Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just When I Thought It Was Safe

Found on Graig's List.

When is open season on retired persons??????  Does this mean I have to keep looking over my shoulder whenever I leave the house???????????

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Use of the Word Hero

This is a clip from Up/Chris Hayes where they discuss the use of the word "Hero". Of course the Reich-WingNuts went ballistic!!

You shouldn't be called a hero for JUST doing your job!!  You should actually do something heroic!!
Rude Pundit has a post about this and pretty much expresses what I've thought for many years now. The word "Hero" is way overused these days.

I did a post called "Patriotism or Platitudes" the other year and I'm still wondering "Are the troops being honored at things like NASCAR races and other sporting events, or are they being used.  On one hand I think it's nice that the troops are getting recognition, but on the other hand the cynical me says they are just putting them on display at these events so they can say, "Aren't we so very Patriotic??"

I served during the Vietnam War and I don't consider myself a "Hero" because all I did was my job and put in my time until I could get out!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Media's Blame Game

The Protection Was The Problem

For almost a year now we have been watching TV via the intratubes after the antenna blew down. Since we got back from Tejas last month we have been having problems with streaming TV shows and movies on Hulu and Netflix.  The other week I called tech support for our internet service and explained how the video would freeze and buffer several times during a video of a TV show.  He upped the speed a little and it worked a little better but not like it did when we started watching online last year.  At times the speed was a little over 4000kbps when it was working good.

Last weekend it became almost impossible to watch anything online. Ran a speed test on Friday nite and on Saturday evening.  The screen shot above is the result after over the 15 minutes it took to run the test which should only take seconds. It would stop for minutes at a time with no activity.  On my laptop that I use to hook-up to the TV, there is an icon for Wi-Fi and at times if I put the cursor on it, it would say no internet service.  The test confirmed to me that the internet connection wasn't there all the time.  For awhile I thought maybe the modem was faulty and after being on for some time would shut down because it seemed like we had the most problems later in the evening when the modem had been on for many hours.

Above is another screen shot of a test I ran last weekend. (I think with dial-up the speed would be faster!!) Then Monday morning we had NADA, no internet whatsoever.  Called tech support again, and first was told to unplug the filter as I had both the modem and a phone plugged into the phone jack.  Then I mentioned I had the line going thru a surge protector on a power strip.  When I unplugged from the surge protector and ran the phone line straight to the modem the lights started blinking and we had an internet connection again.  Was told that they don't recommend using a surge protector because they cause problems. What I thought would protect things was what was causing the problem!!

This is a screen shot of a test I ran last night.  I didn't know that speed was possible with the service we have.  It is 3-4 times as fast as what we are supposed to have.

Saturday night I was frustrated trying to watch the NASCAR All-Star race.  Yesterday I found out it was just as well I didn't see all of it as Jimmie Johnson won it.(My favorite drivers are anybody that puts Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon out of the race or finish out of the running.)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Turn Signals

You know you live in a small town if you don't have to use your turn signals because everyone knows where you are going anywho!!

That's It In a Nutshell

Sunday, May 20, 2012

If Ignorance is Bliss, Why Aren't More People Happy??

This pretty much sums up what's happening with most of the people and most of the politicians!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

He's Still Looking for a Job

Wish I could send my money to the Caymans, but don't have enough to pay the fare.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Why the Fuck Does Big Business Still Support the FuckingRepublicans??

I have never understood why business gives so much money to the FuckingRepublicans when whenever they are in power the economy tanks.  They have to be the dumbest assholes around to keep funding the party that does the worse job of making money for the country!!!!!!

H/T to YellowDogGranny for the graphic!!

How Job Creation Works

Some straight talk on how job creation really works by one of the so-called "job creators".  Actually the guy is talking heresy by saying we should tax the rich and use the money to strengthen the middle class who then would buy more shit and that demand would create more jobs.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Well That Didn't Work As Hoped

Last Monday I bought this Sony Streaming Player. I've been using my laptop to stream TV shows and Netflix to my TV. Had hoped the streaming player would make it easier to watch TV. It said it had an internet browser, so I thought I'd be able to stream shows from network websites. WRONG!! When I tried going to one of the network sites and streaming a show, I got a pop-up saying I needed an Adobe Flash player. When I tried to download the player, it said my device wouldn't support the player. Tried getting regular Hulu (the free version) and got a similar message about needing a player. It says on the box and in the manual that you can watch Hulu Plus, but there was no way I could figure out how to watch the free version of Hulu other than the samples for regular Hulu (a bunch of movies that kinda sucked). It did allow me to watch Netflix, which we do have a subscription to, and the remote made it a little handier to go from show to show using the remote rather than getting up and going to the computer to select another show or movie to watch.

The only good thing to come out of the experiment was I learned that my other HDMI cable still works. I had used it in Hot-Lanta to connect the cable box to the TV and it worked fine. When I tried that cable to hook up the laptop to the TV there was no signal. After it worked with the Sony box, I looked closer at the cable and my laptop. The cable has a large aluminum end and the laptop case is two-piece and the top part sticks out a little farther than the bottom in the area where the HDMI port is. The aluminum piece around the end of the cable hit the case and wouldn't go in far enough to make contact in the port. I was able to take the aluminum surrounding the end apart and with a sanding disc in my die grinder remove enough from the part to allow it to fully engage the HDMI port. Which makes for less clutter as now I can use the 6ft cable instead of  the 12ft one I was using to connect the laptop to the TV on the wall right above it.

One thing that still has me scratching my ass is how the hell can the streaming player do Hulu Plus and not do regular Hulu?? That question remains unanswered even after doing an online chat with Sony's tech support!!

Last night I brought it back to the store for a refund. Got the refund no problem.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who's Dumber, The Seller of These Or the Buyers If Any??

In the first place they don't even pronounce sauna correctly.  And in the second place why would you want to just heat up your nasty bits????

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Comprehensive Health and Retirement Plan

No Brag

Of course aWol isn't going to brag about how thoroughly he fucked all of us.  He's hoping we'll forget what a total FUCK-UP his was/is!!  All that's missing is the "Mission Accomplished" banner on the ship!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Church Names

At times I've wondered about how they come up with names for the various churches.  Rude Pundit has a theory that may make some sense in how they figure out what to call their church.  
Shepherd's Christian Assembly (Who the fuck comes up with these names? It's like they roll dice with Jesus-sounding words on 'em and whatever random combination comes up, they use it) 

Works for me, I guess??

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Not the New Fucking Blogger

The other day I did a post on Fucking New Blogger.  I made mention of words at random being highlighted that turned out to be spam not a link by the poster.  This morning I think I figured out what was/is causing that.  It is the browser I was using, Firefox.  This morning while looking at another blog noticed the spam phenomenon again.  When I shut down Firefox and switched to Chrome, I no long saw highlighted words that weren't links put there by the poster. I think it was the combination of Firefox and being signed into blogger that did it 'cause it didn't happen when I wasn't signed into blogger.

I think I figured out why the last post was all by itself.  The last time it happened and this time I copied and pasted the picture instead of used the URL for the picture as I was unable to load the picture to blogger using URL and so did the copy and paste thingee.  When dealing with electronics, I figure it's all FM, Fucking Magic!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Some people may make fun of this, but I think it's sheer genius to fix a broken taillight with a Folgers container.