about Faux and Friends (really, are they  friends, whose friends, not mine???) bitching about poor people having air conditioning????? THAT'S JUST TOO FUCKING RIDICULOUS TO EVEN COMMENT ON!!!!!!!! 

Addendum: When I was growing up I used to hear, "There but for the grace of god go I". Now, I'm willing to bet just about everyone of those bitching about the poor not acting poor enough are christians!!!!!!!

No Truer Words Have Been Spoken!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well, Bless Her Little Heart

Bless her little heart is what they say down South when someone says or does something really stupid or crazy.

Glad to see that finally some of those in the media are actually doing what they should have been doing all along, calling people out for their actions and comments.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Political Parties As Family Members

It's been said the political parties can be divided into the Mommy Party (Democratic) and the Daddy Party (FuckingRepublicans). The Mommy Party is loving and caring, a facilitator. The Daddy Party is the authoritarian, strong and disciplined. The Democrats want to help people and the FuckingRepublicans claim to fiscally responsible (hahahahahahahahahaha), about 3/4 of the national debt is because of the FuckingRepublicans (did I mention I call them FuckingRepublicans because they have been fucking me all my life?????) 

Now there seems to be another party that I'll call the Toddler Party (as in the Terrible Twos type of toddler). The Toddler Party (Tea-Baggers) wants what it wants and it wants it RIGHT NOW!!! It doesn't always know what it wants but whatever it is it isn't what the Mommy Party and especially the Mommy Party President wants. But that doesn't matter, the important thing is the Toddler Party wants what it wants and RIGHT NOW!! If it doesn't get what it wants, it'll scream and holler and frow a frantrum and will start breaking things. 

The strange thing is the Toddler Party is part of the Daddy Party, albeit a small part, but a part nonetheless. The Daddy Party seems to be fascinated with the Toddler Party and is letting it do whatever it wants as if it is scared of the BRATS. The mystery is Why the fear? And why won't they discipline the Toddler Party????? 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Too Many Toys

This could happen to the Great-granddaughter. She has a ton of stuffed toys and other stuff.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

What Started As A Fairly Simple Job, Turned Into A Major Undertaking

One of the broken motor mounts.

Last year I broke the motor mounts on my Jeep pickup while trying to pull a stump.  Last fall I bought new mounts and started to replace them. What I thought would be a fairly simple job of jacking up the engine a little and replacing the mounts turned into a much bigger job. I got the bottom nuts off with no problem. The upper ones were very difficult to get at, so I thought I'd remove the bracket from the block. One of the bolts was rusted and I couldn't get it to turn. The socket slipped on the bolt and rounded the head. I then used a chisel bit in my rivet gun (or air hammer) to try and get the bolt to break loose and turn. Then water started to come out of the engine. I tried to catch as much as possible in a pan because anti-freeze is expensive.

The cause of the leak. The freeze plug was rusted and I knocked some rust loose trying to remove the bolt below it.
 Because of the location of the bolt it was hard to get a grip with vise-grips. All I managed to do was round off the head even more. Now I know why the bolt was rusted. The freeze plug had been leaking for some time, but with lots of stop-leak it wasn't a big problem. Just add a little coolant every once in a while.

 Decided to hang it up and moved the Jeep to where it wouldn't be in the way during the winter. Last month I started to work on it again. The weather was much nicer now than last fall, it was snowing then.

Well, that didn't work.
 Discovered that this position wouldn't work to lift the engine out of the Jeep. I positioned the truck with the hoist in front of the Jeep and securing the hoist to the front of the box. Even tho I put beams under the box to support the hoist, there is still a lot of twisting. It doesn't help that there are no rear shocks on the truck. Blog post Aug. 2012.
New freeze plug installed.
 After I got the engine out and in the back of the other truck, I was able to remove the rusted bolt on the bracket and the rusted freeze plug and put in a new one.
New motor mount in place.
 Once I got the freeze plug replaced and replaced the oil pan gasket and valve cover gaskets I had a friend come help me put the engine back in the Jeep. It didn't go as easy as either of us thought it would but after several hours it was in place with enough bolts in place to hold things together. Then I spent several days putting things together. Hopefully I got it to the point where all I need is some more anti-freeze and some gas and a battery.
The shroud for the heater core got damaged while removing the engine.
The shroud for the heater core is fiberglas and while trying to remove the engine it poked a hole in the shroud. I have a older Jeep Wagoneer and I pulled the heater core assembly off it and put it in the Jeep truck. The Wagoneer is a '67 and the truck is a '79 but both had the same mounting set-up. The older one was metal. Hopefully the heater will work as I plan on using the Jeep for plowing snow this winter and it would be nice to be comfortable. Not like my previous plow rig.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Old Lady's Favorite Peeler

The Old Lady has a favorite peeler. It's so old it was made in West Germany. She's had the thing for 30+ years and this morning it broke.

