Saturday, December 28, 2013

English Is My Second Language, BUT

I seem to have a better comprehension of the language than a lot of people that learned English at their mother's knee, so to speak, and it is their only language. A couple days ago one of the people on my friend list on facebook put up a graphic from a Reich-WingNut site.

So I left a comment:  If the economy works for everyone, everyone that is able will be working!! The way it is now the economy only works for those at the top. But thanks for doing their dirty work for them, they are laughing all the way to the bank because they don't even have to pay you to do it.

I will admit the last part was a bit snarky, but bullshit like this kinda pisses me off. Then someone else commented:  Sorry you feel that way, I have always found work satisfying and while money in the bank is comforting, the labor of your hands and mind is much more so.

Now this made it sound like I was against working or maybe thought working wasn't worth while or some fucking thing. Anywho, it was just fucking stupid. So I commented back with: Whatever gave you the idea I'm against working. I'm only against working against your own interest and others that have to work for a living by spreading the propaganda of the rich elites.

The only thing I can figure is people only see what they want to see that agrees with them. If someone puts up something contradictory, their mind supplies something that coincides with their point of view. Smarter people than I have tried to figure out the minds of those on the right and failed, so I won't overtax my brain with trying to figure this out. 

My cousin who unfriended me a couple years ago also commented on how I only worked when I had no other choice. WTF? Is there any other reason people work for wages? 

It is true my work history has a lot of gaps in it that I call "Quality Time," but that's another story.


  1. K,
    I am a firm supporter of doing away with the minimum wage and replacing it instead with a living wage. Romney and the right elites sent our good paying jobs overseas for even more profit from sweat-shop labor.

    The Democrats need to hammer the Repthugs on this starting in January.


  2. I think the minimum wage or living wage should be tied to the salaries of Congress. Every time the deadwood in D.C. gets a raise, everybody gets a raise by the same percentage!!

  3. It's all gotten pretty complicated. Like you, I never got all wrapped up in money and working for the fucking rich and had some gaps in employment, but I always got by okay. Mostly cuz I didn't need much in the first place.

    I'll never bother with facebook, I've pissed off enough people with just a blog..

  4. I'm fond of saying that if I have to work for an idiot it should be me, and I loved my years of self employment.

  5. I have never had a job that I would have worked at for no pay. Work is a necessity to satisfy our need for food, clothing and a shelter. If we have our basic needs met why should we work? I sure as hell wouldn't.

    Actually, I really would like to get out of bed at five-thirty tomorrow; shovel out the driveway from the snow storm we are experiencing; leave for my job at seven; arrive and do some menial and repetitive task to enrich some other slob; eat a cold sandwich at lunch; drive home just before dark; have supper and spend a few hours with my wife before dropping exhausted into bed for a restless night's sleep and then getting up the next morning and doing it all again.


    What moron would look forward to this as their life's achievement?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. I'm sorry you have a cousin who only sees your utility value.


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