Monday, March 19, 2012

Bambis Are Back

This morning The Old Lady spotted the Bambis in the driveway.  I stepped out to take pictures.  This is early in the year for them to be back.  During the winter they move down the hill towards the lake to where the snow isn't as deep. (We are about 1100ft higher than Lake Superior and get a lot of lake effect snow during the winter.) This looks like it could be the same group that was around last fall (I did a post on the Bambis  last fall), but they seem to have picked up a small straggler. The smallest one wasn't around last fall.

 After I took a couple pictures, they started moving away down the driveway.
 Then they stopped and looked back at me.  We had a Mexican Standoff for several minutes.  The one in front facing me might be a young buck.  It stamped its feet a number of times and may have snorted at me.
After awhile they jumped the snowbank and went up on the hill.  The pictures don't show it well, but the snow is mostly gone around the trees on the hill.


  1. The problem we have down here is over-populating - although we did have a record harvest of both bucks and does. I think hunters are allowed one buck but can take two or three does. We even have urban hunting - bow and arrow -
    actually even cross-bow, to help thin out the deer.
    I remember the fire they had out at Seney that destroyed the deer's food supply - We had helicoptors operating out of Marquette dropping bales of hay.
    Great deer shots - Do you see any black bear or wolves?


  2. Have them around here all the time, except in areas where you can hunt them.

    Wait... 1/4 inch tubing? You're sure not going to move much hydrogen with something that small. Unless you are capturing and storing it.

    I'll be expecting reports on your device.

  3. Saskatchewan has a huge overpopulation problem with deer because we used to have some 45,000 hunters take out licences and now maybe 15,000. Crazy but no one wants to kill Bambis anymore. I never did hunt.

  4. Saskatchewan may change it's mind when they get hungry enough, a deer is just part of the food chain.

  5. If you are going to wander off for a few days and not be posting I would think you should be considerate enough to let us know such.

    But maybe liberals don't sweat that shit.

  6. Oh hell, never mind, I was just reminded that you don't give a damn.


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