Friday, February 27, 2009


Sometimes I resemble that remark!!

Another one for The Kid who wants to go to the city of Luckenback.

Waylon Jennings, Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song

For The Kid who is a Dukes of Hazzard fan. She's even got pictures of the courthouse square to prove it.

Bobby Bare

Obviously about PTL and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

An oldie.

An old favorite.

Favorites List

After getting a new confuser, I've been busy rebuilding the favorites list.(Those porn sites don't bookmark themselves you know!) There were a bunch of sites that were bookmarked for an interesting post or something and when going back weeks or months later would wonder why it was bookmarked. One site (My Classic Car) has changed their site. When I last (last month) looked at it, it had how-to articles and now I couldn't find any how-to articles.(But they are on Facebook now!) Right now I'm trying to remember what I had bookmarked that is worth the trouble of finding again to add to the favorites list. Oh well, at least it keeps me off the streets.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ARRGH, There Be Pirates Here Last Year

We didn't see any Pirates when we were there the other weekend. Maybe they sailed to warmer waters, I would if'n I had the means to do so.

Old And New

Here is the old confuser. We took the CPU to Geek Squad and without going thru a complete diagnosis (just plugged it in and looked at what it did) the off-the-cuff verdict was that the hard drive was shot. I'm going to look around and see if I can find another hard drive at a reasonable price and see if I can't fix it.
Here is the new confuser. The Old Lady has been lusting after a flat screen monitor for years. She couldn't bring herself to get one as long as the old monitor still worked. When we went shopping for a new confuser, we saw this offered as a package deal. For only $70 more than the CPU, it had the flat screen monitor and a printer. They didn't have the printer in stock, so they knocked some off the deal and if we go back before the end of the month, we can get the printer for what they knocked off the deal. The CPU is only about one fourth the size of the old one. After the Geek Squad dude showed me how to open the old CPU, I saw that most of the inside is empty space (air, sailboat fuel).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dying Almost Dead

This confuser has been acting up for awhile now and it looks like we will have to go shopping for a new one. This morning it didn't want to boot up, just kept looping and shutting down. Finally got it to boot up and have been able to indulge in my morning surfing of the intratubes. Lately The Old Lady has not shut down the confuser, just turned off the monitor, but this morning it was froze up and when she killed the power to re-boot it started looping. She tried a number of times and then left for work after leaving me a note saying it may be dead. I tried several times and finally got it up and running. All in all we can't complain too much about this confuser. We bought this one used about 5 years ago and have only had to get it fixed once for which we paid an hour's service charge. It has gotten slower in recent months and sometimes locks up. Just yesterday we were talking about shopping for a new printer as it was making funny noises and acting up. Now it looks like we will be shopping for more than a printer.

At times like this I wish I knew more about these damn confusers. If it was a car, I could probably work on it and get it running again. Because it is electronic, it is FM (Fucking Magic).

It died again and it took me almost 2 hours to get back to this post. The screen just went black while I was comtemplating how to finish up this post.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night on the news, I heard that Obama had a Beavertail while in Canada. They created a new version called an Obamatail. The link is to a site called Serious Eats which has a description of what a beavertail is and the Obamatail. I have been to Canada a number of times and had never heard of a beavertail before last night.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook and MySpace

About a year ago I got an e-mail inviting me toMySpace After doing some research on the intratubes because I didn't recognize the name of the person (he used his RenFair name) who sent the MySpace invite, I signed up for MySpace to communicate with him once I figured out who it was. So far MySpace has been fairly frustrating for me. I have been able to do a few things, but a lot is still a mystery as I am not very literate on the confuser.

Recently a friend of The Old Lady invited her to Facebook and then she infected me with Facebook. So far I have got more friends on Facebook than on MySpace (on MySpace there is some guy named Tom, who I have never met) even tho 2/3 of those on Facebook have the same last name as me.

One of the things that is hard for me is filling in all the spaces about things I like (movies, songs, books etc...) as I have had a lot of favorite things over the years, trying to remember them all and trying to figure out which are important enough to list and which are not causes my brain to lock up.

Both of them are used to communicate with your friends, but as to whether or not it is easier is lost on me as first you get an e-mail telling you that you have a message and then you have to link to and sign in to your site to see the full message.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to use either or both to send messages to Rick Sanchez on CNN.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And The Answer Is??

Found a link on WTF is it Now?!? to the GOPProblem Solver. I decided to ask a GOP sexual question and this is the answer I got:
What is the biggest problem in your life?
What's the best way to clean up santorum after anal sex?

The solution to your problem is a $57,422 tax cut.
In this space there were two spaces to click on, one said "Great, I have another problem" and the other said "That doesn't make sense". When I clicked on "That doesn't make sense", this is the answer I got:
Then the terrorists win.

I guess no matter what your problem is, a large tax cut will solve it. That $57,422 tax cut would be nice as it is more than I have earned in any working year of my life!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb. 31, 09???

