Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gateway Arch

This was the first view of the arch as we were coming down I-55 towards St. Louis.  That green area in the picture is a landfill on the Illinois side of the river.

This is what the little cars in the tram look like to ride to the top of the arch.  There are seats for five people in that little car.  You get to experience several phobias at the same time, fear of small spaces, fear of heights, etc.

For some reason blogger isn't working right, having trouble loading pictures without them being distorted.  May have to load the pictures in the confuser again.  The top picture is a little distorted along the left edge, but is good enough for now.

This and That

Stolen from YellowDogGranny.

I thought he said hoodies are bad and you shouldn't wear them??

Back in the 60s Goldwater was a radical, and most were afraid of his politics.  He wouldn't recognize his party today and we sure could use some like him in it now!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bambis Are Back

This morning The Old Lady spotted the Bambis in the driveway.  I stepped out to take pictures.  This is early in the year for them to be back.  During the winter they move down the hill towards the lake to where the snow isn't as deep. (We are about 1100ft higher than Lake Superior and get a lot of lake effect snow during the winter.) This looks like it could be the same group that was around last fall (I did a post on the Bambis  last fall), but they seem to have picked up a small straggler. The smallest one wasn't around last fall.

 After I took a couple pictures, they started moving away down the driveway.
 Then they stopped and looked back at me.  We had a Mexican Standoff for several minutes.  The one in front facing me might be a young buck.  It stamped its feet a number of times and may have snorted at me.
After awhile they jumped the snowbank and went up on the hill.  The pictures don't show it well, but the snow is mostly gone around the trees on the hill.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This shot is the same as the one on the header of the blog (also at the bottom of the blog), just different time of the year.  There is a layer of ground fog in the foreground from the snow because the temp is in the upper 40s-lower50s.  And it wasn't even 10am when I took the picture.

We've had a week of warm weather, 50s, 60s, even pushing 70.  Usually at this time of year they are warning people they have to get their ice shanties off of Lake Superior by Mar. 31.  Last week every time we went to town there were boats out in the bay with people fishing.  Heard a rumor that there had been a couple of brave souls had ventured out on the ice in the bay and done some ice fishing.  The fact that their big balls didn't cause them to break thru the ice amazes me!!

Update: just heard the forecast for today, high 76 to 81, cooler near the lake.

Addendum also:  Today's high was 70 with 1 to 2ft of snow on the ground.  UN-FUCKING-REAL!!

The Walking Brain Dead

This was done for the Michigan primary, but still applies for any and all of the upcoming ones.

Another Rush Cartoon

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Labels Disappeared, Now They Are Back

Recently I noticed that the labels below the posts had disappeared.  I don't remember making any changes to my blog settings, but the labels just disappeared.  Nothing I tried worked to restore the labels.  Today I did a google search again and found out I didn't need to feel pregnant (I wasn't the only one with the problem).  Others were experiencing the same thing.  Then when I went to blogger settings/design whatever and clicked on edit posts, there was a thing called labels with a blank box next to it.  I clicked on the box and the labels are back.

The question I have is, "Where was the thing for labels when I tried edit posts before today???"

The frustration with the lack of labels may explain why Fuck and Fucking shows up in the labels for so many recent posts.  If nobody is going to see it, why worry about what the fucking label says??  Besides I think fuck is such a versatile word, probably the most versatile word in the English language!!  It can be a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, or any of those other terms for words.


State Mandated Rape.  Rape isn't just penetration by a penis.  It's any unwanted penetration of an unwilling person.
I like "If it wants to be the next Rick Perry, I've made up my mind."
The final indignity is the woman has to pay to be raped by the state!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some newspapers didn't run Doonesbury this week because they said kids may see it on the comics page.  Were they afraid kids would see just how FUCKING STUPID the FUCKINGREPUBLICANS are?????????????


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Urho's Day

Actual translation is: "Grasshopper, grasshopper go to hell".

St. Urho chased all the grasshoppers out of Finland and saved the grape crop.  Good thing as now they can celebrate St. Urho's day properly!!

Remember to wear purple and green today!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

GOP Song

The Antenna Blowing Down Probably Was The Best Thing That Happened to My TV Viewing

 This photo shows the antenna as it looked summer of 2010.  I was only able to get two channels(5 AND 13) that totaled to 5 because channel 5 had two, CW and ABC and channel 13 had 3 PBS.  Those were my choices ever since the switch to digital in 2009.  First I was able to get channel 13 and a couple of months later channel 5 was there.
Last June the antenna blew down one morning.  I didn't think to get a picture of it, was too busy taking it apart so it wouldn't cause damage to the house like breaking the window.