These pictures show what happened to the peeler. The blade popped off.

Another view of the blade off the peeler.

I drilled out what was holding the blade on and used pull-thru rivets to reattach the blade. I had thought of using solid rivets, but after looking at how worn it is (was afraid it would break and be unusable), decided to go with the pull-thru rivets. It should last for a little while longer, but I'm afraid the next time it breaks, I won't be able to fix it as it is wearing out. Now for sure she has to find a replacement. The problem is they don't make these peelers anymore. As recently as a year or two ago she had found similar peelers made by the same company, but when she checked today, she couldn't find any.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Doesn't make any difference to me, every day is Saturday!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Long Winter

I know it's going to be a long winter, I've seen a lot of huge woodpiles!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not Exactly A FOAD

The end of last month I got a letter from the VA in Detroit. The Old Lady said, "It's a thin envelope. It's a FOAD. I can smell FOADs." Well, it wasn't a FOAD (Fuck Off And Die), not quite anywho.

Back in April I filed a claim for disability with the VA for hearing loss. In June I got a letter from the VA and I got my hopes up that they had allowed my claim for disability. No, it was just a form letter saying, "We're working on it." Looks like every other month I'm going to get a letter saying, "We're working on it."

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why Can't You Order Gas Appliances Set Up For Propane??

Our old gas stove, the one The Old Lady used to give me "Burnt Offerings". It came in a mobile home we bought in 1973. The stove had a problem within the first year when it was still under warranty. We had it fixed and it worked fine until recently. During the past year or so we noticed we had problems baking. Turned out the valve that controls the oven burner was screwing up and the oven would get too hot.

This is the new stove. When we went to Lowes to buy it, I asked about getting it set up for propane. I knew that gas appliances come set up for natural gas, but hoped that it would be possible to get one set up for propane from the factory seeing as how they didn't have this stove in stock and had to order it. The guy at Lowes said it is easy to switch it over to propane, there are the instructions on how to do it. RIGHT!!! Lowes doesn't do the conversion probably because if they had someone that knows how to do that, they would have to pay that person more. Also to keep from being sued if the stove blows up!!

The owners manual covers every fucking stove they make, so there are multiple examples of how to do the conversion. Instead of pictures they have drawings to show how to do the conversion. Also the instructions are incomplete, like it says to remove the top you have to remove two nuts underneath the top. It doesn't say a fucking thing about disconnecting the burners from the stove top. Figured that one out on my own. With the stovetop off I was able to change the regulator from natural gas to propane and change the jets (or nozzles) in the burners.

Converting the oven was another cluster fuck. It showed a couple of illustrations showing how you can remove the knob for the oven control and turn a screw to convert to propane. Didn't see any screws behind the knob, so I removed the control only to discover there wasn't a screw to turn. Then for the oven burner it showed an illustration for just the burner nozzle. No mention of whether or not you have to remove the burner tube to make it look like the illustration or what. It just said "use a half inch wrench to turn it clockwise until snug". When I put a wrench on it, it felt snug already. It took considerable effort just to get the damn thing to move. Also it said "don't overtighten" , RIGHT!! It would have been nice if they would have given some indication of how many turns it takes to go from natural gas to propane. Also a picture showing a wrench in place would have been nice.

Now we have to learn how to cook with this stove. It has three different size burners. A large one, a simmer one and two sized in between. That's no problem other than the turning the burner control to light and then adjust the flame once it lights. With the old stove you turned the knob enough for gas to come out and the pilot would light the burner. This one has an electric spark that lights the burner. What may take some time to figure out is baking in the oven. The last time The Old Lady baked a pie in the old stove it came out practically incinerated. Last night she baked another pie and it came out very pale even tho she baked it longer than usual. May have to set the temp higher and bake a little longer to get the desired results.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ganjay Supta


A Dilemna

Turns out there is a dilemna about the spelling of the word. Is it dilemna or dilemma??

How Long A Period Of Sleep Is A Wink??

Or how do you catch a wink as in catching 40 winks?? This morning I woke up and looked at the time on the clock radio and thought I'd roll over and try to catch 40 winks. Then wondered about how long is a wink and almost didn't fall asleep again. Thru sheer effort of will I was able to go back to sleep. I'm usually pretty good at that.