Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shit I Found on Facebook

Simple Idea for a Complex Problem

This idea has been ricocheting around in my head for a while now. If the unions were stronger, all the unions could get together and go to all the corporations they have contracts with and say, "If we work together on getting a single payer healthcare system in this country, that would be one less item on the bargaining table. Medical insurance rates are volatile and at times unpredictable and one of your biggest headaches. If we eliminate the employer having to provide coverage, all we would have to do is decide on fair compensation to the employees for the company not providing the medical coverage. Then in future negotiations it's not an issue." But it's like the greedy rich bastards running things have painted themselves in a corner and can't see a way out. 

I mentioned once that I couldn't understand why if GM is bitching about how they spend more on health insurance for employees and retirees than they do for steel in building the cars, they don't push for single payer like Medicare for all. Someone said the employees would demand more money. Sure, but it would only have to be a one time deal to make up for the company paid insurance and then in the future it would be strictly wages and other fringes. When the insurance rates started to go sky-high that would have been the time for the corporations and unions (like it not, individuals have no fucking say in shit like this) to get together on pushing for a single payer system, but I guess the insurance companies wield too much power!! 

Regardless of how the Supremes (feel like I'm dissing Mo-Town) rule on the Affordable Care Act, this will be a historic moment. If it's upheld, it'll be historic because Obama was the President that got a major overhaul of healthcare accomplished, if not, the Supremes will go down as a bunch of corporatists who don't care for the people. If the Supremes decide against it, maybe then the people will demand something like Medicare for all, which would be historic. I won't hold my breath!!

I just hope I live long enough to see how history records this period in time!!!!!!!!!!!

Huron Islands Fishing Trip

Monday I went fishing with a friend on his boat. We got on the water at 9am and were still on the water at 7pm. If I go again it'll have to be a much shorter day. Fishing shouldn't be a fucking job!!!!!

Can't tell I'm fishing, but I have a bobbing line in my right hand fishing in 230ft of water. This time I remembered to wear a long sleeve shirt to avoid a "trucker's tan" on my right arm. Next time I need a hat so my face won't get sun-burnt.

One of the Huron Islands. At the highest point on the island is an old lighthouse. Discovered my cheap TracFone worked out here and my friend's Verizon cellphone didn't.

This gull hung around all day looking for scraps.  It got lucky when my friend cleaned some of the fish and threw the guts overboard.

Sunlight reflecting on the water. Thought it looked cool.

Half of the fish we caught.

The other half of the fish.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacuous Brain-Blurbs

How's This For a Nice Tax Write Off??

Included in that deduction is $2000 for medical expenses. That tax write off is more than most people make in a year!!

They pay $2400 a month in rent for the horse, stalls don't come cheap for a horse that can dance and prance to music.

This is the type of thing her horse does, and for this Mittens gets the tax deduction!!!!!!!

H/T to The Atlantic Wire for the horsey vid.

H/T to Crooks and Liars for the graphic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thanks Speaker Bolger For Making My State a Laughing Stock!!!

Fuckity Fuck, I used to be able to laugh at the crazies in other states like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, the rest of those Bible-Belt states arguing about who is the buckle, etc. Now thanks to the FuckingRepublicans my state is down in the same cesspool of stupidity and insanity as those other states. It's like there's a fucking competition to see who can out-BAT-SHIT CRAZY the others!!!!!!!! It's like they are in Fucking Junior High, and they think their little cliche is the so-called Kool Kids, that they are right and everybody else is wrong and they can't be bothered with the uncool kids!!!!!!!

Speaker Bolger, who the fuck died and made you king?????????????

I would hope that after incidents like this those that support this party would stop and think about where their party is headed.  But I'm afraid they are just too fucking willfully ignorant to see how truly FUCKED UP their party has become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are times I wish I had a better command of the English language(English is my second language, so I think I'm doing pretty good with it) and could calmly, concisely with mellow-toned words tell someone what an ignoramus they are and have them think they are being complemented!!!!! Instead when I get pissed I use the word Fuck alot, but then again, it is a very versatile word so why not use it!!

Maybe for the FuckingRepublicans I should just smile and say, "FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!"


Monday, June 18, 2012

Power Outage

This morning the power was out.  The Old Lady was up first and she called the Toll-free number to report the outage because it was only a little after 6am.  The person on the other end had a southern accent, so The Old Lady didn't think she was local!!

After I got up, I thought about the fact that last year I bought a power inverter.  Thought now might be a good time to try it out and be able to have my morning coffee.  When I mentioned the power inverter, The Old Lady said I could use it to run the refrigerator.  Different priorities I guess!!

Went looking for the inverter and found it buried in the storage shed, dug it out and got my boat battery.  Looked for some wire and thought I'd found some that would work judging be the thickness of it.  Hauled the stuff to the house and started to hook things up.  The wires were from an old ohm meter and while the outside was fairly thick the wire inside the insulation was very puny.  It was all insulation and only a few strands of wire.  Went looking for wire that would work while muttering about how I know I've bought spools of wire in the past, but where the fuck could all that wire be?? Having lived in several places in the last decade and having had stuff here and there, it could be in any number of places. Probably in the storage unit we are renting in town. Finally found some wire heavy enough to handle the current from the battery to the inverter and started clearing out next to the frig to set it up to power the frig and had an extension cord to run to the coffeepot. Had just discovered that I would have a helluva time getting at the cord for the frig when the power came back on.

One of the things about living in the country is that when the power is out, you only have a limited amount of water, what is in the tank.  Without power to run the waterpump, you don't have water.  When hurricane Bob hit Cape Cod in '91 I was still able to take showers after the power went out because we had city water and a gas water heater.