As we were planning living here permanently we had the landline and intratubes hooked up already.  At that time we still had cable in Hot-Lanta so I was able to watch TV shows online thru the cable website and we had Netflix.  I also had checked out Hulu(Hulu has shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox, but not CBS.  I get CBS shows from their website.) when I heard about it about a year before.  So I had many more options after the antenna blew down than I did with the antenna.  The only thing I missed was some of the live stuff like NFL football and NASCAR.( Altho, with only those channels available, I wouldn't have been able to watch NFL football or NASCAR  anyway, other than a couple races later in the year on ABC.)   Then last Fall heard about a site that does sports and was able to watch some football and NBC would live-stream their Sunday Night Football, including the Super Bowl.

Also missed watching the local news on TV.  Then again, I haven't been able to get local news since the switch to digital.  The station I used to watch for news hasn't come in since the switch and the one that I was able to get had shitty local news.

Then there was this on iGoogle.  When I clicked on it I was able to find many shows that were being streamed by people and put on the intratubes.  Some of them would have chat sessions along side of the show that was streaming and occasionally someone would put up a URL for another link for watching that type of show.  There's something called JustinTV that has a half dozen categories with dozens and dozens of choices.  Some involve someone using their web camera or iPhone to broadcast, but a lot are from various networks.

The biggest trouble with using these sites to watch NASCAR is that they would get shut down by the network and I would have to find another link.  Usually there is another link readily available, but some times I have to wait awhile before I can find another one.  Lately I've found an European site(last Fall I found one for football[ESPN America] that was from Europe) to watch NASCAR and it seemed better than the ones I've used before.  Yesterday I only had to change links a couple of times to watch the race.

Prototype Printing Press

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Damn They Called That One Quickly

This was the only race they called so far.

Latest Super PAC Ad

First heard this on NPR and then found the video.

Rush's Apology

Mea Culpa??

Another Example of How Nobody is Giving Us the Real Facts

 This is from Georgetown University's brochure for student health insurance.  Has anyone heard anywhere about the fact that the students at the university have to buy their own insurance.  FUCKING RUSH isn't paying the bill, each student pays for their own insurance, so FUCKING RUSH has no right to demand sex tapes if the insurance pays for contraceptives!!!!!!!!

Georgetown University requires students to have health insurance. Because so many students have difficulty obtaining comprehensive, affordable coverage on their own, the University has accepted the responsibility of obtaining an affordable plan for its students,
the Premier Plan. Students who are eligible for insurance in the fall are automatically charged for the Premier Plan. Students who already have coverage of at least $100,000 per Injury and per Sickness may waive the Premier Plan by supplying documentation of insurance coverage on a waiver form. The only way that we can ensure that students have insurance before the enrollment period ends on September 15 is by including the charge for insurance on the fall tuition bill of all eligible students and by requiring a waiver from those who already have coverage. Because the insurance charge is part of the tuition statement, students may use loans and scholarships to pay for it.

The University has worked with Gallagher Koster to develop a health insurance policy tailored to the health needs and financial capabilities of students. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
underwrites the Plan.

In this case the government isn't forcing Georgetown University to provide contraceptive coverage, just that the insurance policy that the university requires the students to buy does cover contraceptives.(For whatever medical reason they are prescribed, including preventing rugrats!!)  

Why aren't the Reich-WingNuts and/or Tea-Baggers protesting the fact that the university is mandating every student buy insurance?????????????
 Since the Reich-Wing insists on using religion as the basis for this argument, thought I'd throw some in!!!!

Fuck Rush!!  Anybody that gets their information from Rush is dumber than a bag of rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inundated With Snow

 This is the top of a 4x4 post we installed to keep the snowplow off the septic tank and drain field.  That means the snowbank is about 6ft high.

Closeup of the post.  There is also a piece of orange flagging tape on it, but not very noticeable now.

The grader has been here and plowed the driveway so I should get out there and play with the snow.  Need to fire up the Jeep and do some plowing and use the snowblower to clear the paths that we use.

In a couple weeks we'll head down to Tejas to visit The Kid for a couple three weeks, but doubt if the snow will be gone by the time we come back.

One year in April the fence posts were looking like this when I left to go out to the Bay Area to help my cousin drive home.  I was gone exactly two weeks and when I got back the beginning of May, the snow was gone and The Old Lady had the cows out in the pasture.

Rachel Maddow Talks About the Man Cave

Got two comments(make that three) on this post before I got it the way I wanted.  I only wanted to put up the first few minutes where she mentioned the "Man Cave".  I was going around in circles trying to cut the video down to where I wanted it.  Did some googling and found a bunch of info that didn't make any sense to me.  Finally googled how to cut a clip on MSNBC and found some answers.  It still took a couple of trys before I found the secret.  Now that I know how it seems so fucking simple that even a dummy like me can do it.


Here It Is In A Nutshell