Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Real Snow

Today we got our first real snow of the season.  Reminds me of this snow story.  I doubt if what happened to the guy in the story will happen to me.  When it comes to snow, I've had tadpoles before.
Snow on vehicles.
 Just looked out and the snow is almost up to the rocker panels on the car.  We don't have to go anywhere in the next day or so, so no worries.
Apple tree with snow on branches.  

Snow on my four-wheeler.
Tomorrow I'll see how my four-wheeler goes in the snow.  Should have fun playing in the white stuff.  I think I'll unhook the trailer first.
Another apple tree with snow on it.
This apple tree is just outside the back door and the picture also shows that we've gotten about 5 inches going by what's on the pumphouse.


  1. K,
    Where you at? Up by KI Sawyer?


  2. When it comes to snow, I've had tadpoles before.

    Billy doesn't understand that statement.

    Boy, you got moved just in time, yes? I don't expect snow here for another month, maybe two.

    You got a ATV? Cool, a plow on it will handle a lot of snow cheaper than the big rig and save wear and tear on the big rig.

    I plow our driveway with the lawnmower, but you already know that.

  3. Sarge, I'm west of K.I. in the next county.

    BBC, "I've had tadpoles" means I've had experience with that. Tomorrow I'll work on getting my plowtruck set up. Haven't put the plow on it yet. If I lived down by the lake the four-wheeler could handle plowing, my brother plows his driveway with one, but we get a lot more snow here 1000 or so feet above the lake.

    As for the snow, some would say it's late. In '88 the snow came the middle of Oct and I had to stop driving my car ('65 Barracuda) because the tires didn't have any traction in the snow. Got stuck in the yard. This probably won't last, but there are a lot who wish it does so they'll have tracking snow when deer season opens on the 15th.

  4. the first snow of the season is always special.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Hi of 55 today. Leaves ate juuuust starting to turn. Couple light frosts; haven't turned the heat on yet

  6. wow..that is's going to be in the 70's rest of the week.

  7. If we get a heavy snow over six inches deep I don't suppose my mower will be much good at moving it.

    Unless I keep after it while it's snowing.

    I think there's deer season here starting about the 15th. The late buck season it's called.


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