Monday, February 23, 2009

Dying Almost Dead

This confuser has been acting up for awhile now and it looks like we will have to go shopping for a new one. This morning it didn't want to boot up, just kept looping and shutting down. Finally got it to boot up and have been able to indulge in my morning surfing of the intratubes. Lately The Old Lady has not shut down the confuser, just turned off the monitor, but this morning it was froze up and when she killed the power to re-boot it started looping. She tried a number of times and then left for work after leaving me a note saying it may be dead. I tried several times and finally got it up and running. All in all we can't complain too much about this confuser. We bought this one used about 5 years ago and have only had to get it fixed once for which we paid an hour's service charge. It has gotten slower in recent months and sometimes locks up. Just yesterday we were talking about shopping for a new printer as it was making funny noises and acting up. Now it looks like we will be shopping for more than a printer.

At times like this I wish I knew more about these damn confusers. If it was a car, I could probably work on it and get it running again. Because it is electronic, it is FM (Fucking Magic).

It died again and it took me almost 2 hours to get back to this post. The screen just went black while I was comtemplating how to finish up this post.


  1. "Because it is electronic, it is FM (Fucking Magic).

    You and I both...(: I have a ten year old kid who keeps mine and my wife's computers running when the grelims bite.

    I'm sure She thinks I'm an idiot and I whole heartedly agree with her when it comes to these FM things.

    You won't believe what she asks for payment: Time on the Playstation II and WII system!! Needless to say, she has a blank check.:)

  2. So now I'm wondering if you ended up with a new one?

  3. I used to know a lot about these confusers and taught them some. But it's just all too much to try to keep up with.

    Now I just buy a new one about every five years. This one was bought last November from the local computer shop and I had them double the memory in it.

    I love it, it kicks ass. My old one was still going strong also because I spend the time to clean them up but it was getting pretty old and didn't have a high speed card in it and I was tired of just a modem connection.

    Besides, I wanted a new one before I was stuck with Vista. I'm getting alone just fine with XP.

    You can still get XP, if you have a local shop build it for you. I don't think that 800 bucks was that bad, my first computer, a 286, was 1200 bucks. I didn't even know what the internet was back them.

    I might be better off if I didn't know now. :-)

  4. Didn't think I would be able to get it started this morning. I went into the settings and changed the power on setting from last to on and that seemed to help. At least on the next attempt it booted up.

  5. Windows. SP3 has a nasty habit of putting the kibosh on some units by making them do constant reboot; and it's been on the automatic update, which sucks if you have HP programming. If you can get it out and put in a patch BEFORE reinstalling Service Pack 3 you may have done something.
    But instructions are available to help you do more to your machine than Defragment ( BTW Bill Gates didn't know why everybody was having problems for years. He shut his off every day and didn't realize many didn't.Updates weren't happening properly on those running all the time. )

    Anti-malware how-to

    Do not run antivirus while running anti-malware apps. Do not have more than one open at a time. Do consider disconnecting from the net while playing with such programs and keeping fingers OFF the keys.
    No surfing with Administrative privileges engaged helps prevent creative remote mucking around with your Operating System.

    AVG Free will do for antivirus is the alternative is none ( better than some paid programs ). Firefox is thought to be the most secure browser ( though Opera is faster )

    Hope this helps.No - I am not qualified in IT.


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