Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4Wheel Drives

This is about the size of it, the big fancy truck with the big tires doesn't even leave the pavement and small car plays in the mud.


  1. Lots of macho trucks here, not many of them ever see mud or even need four wheel drive except for maybe seven random days through the winter.

    Those living higher up the mountain find them useful but that's because americans are getting more and more spoiled and their driving skills suck because of it.

    I went to a mans place last winter, "You'll need a four wheel drive to get here." "No I won't."

    "Yes you will." "No I won't." Hell, I didn't even have to chain up.

  2. I like to give the finger to anyone that drives a big ole suv or a hummer.

  3. And she has a big finger, hehehehe


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