Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colbert On Being A True Christian

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According to Colbert, Bill O' says Jesus wasn't all that concerned about the poor and we shouldn't be either. Like how dare the Dems drag charity into Christmas?? Colbert says we should either agree that Jesus was as selfish as some modern Christians or say he did care about the poor, but you don't want to follow that spiritual guidance!!

Saw this video on Crooks and Liars, then went to Comedy Central and got it from Colbert Nation.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recent Goodwill Buys

This is the router that links the desktop confuser to internet via cables and the laptop confuser via wireless. Paid $6 for it, a new one would be $50-60.
This is a biscuit joiner or also called a biscuit cutter that I got for $19. Not sure what a new one would cost as it appears this is an old model that is no longer made.

Yesterday I walked to Goodwill to look for a bag to carry my laptop in and spotted this radar detector for only $2.52. A new one runs $300. It looks like it works, when I plugged it in, it lit up and I was able to go thru the programs. Would be nice if I could find instructions on how to use it.
Using supervisor tape(the two-faced stuff) I attached some rubbery drawer liner to the bottom to keep it from sliding around on the dash. I don't have the bracket with suction cups that would mount this to the windshield and don't want one as that would let people know I might have something worth stealing in the car like a radar detector or GPS unit. The Kid had a GPS unit in her car attached to the windshield and someone smashed the window in the driver's door and stole it.
Anywho, this seemed to work as I set it on the dash and drove for a ways today and it didn't move. Will see how it works next time we make a road trip.

Friday, December 17, 2010

'Nuff Said

Luckovich at the AJC.

Holiday Lights

This is more realistic than the deer either on the lawn or on the roof.
I guess this is how Santa feels after delivering all the presents, drinking all the milk and eating all the cookies left for him by the kids.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4Wheel Drives

This is about the size of it, the big fancy truck with the big tires doesn't even leave the pavement and small car plays in the mud.

Strange Video

Who knew Fleshlights could sing???

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Confuser

Bought a new confuser recently, it was delivered last Friday, well sort of. The stupid Fed-Ex person left it on the doorstep of the wrong apartment. (Note to Self, never use Fed-Ex for shipping and if ordering online, make sure they don't ship Fed-Ex!!!) The address on the box was right, it said Apt D, so why was it be left at Apt A???? A neighbor noticed it and knocked on my door and asked if the package was mine. As we are the only ones living in this building, chances were good it was mine.
This morning I got the virus program downloaded from Comcast. It was easier than I thought it would be. Also got the router hooked up and am now doing this wirelessly. Bought the router at Goodwill for $6 the other week. Originally bought it for the transformer to give to The Kid for her keyboard so she would be able to make music with it. The one she had had a loose connection at the plug where you plug it into the keyboard. Yesterday I went to Goodwill again and bought another transformer with the right size plug for $2 and spliced the plug to the wires on the transformer for the keyboard.
For someone who doesn't really know shit about confusers ( I call them confusers because whenever I do stuff with them I get confused), I'm doing OK!! Right now I'm in the same room as the router, need to shut things down and move to another room and see how it works.

Update: after posting this, I took the confuser downstairs to try out the wireless connection. No luck, then spent several hours going over and over the router set-up with the other confuser. Even got to the point where I couldn't get back into the router set-up. After looking up more info on the router, I was able to reset it and start over on the set-up. Now am wireless again and downstairs. Will see what happens after everything is shut down tonite and I turn things on again in the morning.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Palin the Mighty Hunter, NOT

Found this video on The Awl.

Last week there were a lot of comments on the intratubes about Sarah Palin's shooting of a caribou on her TV show. This video shows what really happened. She doesn't carry her own gun and then doesn't load or even work the bolt herself. Also she missed several times before being handed another gun for the final shot that brought down the caribou.

I realize that all TV shows are staged and edited, but this shows how little she knows about the lifestyle she purports to be about. It's all about the faking of the "Aw shucks, just folks" bullshit and how the rubes will eat that shit up!!

H/T to Banquet of Consequences for the idea to go looking for this.


A while back I was told this same thing about religion. What struck me at the time was that if your god is omnipotent and knows all, wouldn't he/she know you were only covering your ASS????

Friday, December 10, 2010

One of my Summer Projects

Kinda disgusted with current affairs so am putting up pictures of one of my projects while I was UP on the Tundra last summer.
Above is how the stairs (if you can call anything this steep stairs) up to the loft in the cabin were before the project started.
Cut a piece of paneling to see how far out the stringer would come on the new staircase. Screwed it to the old stairs to get an idea on spacing and how far into the room it would extend.

Work in progress. The stairs coming down from the loft to the landing.
Working on the stairs coming down from the landing to the floor. Who says you have to build stairs going up???? I built them coming down. Worked for me!!
This is how I was able to build the stairs without using stringers and so would have more space for storage under the stairs.
The rest of the stairs down to the floor. The risers are cut from the old stairs and the treads are cut from planks that were part of the bench in the old sauna. Under the bottom stair I will put a drawer for storing small things like mittens and gloves or something. There will be storage under these lower stairs, both drawers and doors where stuff can be stored.
Upper stairs and landing with beadboard paneling up to the railing.
The refrigerator is back where it was, just rotated 90 degrees. Next to it under the landing is the microwave. Will see about getting new cabinets for this space next summer.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holiday Season Wouldn't Feel the Same Without People Going Out of Their Way to be Offended by Nothing

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OH NO!! The Acres of Love Alpaca Farm won't participate in the parade. What will they do without the cute little fuzzy animals in the manger??

The best quote by Jon Stewart is; "The holiday season wouldn't feel the same without people going out of their way to be offended by nothing."

I like the part about "The First War On Christmas". Of course, it's only Fux Noise that is going out of its way to come up with stories about "The War On Christmas" and makes you wonder why they go to such effort to put on stories(and they are truly stories, not news) for such a small audience of religious fanatics???

I really shouldn't give a shit about all of this, but when they try to shove shit down my throat the gag reflex kicks in!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And Now For Something Really Stupid

This idiot claims unemployed people don't spend the money they get in unemployment benefits. This guy fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down!! Good new, Bad news, Good news this guy will not be in Congress next year, Bad news his replacement is Dan Quayle's son!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010