Friday, May 19, 2017


When I bought the truck a year and a half ago the cruise control and the temp/compass didn't work. After doing research in the repair manual and online discovered both are on the same fuse, which is good. Did some more research and found videos on youtube on how to repair the temp/compass. A common problem is a resister could come loose. The fix is to solder it back together.

The resistors are the little rectangular ones on the bottom right. There are 3 of one value and 2 of another.
When I pulled it apart it looked like the above picture. As I couldn't see any breaks or anything wrong I did a bit of solder on all the resistors on both ends with  my cheap soldering iron I got at Harbor Freight. When I put it back together and plugged it in and turned on the key I said, "Holy Shit it works!!"

 When you press the Select bar there are 3 options, Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Off. I also discovered it gives more info.

While there wasn't any ice, it did snow yesterday before I took these pictures. Fixing this surprised the shit out of me as this is a prime example of FM (Fucking Magic)!! When it comes to electrical shit I usually can figure out when a bulb is burnt out and replace it, which may be the problem with the airbag system. On the airbag system I get a code saying the passenger switch is bad and the usual problem is the bulb is burnt out. Problem is it isn't a simple unplug and replace, it's a special bulb that is soldered in. If I could find a bulb I probably could replace it. Or I could buy one, saw some used ones for about $30 that claim they are guaranteed to work or money back.

As for the cruise control it still doesn't work. In googling about it I've found a variety of things that can cause it to not work. Included burnt out brake lights?? Ran a diagnostic of the cruise and at first couldn't get the diagnostic to work, after fixing the temp/compass the diagnostic worked OK. The cruise still doesn't work. I will do more checks to see if I can figure out what the problem is.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Less Than A Dollar A Year!!

Back in 2010 I bought a used router at Goodwill in Hot-Lanta. I checked my photos and I have one of the router taken in Dec 2010.

This photo is from when I first got the router. I wasn't looking for a router at the time I bought it, I actually was just looking for a power supply for The Kid's keyboard. The power supply for the router was close to the right voltage and had the right plug. It just happened to come attached to the router so I decided to see if it worked as we had two confusers and the laptop had WiFi capabilities. It did work so I went back to Goodwill and found another power supply for the keyboard.

This shows the price still on the transformer for the router.

After over 6 years of use it was acting up. I would have to reboot the router by unplugging it for 10-15 seconds and plugging it back in. The new notebook seemed to be more sensitive to the WiFi signal than my old laptop. We are still having problems with the intratubes and I decided we didn't need the router adding to it!! So last Monday we went to Best Buy and bought a new router.

Maybe I should have wiped the fingerprints off of it before I took the picture?? Anywho, this is the new router, it is a dual band one. The notebook and smart phones can use either the 2.4 gig or 5 gig. My old laptop (built in 2009) only recognizes the 2.4 one. So far it seems to be working OK. With the notebook the old router would be in and out at times until I would reboot it.

Like all electronics it is FM (Fucking Magic)!!

The problem is that at $80 I don't think I'll live another 80 years in order to get the same amount of value from the new router as I got from the old one!!