Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inundated With Snow

 This is the top of a 4x4 post we installed to keep the snowplow off the septic tank and drain field.  That means the snowbank is about 6ft high.

Closeup of the post.  There is also a piece of orange flagging tape on it, but not very noticeable now.

The grader has been here and plowed the driveway so I should get out there and play with the snow.  Need to fire up the Jeep and do some plowing and use the snowblower to clear the paths that we use.

In a couple weeks we'll head down to Tejas to visit The Kid for a couple three weeks, but doubt if the snow will be gone by the time we come back.

One year in April the fence posts were looking like this when I left to go out to the Bay Area to help my cousin drive home.  I was gone exactly two weeks and when I got back the beginning of May, the snow was gone and The Old Lady had the cows out in the pasture.


  1. My first day in the Upper Peninsula I was driving up to KI Sawyer AFB on US 41 from Escanaba and noticed a dead rabbit on the highway - the fur was white. I said to myself -
    "That isn't a good sign". Then I started seeing those long pole things by people's houses - I later learned that was used to clean the snow off the roofs.



  2. It does get deep UP there.
    The snow I mean:)

  3. Been years since I've seen snow like that, but as long as you are staying warm.

  4. We had snow like that in Saskatchewan in 1955 and again in 1974. That is a lot of snow. God will move it if you wait.

  5. Yup, god is a busy bastard.


  6. holy shit...not to rub it in or anything(ahahhahah) but its' 70 and sunny here.

  7. I love the 'stolen from yellowdoggranny' on the side bar..should say who stole it from someone else..


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