Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh No!! I'm Going To Die, I Bought Some Cookies Yesterday With Sprinkles And Frosting!!

Faux News? got pwned again. They did a rant about the FDA banning sprinkles on doughnuts and ice cream cones!!!!!!

According FDA nutrition expert Harley Sain the FDA was going to ban sprinkles on doughnuts and ice cream cones because sprinkles contain trace amounts of trans-fat. The name should have been a huge red flag and a clue, but the idiots at Faux are totally clueless.

In a post in The Arizona Conservative (sub-titled Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News) there was a piece about sprinkles being banned. Probably the talking heads don't come up with the BULLSHIT they spout, but someone with a couple of gray cells rubbing together should have figured out this was a joke. But I guess they are so delusional about how the Evil Gubmint is going to ruin your life that they'll run with anything that sounds good.

No wonder the collective intelligence of this country is going downhill. A trickle of stupidity now and then like a leaking garden hose is one thing, but Faux News? is like firehose opened all the way going 24/7!!

I wonder who does the hard things for these talking heads that they can't do themselves, like tie their shoelaces????????????

Monday, December 29, 2014

My Weather Station

This is basically my weather station. The railing in the foreground is my snow guage. In the morning I look to see how much snow has fallen during the night. Farther out is the weather vane which at times tells me which direction the wind is coming from. Under the vane is the cups that spin when it's windy if the whole thing isn't frozen in place. Then I don't know which way the wind is blowing or how strong the wind is blowing. I have a feeling it is frozen in place now as we had some above freezing weather and snow could have melted and then froze holding the cups and vane immobile.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Xmas Gift

I think I figured out what happens when there is a downturn in the market for Alpaca wool products.

This is one of the things I got in the family gift exchange this year. All of the items from the person that had my name were Alpaca products. Inner sole liners made from Alpaca wool, the above jerky and some sausage like Slim Jims only made from Alpaca.

Alpaca ain't bad. The jerky and the sausage are kinda like the stuff made from beef. Coulda used a little more spices for my taste, but hey, it's still edible.

I've eaten in a Peruvian restaurant, but I didn't see either Llama or Alpaca on the menu. Maybe they can't get a good supply of the meat in this country. I imagine most of the people that raise the animals wouldn't want to see them go to slaughter for meat. Obviously not all feel that way.

Mammy's Whisk

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mars Farted

Was listening to the radio recently when they were talking about a Mars Rover detecting methane on Mars. The Rover was roving around and at one time it detected methane which lasted for over a month. The rover didn't pick up Marvin saying "I wouldn't go in there for awhile!!"

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Snow Removal Equipment

When you live where we do and you get anywhere from 200 inches to 400 inches of snow yearly (from the 1st of July to June 30 or as I prefer from the Fourth of July to the next Fourth) you need a variety of snow removal equipment.

From left to right, a couple of shovels, a Yooper Scooper, and a Toro 7hp snowblower.
Next year keeping the driveway open will be all on me. The truck will take care of the majority of the snow removal, The scoop and/or the snowblower will take care of the paths and the shovels for cleaning off the steps and porches.

Snowplow On Different Truck

The transmission died on my old Jeep plowtruck. Last summer I took the plow frame off the Jeep and took the front bumper of the Dodge. Before I left to go play campground host I brought the Dodge with the plow frame in the back over to my neighbor. I asked him to put the plow frame on the Dodge. It required cutting and welding to make the switch and I don't have a torch or a welder for hearier metals. I told him I'd be back in November, but he thought I'd be gone longer. Anywho, I got my truck back last Sunday after he was done with the job.

Plow frame on the Dodge.

After I got the truck back I had to install the controls and the battery for the plow and the battery isolater. I still haven't wired up the plow lights, but I'm not planning on plowing snow at night. Although it does get dark early these days.

The snow has settled some or it might have been more difficult to find the plow.

When I took the plow off the Jeep, I put it off to the side where I thought it would be easy to get at, but not in the way for snowplowing in case I didn't get it on the truck before the county started plowing my driveway.  It was good that I put the plow with the arms up and the blade sitting on a couple of blocks of wood. Otherwise it would have been hard to find and/or frozen to the ground. I hooked a chain to the plow and pulled it out of the snowbank with the truck.

I plowed a spot next to The Guppy to park the truck.

This truck should hold up better for plowing snow. It has a 318 V-8 with a four speed transmission and a strong transfer case. All I got to remember is to keep the fluid levels up in various parts that require gear lube. All of which I should check before I do anymore plowing. It's supposed to be nice for the next few days, so I'll do that before we get more snow.