Monday, November 28, 2011

Got My Boat Back

Friday I went and got my boat back.  About 6 yrs ago I gave it to the son-in-law.  He used it for a few years and then lost interest in it.  The registration expired in '08.
As it looked Friday morning.
After sitting in the back yard for several years, the boat was not looking too good.  I took the cover and the plastic sheet under the cover off and put them in the trashcan.  Next summer I'll have something to occupy my time fixing the boat up.  Now I'll have a chance to do the things I originally planned on doing to the boat.  Like new seats and building a seat across the back with the battery and gas tanks underneath.  Also finish stripping the paint off and repainting it.  I think the white paint on it is the paint used for painting lines in parking lots!!  When I first got it there were several cans of parking lot marking paint in the boat.
The worst of the flat tires.
 All the tires were flat, this picture shows the worst of them.  Tried to air it up using an air tank and a strap around the tire to get the bead back on the rim.  Wouldn't hold air enough to seat the bead, had to take it to a tire shop and had them put bead sealer on it and then air it up.  The other tire looked like it was just low, but had to take it to the tire shop for bead sealer too.  The spare wouldn't take air, but by then I figured I was done playing with tires.
Parked for the winter.
Spent Saturday afternoon getting it ready for winter.  Blocked up the trailer to take the weight off the wheels and springs.  Made a roof over the open part of the boat and put a tarp over it.  We seem to have a lull between snowstorms which allowed me to go get the boat and create an area to park the boat out of the way.  Come next May I'll be able to take the tarp off and start get it ready for summer.


  1. K,
    Seems like a work of love. Now, I expect to see some pictures of Walleye and Northern Pike.

    My next BIG fishing trip with Dad will be to Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee.


  2. It won't take much to get that in the water. Older is better than new as it gives you the opportunity to make it personally yours; paint, seats, ect
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. After watching my dad and his love/hate relationship with one boat or another, I decided I was far too loose a dog to even consider owning one. But good luck.

  4. Appears to be a 12 to 14 footer.

    Sometimes ya gotta warm a tire up to make it flexible enough to air it up, build a fire under it, or if the bead is broke pour a little gas in it and light it.

    Shoot some starting fluid in it, toss a match on it, and when it goes poof hit it with the air.

    I went boating today, pictures will be posted in the morning.

  5. It's a 14ft Crestliner built in 1965. It has an 18hp Evinrude outboard from 1972.

    I have used starter fluid to seat car tires, but didn't have any with and on a tire that small, would have to be very careful on how much you spray in it to pop it on the rim without blowing it up.

  6. I like fishing but hate catching them. You have to clean them and then EAT them. My favourite lure is one I made for my daughter when she was three years old. Red Devil with all the hooks taken off. You can fish all day with it and never snag even a rubber boot.
    If you spend all day in a boat without fishing, people think you are crazy.


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