Later today we will be making a Menard's run and have added what we need to hook up the battery to the inverter to the list.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thanks For The Interest in My Vagina, But No Means No

H/T to Daily Kos for the vid.

Like she says, she's Jewish, but isn't insisting that the rest of us follow her religious beliefs, so why are they asking the rest of us to follow their religious beliefs?????

She and another Democratic Rep that had the nerve to speak out against this bill by the FuckingRepublican guys that know better about female matters was banned from speaking after this. Don't know for how long she will be not recognized in the House.

Say What????

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Corporations and the Media Have The Legal Right to Lie to Us

Found a link to this in the comments section of a post on Crooks and Liars.

Jesse Ventura on Magic Underwear

When asked if he thought Mormonism was a cult, he replied that all religions are cults. ”I believe in the teachings of George Carlin,” he quipped.

Poor Jesse, nobody in the MSM wants to talk to him!!

Found these vids on Addicting Info from a link on facebook.

Monday, June 11, 2012


In a way I can understand the frustration of the Tea-Baggers wanting their country back.  Problem is their version was only a '50s sitcom and not real life.  I would like my country back too, the one where most of the politicians actually tried to make life better for us.  Sure, some of them were only there to line their pockets, but you didn't mind when your pockets got marginally fatter.  What pisses me off is that today they are picking my pocket to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I've heard of people pulling a snowmobile out of the water and after draining the water out of the engine, starting it up again.  This car went thru the ice on a lake in Finland and spent 3 months underwater.  The owner drained the crankcase, gas tank, replaced the fluids, the sparkplugs and got the thing running again on the first try.

I wonder if it's an ethnic thing(Finnish) because if it was my car, I would try to get it running again too.  Why junk it if it'll still run??

The Way I See It

The problem with the Democratic Party is they are busy chasing after the country club members while completely forgetting it was the groundskeepers that brought them to the dance!!!!!!!!!!! They need to concentrate on working for those that shower after working all day, not the suits like they are doing now.

I could list examples of how they have fucked up as they have a long history of not wanting to support a candidate who wins a primary if he or she is not the establishment candidate and when they do, they do so reluctantly, too little, too late!! They also are slow to support grass roots movements probably because they think it'll be bad politically if one loses, so of course more times than not, it fucking loses!!

I have to agree with Jim Hightower, we don't need a third party, we need a SECOND one!! And fuck that shit about moving to the middle, as Jim Hightower says, "The only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow stripe and dead armadillos." Can you guess he's from Tejas??

Message for the Democratic Party!!

I'll vote for the Dems this year, but next year all bets are off.  If they want my support and/or vote, they'll have to get it the old-fashioned way, THEY'LL HAVE TO FUCKING EARN IT!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Projects, Past and Present

This is my Mur-Tis tiller.  I originally had a Mantis tiller, but after many years of hard use, the engine wore out and I was told it would cost as much to rebuild it as it would to buy cheap tiller.  Bought a Murray tiller about the same size, after a couple years the gears wore out, but the engine still ran good.  So I married the two of them.

Connection between Murray  engine and Mantis tiller.

The clutches were different size, so I welded the cup parts together and made spacers out of pipe to bolt it together.  Still works, but since then found another Mantis tiller for 50 bucks which was like new, having only been used for one season.

One of my latest projects, a tailgate ladder.  I'm getting to old to jump up into the box and it's awkward trying to get up on the tailgate by stepping on what little of the corner of the bumper is there with the tailgate down.  Saw one at Tractor Supply, but I thought I could make one as I have angle iron and other parts from an old hide-a-bed and a wire welder.

The tailgate ladder in the storage position with a pin to hold it in place.  Need to clean it up and paint it.

I have several of these clamps where one end broke off.  I could probably have waited until they were on sale at Harbor Freight and got some new ones.  Two things come to mind, 1. there is no Harbor Freight store anywhere close to where I live and 2. what to do with the broken ones, throw them away??  Strikes me as wasteful when I figured I could fix them so I could use them some more.

This is my fix.  I got some 3/4 inch square tubing and made a new end.  I cut slots in the tubing to slide on the bar of the clamp and drilled a hole to bolt it in place.  This is the first attempt and now that I got it figured out how to make them, I have plenty of material to fix the other broken ones and any that break in the future.

Here's a Thought

Stolen from YellowDogGranny!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Known Wild Wolverine in the Wolverine State Goes on Tour

Jeffrey Ford, a former Deckerville High School teacher known as the Wolverine Guy, set up a motion-triggered camera to capture this photo of a wolverine near Ubly. The wolverine was found dead in 2010 and was preserved. It will be on display from June 4-18 at the Sanilac County Courthouse. / JEFF FORD/TIMES HERALD

Article in the Detroit Free Press caught my eye.  I didn't know there were any wolverines left in the state(and this may have been the last one) even tho the nickname of the state is "The Wolverine State" and the University of Michigan sports teams are called "The Wolverines".

Found this article while looking for something about the Detroit Grand Prix that was red flagged and then shortened because the streets for the race course are so fucked up that pieces of pavement were coming up and flying around.  The potholes and debris got so bad they had to stop the race and fix the holes with epoxy.  We need more tax cuts for corporations and the rich so we'll have even less money to maintain the infrastructure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something Is Rotten In Michigan

What really gets me is that this is Russian TV.  Where is our so-called "Liberal Media"??????????

This shows again how the FuckingRepublicans are afraid of democracy and won't allow the people to vote on their fucked-up policies!!!!