Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Facebook Posts That Make You Want To Deny You Know The Person That Posted It

Saw this on facebook yesterday by someone I used to know (he unfriended me several years ago when I asked him to explain why he was against the mosque in NYC). The reason I saw it is because someone that I am friends with had liked the post.

It was a blog post by a climate change denier about how can this be about reducing CO2 when you have a helicopter burning aviation fuel, a truck burning fuel with the heater to heat the water burning fuel? This is wrong in so many ways and is typical of those on the Reich-WingNut fringe in the way they try to deny shit. In the first place, most wind turbines today have de-icing capabilities, either heating elements built into the blades or a heater in the hub and fans to blow hot air into the blades. The photo shows a system developed for those early models that don't have de-icing capabilities, which would have to wait until the weather warms up enough and/or the sun can melt the ice off the blades.

How many tons of CO2 would be produced by a coal fired plant while waiting for the ice to melt off the wind turbine naturally???? Strikes me as the helicopter, truck, and burner produce a hell of a lot less CO2 than a coal fired power plant!!

In any case, it's typical of climate change deniers to take one small example of an old style wind turbine being de-iced and say it applies to every wind turbine everywhere on the planet.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

WTF Windows 10, Why Do I Have To Verify Who I Am To My Own Fucking Computer??

Why the Fuck do I have to sign in every fucking time I turn on the computer??????  I was warned by everyone I know who had upgraded to Windows 10 not to do it. But I figured sooner or later I'll need to replace my laptop (The Old Lady's confuser died last year and we are now sharing my laptop) and all the new ones will come with Windows 10. So I figured I might as well learn how to deal with it now.

I waited 6 months before upgrading in the futile hope that they would have the bugs worked out before I upgraded. NO SUCH LUCK!! When I first upgraded most things seemed the same. A few things were gone, like the cleaner I had and the games that came with the confuser originally. Then the next time it shut down and started again everyfuckingthing was gone. No bookmarks on any of the browsers, wallpaper was gone and all the pictures stored on the thing. Found them hiding somewhere, but would be a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS to locate and use!! Next time it was started the bookmarks were back and the wallpaper. Also it was easier to get at the pictures.

I know some of this shit is just learning how to operate the system, but some of the things it does make no sense, especially when I haven't done anything to cause it. This morning the Wi-Fi was turned off. The Old Lady turned it back on and was on the Internet for a couple hours. Then when I went to use it, it was on airplane mode, and of course, no Wi-Fi!!

I think the thing that pisses me off the most is the having to sign in every FUCKING time it gets turned on. I had to get a code emailed to me from Microsoft to verify who I was to my own fucking computer. I thought that's why Microsoft wanted me to verify who I was on my own computer so I wouldn't have to go through that bullshit again. I have never set it up to have to sign in because it is my personal confuser and the only ones using it are me and family!! I guess I'll have to google how to turn that FUCKING BULLSHIT off, but WHY THE FUCK should I have to do extra work to eliminate something I never wanted or did anything to CAUSE THAT SHIT!!! WHY THE FUCK IS THE PROGRAM DOING STUFF TO MY CONFUSER THAT I NEVER AUTHORIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe this will encourage me to install LINUX. I have a manual and CD for LINUX. I would have to go online and get upgrades to LINUX after installing it. It's an old version of LINUX, but hopefully I would be able to upgrade it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


For centuries SkyPilots have been warning us about the antichrist. The other day I had an epiphany, it isn't just one person, it's millions, all those bible-bangers that support the FuckingRepublican party and all their unchristlike policies. From what I remember of my confirmation classes (yes, I did receive religious indoctrination in my miss-guided youth), nowhere does it say punish the poor, let them starve!!  Yet that is exactly what the Reich-Wing policies advocate.

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I will admit there are some that try to follow what christ taught, but you very seldom hear about them. You do hear ad nauseum from the vocal radical right. And all the fucking politicians that are pandering to them. (Don't the politicians realize there are fewer and fewer bible-bangers everyday??)

I guess I can take heart in the fact that more and more people are having less and less to do with organized religion. Then again, who would want to have anything to do with groups that are so mean spirited with the attitude of "I got mine, FUCK YOU!!" Also the cult-like thing about as long as they don't belong to your group it's all right to fuck over them. It never occurs to them that if members of your group are willing to fuck over others, maybe they would fuck over you too!!

What really scares the fuck out of me are the bible-banging gun-nuts. The ones drinking the NRA kool-aid!! I know several that think Obama is coming for their guns, but the NRA and god are on their side!!

Another thing that has had me scratching my ass is why are christians so afraid of dying?? You'd think a true believer would be like Fred Sanford, "I'm coming Elizabeth!!"

Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Oldie But Goodie

On NPR they have been talking about Hee-Haw, guess there is a collection coming out. Anywho, they interviewed Roy Clark and did clips from some of his songs. This one is one of my favorites.

He flubs some lines in this one, but it's still good.