Saturday, May 5, 2012

Church Names

At times I've wondered about how they come up with names for the various churches.  Rude Pundit has a theory that may make some sense in how they figure out what to call their church.  
Shepherd's Christian Assembly (Who the fuck comes up with these names? It's like they roll dice with Jesus-sounding words on 'em and whatever random combination comes up, they use it) 

Works for me, I guess??


  1. I read a book about Mexico and it's churches in a book by H.Allen Smith called Big in a Barber Shop..he says he thinks the conquestadores had Montezuma's revenge and every time they stopped to take a crap they built a church..makes sense.

  2. I was amazed to see a Full Gospel Baptist church - Is there such a thing as half a gospel? Maybe that is the Bible the Republicans read that has been edited to remove the traching of Jesus. You know the thing about the rich and the poor.
    Tomorrow morning gad-zillions of zealots in Indiana will be in church praising Jesus and then Tuesday vote for a bagger in the election.

    Amazing, absolutely fuken amazing...


  3. Jesus was a fucking idiot, lets move on now.

  4. Pure Water Baptist Church???
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Pillar of Fire (great name considering everything) was a little church near where I grew up. A friend of mine, at about 10 yrs. was taken there by his grandparents one Sunday, he didn't want to go in and during the struggle to stay in the car he got his fingers smashed in the car door. That about sums it up. He claims outside of a couple of funerals he has never been in another church.


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