Monday, July 20, 2009

New Post

Wow, my last post was the 200th post on this blog and I missed it. I hadn't been paying attention to the number of posts, but when I opened my dashboard, it said I had done 200 posts on this blog.

Life goes on UP on the tundra. Last week we had several rainy days and it was so cool that I didn't open any windows. The rainy days gave me a chance to burn some brush piles. I finally got rid of my old mobile home (the beaver puke floor and all other burnable stuff that wasn't salvageable went into burn piles), the only thing left is the frame and the metal siding and metal roofing. Now it is in the comfortable range, mid 70's. Hope it stays like this for the rest of the Summer!!

Work on the cabin progresses, installed a new window (replaced a 60 year old, drafty window with a new thermopane one), put in an outside outlet, and am about to finish putting up drywall in the bathroom. Had a problem with the water heater, the pilot light kept going out. It got to the point where it wouldn't stay lit even when the burner was on. I replaced the thermocouple and it has stayed lit since.

Now I should pick up a few things in town and head back up the hill and do something even if it is wrong!!