Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Follow-up To Previous Post

A comment by Ol'Buzzard on my previous post reminded me of this song. Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Politics And Religion

In recent years I've noticed a disturbing trend. I seem to have fewer and fewer people that I interact with on a regular basis. Some friends and relatives that I've known since I was a kid no longer have any contact with me and others will still talk to me when we meet at some function, but they no longer contact me with e-mails or phone calls. The common denominator seems to be religion and because of religion their politics being Reich-WingNut. They probably think I'm a flaming librul, but in reality I just think government should do what's good for everybody not just a chosen few. Also I think there are some areas the government has no business in, like the ones the bible-bangers are pushing. (They believe in "small government", so small that it will fit in a woman's vagina!!)

What I find ironic is as some have gotten older they have gotten more and more religious. It's like one day they come to the conclusion that "I better change my ways and pray a lot or I'm going to HELL!!" I don't have that problem as I don't believe there is a heaven or hell. Like I told a co-worker once when he asked about something in heaven, "I don't believe there is a heaven. That's just something they came up with a couple thousand years ago to placate the slaves and peons. Sure your life sucks now, but when you die it'll be wonderful!!"

 The thing I don't understand is how those that claim to be the most christian are like Ghandi said, very un-christlike. It's like they don't even read their so-called "good book". I mean they are all for punishing the poor for being poor. And won't even entertain the idea of helping the poor because like animals they will become dependent on that help. WHAT FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever they would send me an e-mail or post Reich-WingNut bullshit on facebook, I would comment with a rebuttal saying what an utter load of bullshit it really was. I guess they got tired of being corrected or they realized their argument didn't hold up.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Posting Or Lack Thereof

I've had several thoughts for posts in the last couple weeks. Just haven't had the ambition to write about them. Probably the problem has been all the shitty weather. Most people would think warm temps (warmer than normal) and rain would be preferable to cold and snow. We've had snow on the ground for several weeks now, but because it stays warm the ground hasn't frozen and a lot of the snow is slush. Especially on the driveway. That means it is difficult to plow. Today and tomorrow is supposed to be below freezing, but the forecast is for it to be above freezing next week.

Lately every time I have tried to plow the driveway to make it easier for The Old Lady's car to get in and out, something has broke. One day a hose clamp broke on the by-pass hose and there was a cloud of steam or maybe smoke coming out from under the hood. At first I didn't know if the problem was a hose or the waterpump as there was water all over the engine compartment. Finally found it when I pulled on a spring clamp and part of it came away in my hand. Replaced the clamp and filled the radiator with anti-freeze. Next time I plowed a spring broke on the plow and it kept wanting to fold over. Replaced it with one from my old plow that I had on my Jeepster.

Did I mention the fucking ice. The back porch and front porch are covered in ice. Almost every time we go to go somewhere the vehicles are covered in ice. Yesterday I almost didn't get the door open on my truck because it was froze shut. The glass all around had ice. Frost I don't mind as it is easy to scrape off. Ice is a bitch. I put the wipers up on my truck the other day. The slush at the base of the windshield froze and I had to chop out the ice in order to put the wipers back down on the glass!!

Now the forecast for today is snow, but the sun is shining.