Last weekend while cruising down the Interstate, I noticed a temporary plate on a car with an expiration date of Feb. 31, 09. Maybe whoever wrote that date on the temporary plate thought that last year's Feb. with 29 days went over so well that adding a couple of more days would be even better!! As for the owner of the car, they won't have to get a permanent plate as this one will never expire because Feb. 31 will never come.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Read an article yesterday about how beards are making a comeback. I threw my razor away when I got out of the military and except for a couple of times have had a beard (such as it is) since. Once I got talked into joining the Guard (all we do is get together one weekend a month and drink beer. Problem was that at summer camp they wanted to play Army.) for a year and had to shave for the monthly meetings and summer camp. Once I had a job that was a government contract working on military aircraft and the company wanted everyone to maintain a pseudo-military look. I paid $50 for a doctor to write up a medical excuse for me so I could stop shaving. Then one of the supervisors tried telling me that I had to keep at 1/8 inch in length. I told him to show me in writing in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) where it says what length a beard has to be. He couldn't find anything other than that it had to be neat and trim.

"Facial hair is a way for men to bond, he says, the male rendition of the shoes-and-purse love you often see in women. Beard clubs and bulletin boards act as a sort of fraternity, offering camaraderie, community involvement and support — not to mention a steady supply of beer buddies."
Beard clubs, are you shitting me?? Shows that people really are dumb herd animals.

The article mentioned how a lot of women complained about beard rash on their faces, but not on other parts of their bodies.

Some say that shaving is a sign of being civilized. I on the other hand think shaving is a barbaric thing to do. Dragging something sharp across your face to remove hair is not a sign of civilization. Bill Cosby did a bit on shaving, "I lathered up my face and grabbed my trusty razor. Zip Zap my face was cut to shreds. All I wanted was a close shave, not a self-sacrifice!"

I always wanted to get a t-shirt that said, "Mustache Rides 25 Cents".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Spotted a phrase recently on DIY's blog cabin that is a true oxymoron. George Carlin would have loved it. I remember him doing a riff on oxymorons like; Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp etc.......... This one is Modern Rustic as a description for a fireplace. Modern is like new or up to date. Rustic is something else again. In Wisconsin they have Rustic Roads, which means they are old roads that are no longer maintained on a regular basis. Just put up a sign saying Rustic Road and their ass is covered in case someone loses a major suspension part on the road.

Monday, February 9, 2009

George Carlin

Last night I watched the Mark Twain Prize for George Carlin on PBS. So I went to YouTube and found some of his stuff. Below is George Carlin doing the "Seven Words You Can't Say on Radio and TV".

Below is his take on religion.

George Carlin was quite the wordsmith. Here is the website for George Carlin.

We saw George Carlin live in Omaha a couple years back. Originally, the show was to be in Dec. but got postponed to Feb. because he had health problems. It was worth the wait because he was in fine form that night.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fertility Symbols??

Yesterday I bought a couple of these pastries from the bakery at the Carnicerias Y Tiendas across the street. I usually pick up something to go with coffee the next morning. Anywho, when The Old Lady looked at the pastries in the bag she asked, "What are these, some kind of Mexican fertility symbols??" I said, "Why, because they look like something Georgia O'Keefe would do???"

This was the first time I had seen these particular pastries. I like to try different things and when I see something new in the bakery case, I get a couple.

The Old Lady spotted a Mexican Coke on her co-workers desk yesterday and asked where she got it. The co-worker said she had gone to the Carniceria for lunch and was amazed at all the shops (kinda like Fred Meyers in miniature) under one roof. Another co-worker had gone with her and helped her order in Spanish.

Addendum, tonight The Old Lady looked in the bag and said, "Not vaginas this time."

New Password

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Waaaa, I Lost My Job!!

Lately I have been hearing a lot about the economy and job losses. I don't know if it is a reoccurring theme with the lazy, incompetent media or a commentary on the people of today, but one thing I keep hearing is how after someone lost their job they cried all the way home, wee wee wee. It's like their initial reaction to losing their job is, "Waaaa, they don't love me anymore!!!!" Could it be because people have been told since they were babies that they are wonderful and smart and cute that they can't handle rejection??

I have lost a number of jobs, some because I had visual rectal problems (I couldn't see my ass working there anymore) and others where it wasn't my idea to leave. Whenever I have been laid off or fired, my reaction has been, "I was looking for work when I found this job." If you tell the boss that they don't know how to handle it.

I figured out over 30 years ago that there is no such thing as company loyalty to the employees. Why would anyone in this day and age believe they would be able to work for only one employer for their entire career?? Even the useless media has been saying for a long time now that everyone can plan on having multiple employers during their working lifetime.

Of course back in the days before they started shipping our jobs over the pond, you could go down the street and find something else. I remember seeing help wanted signs as I drove down the street. Today they are few and far between.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If you look at where some of the shitty ideas come from, you just know they have been holding their farts in too long. Better to let it go and bear the shame than to hold it and bear the pain!!