Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Damn Fly

H/T to Squatlo where I saw this vid.
The Old Lady likes cartoons about this cat, but then again she is a cat person.


A couple of cartoons I found this morning.  The second one reminds me of one I saw about 20yrs ago in a college newspaper.  It had the boss saying how they love hiring college grads and the guy saying don't forget this nifty spatula!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Toy

 I bought this used 4-wheeler a week ago.  I figure I'll get a lot of use out of it on my place UP on the Tundra.  I have a little trailer (bed size 3 1/2ft by 4ft) that I can pull behind it once I get a ball set-up.

It's a '06 or '07 Polaris, will find out when I get the title.
                   The only problem with it is there isn't a clear title for it.  The guy(a DNR officer) I bought it from was warning me about my check that it was a felony to write a bad check for over $100.  What is the penalty for selling something you don't have clear title for????  He had bought it from a dealer who had taken it in on trade.  Turns out the lien from Wisconsin had never been cleared and is still showing up when entering it in the database.                    

It has new tires, brakes and battery, so should be good to go for quite awhile.

Looking forward to using it to go ice fishing next winter.  The snow on the ice usually isn't too deep for a 4-wheeler.  Lots of guys use them instead of snowmobiles.

Fits in the box between the toolbox and tailgate.  It's good to have a full-size truck.
 Now I need to get a set of ramps to load and unload it from my truck.  I was able to unload it when I got it home by backing up to a small bank and driving off.  Could pull it off on level ground, but it would be a real bitch to load it back up.

UPDATE: Added another picture.

4-wheeler with small trailer attached.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is There a God???????

Rapture predictor recovering in nursing home

OAKLAND, Calif.—The California radio preacher who predicted the apocalypse on May 21 has been moved to a nursing home, where he is recovering from a stroke he suffered last month.
Camping, if you recall, used numerology and The Bible to dupe millions of dollars out of loyal followers. He had proclaimed that, on May 21 at 6:00 p..m, he and his Family Radio followers would be beamed to heaven while nonbelievers would be left below to perish in flame and ruin.

Or is it just coincidence that the man who predicted the "End Times" is experiencing his own end times starting with his stroke less than three weeks after the date he predicted??????