Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update: After the Storm

This morning we woke up to over a foot of snow on the ground.  Shortly after we got up the lights went out.  They had gone out several times during the evening yesterday, so it was no surprise.
Old school light.
 We lit the kerosene lamp and started melting snow for toilet flushing.  The one drawback of no electricity is the water pump won't run which means no water until the power comes back.
Melting snow in case we need water to flush the toilet.
 The one thing we didn't have to worry about with the power out was getting cold.  The woodstove puts out plenty of heat, at times too much.
 The pumphouse has block walls 3 blocks high and the snow is halfway up the wall.  The ground slopes away from the pumphouse, so this shot shows that we got at least a foot of snow.
My Jeep in action.
Finally got the plow going.  First I had to find where I left the battery.  Then when I got it started, it ran out of gas.  Thought about asking the neighbor to plow us out, but found out he wasn't home.  Didn't have any gas as I hadn't filled my gas cans.  Fired up my other old truck and parked it in the field out of the way, siphoned out 5 gal of gas and put it in the Jeep.  Then I had to drive it to where the plow was and hook up the plow.  After all that I was able to plow the driveway.  We paid the county road commission to plow out driveway, but they don't plow private drives until the road freezes.  That's one of the reason I bought this old Jeep and worked on fixing it up so I could plow with it.


  1. One word.


    Congratulations on your safe escape from the land of Newt and Cain.

  2. You need a water reservoir so you don't have to depend on that well when the grid is down. Or a port a pottie, I sure like mine being as I don't have a septic system here.

    I don't understand the expense of two trucks, only need one truck to put a plow on.

    The most snow I've seen here is ten inches and it was gone in a week. Mostly it just rains a lot here.

  3. Got caught being stupid huh? That's what happens when you leave paradise for extended periods. Bet you keep those gas cans filled now.

  4.'s going to be in the 80's for about 10 days..hahah

  5. I'm out blog walking. "Hi" I'm form North Idaho.
    We just got our first dusting of snow. Your little wood stove reminds me of one like a friend of mine has.

    Coffee is on.

  6. Great pics. Love the one of the lamp. I hear Regina has snow too. We have had NO precip of any kind for over three months and are dry. We could use a foot or two of wet snow AFTER my plane leaves for Canada on Monday.


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