Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colbert On Being A True Christian

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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According to Colbert, Bill O' says Jesus wasn't all that concerned about the poor and we shouldn't be either. Like how dare the Dems drag charity into Christmas?? Colbert says we should either agree that Jesus was as selfish as some modern Christians or say he did care about the poor, but you don't want to follow that spiritual guidance!!

Saw this video on Crooks and Liars, then went to Comedy Central and got it from Colbert Nation.


  1. I saw this...them folks make me fecking crazy

  2. Get right down to it, no one really knows how jesus really was, he never left any written words of his own.

    It's all a bunch of made up bullshit and I would be more than fine if this wasn't a christian nation.

    Based on my many years of coming across things about this jesus dude is the fact that I think he pretty much hated almost everything back then, especially Romans and powerful people.

    And he pretty much stuck with his little band of merry wine drinkers and enjoyed screwing his Mary side kick.

    How in the hell did a fucking drunk that was only known in a small circle manage to work his way up to so much attention today?

    Because of the writings and stories of other fucking drunks and the formation of stupid fucking religions down line from him.

    What a sad and stupid chain of events. Fuck christmas, I'm going camping, behind the casino.

  3. I do love telling Righties Jesus was more socialist than Republican.

  4. I'm sure that jesus may have been more socialist, as long as it wasn't on his dimes. Talk is one thing, putting your money where your mouth is is another.

  5. Loved this Colbert episode, saw it last week. I'm sure Jesus would be a liberal if He were here today. But of course the GOP will never admit it.

  6. Oh sure, jesus was a liberal, by voice, but not by his dimes.

  7. Just like Republicans are compassionate, but not with their dimes, though the Republicans have many more dimes.

  8. With the dawning of a new year it's time to reflect on Our Ancestors


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