Saturday, November 5, 2011

They Lie

The only way you can optimize your fuel economy is if you can come up with a way to move the truck without starting the engine!!! Eight miles to the gallon is not fuel economy!!


  1. Hum, unless you were pushing it hard or there is something wrong with the system it should have done better than that for the size of truck it is.

    I'd expect it to get about 12 MPG.

  2. What size engine and how fast were you going? I agree with BBC. You were took! The company is not maintaining their trucks

  3. I was pushing it, tried to run about 70mph on the interstate. Maybe if I were willing to run at 45mph I could have gotten the mileage up 10mpg like the previous U-haul that we used to move to Hot-Lanta. That one was a 14 foot one and this one was a 20 foot one. It had a gas V-8. A diesel would give better performance, but the average U-Haul renter wouldn't know how to operate a diesel.

    Then again, looking at the map it was downhill from Omaha to Hot-Lanta and uphill from Hot-Lanta to the Tundra. Would that explain it??


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