Sunday, November 6, 2011


Had some visitors yesterday.  These two fawns and their mother.  I didn't get any pictures of the doe as when I saw them, she had moved to where there were trees between me and her.  She spent most of the time standing guard while the fawns ate.  Took these pictures through the living room window.
Looks like this summer's fawn, might be a young buck.

Close-up on the one I think is a young buck.
Fawn eating Canadian thistle, that they can eat all they want.  The Old Lady gets pissed when they eat her flowers.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Glad they eat Canada Thistle. Figured there had to be a use for it somewhere.

  2. The longing and home sickness returns......

  3. The deer here are not all that big, I don't know about the deer there. The neighborhood deer here just wander around like it's their place and I can walk out and take pictures of them.

    Looks up, "Oh, it's just that old fart."

  4. oh cool...I have some thumpers but no bambis..

  5. What beautiful photos! I envy you the luxury of living someplace that you can take pictures like these so readily.

  6. Nice pics. Bow season is in full swing around here, and muzzleloader season starts next week.
    That's the great thing about being a hunter: I can enjoy looking at them, then enjoy them again at dinner.


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