Friday, May 18, 2012

Why the Fuck Does Big Business Still Support the FuckingRepublicans??

I have never understood why business gives so much money to the FuckingRepublicans when whenever they are in power the economy tanks.  They have to be the dumbest assholes around to keep funding the party that does the worse job of making money for the country!!!!!!

H/T to YellowDogGranny for the graphic!!


  1. to me it's just a sure sign of just how stupid they are..

  2. It's all a big game, don't try to understand it, you never will.

  3. Besides, what is the big deal about creating jobs? You create more jobs and these idiots will create more babies to fill them, just how fucking many people do you think this planet can support?

  4. Yet the assholes scream about "job killing" this and that while voting against any measures designed to create jobs. Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-In/8) will be in town Tuesday for a Job Fair. I shall be there to denounce him for the hypoctical asshole that he is..



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