Saturday, June 9, 2012


I've heard of people pulling a snowmobile out of the water and after draining the water out of the engine, starting it up again.  This car went thru the ice on a lake in Finland and spent 3 months underwater.  The owner drained the crankcase, gas tank, replaced the fluids, the sparkplugs and got the thing running again on the first try.

I wonder if it's an ethnic thing(Finnish) because if it was my car, I would try to get it running again too.  Why junk it if it'll still run??


  1. my truck is hard to start after it rains.

  2. It's true, in Finland, they leave nothing unfinnished.

  3. I find it hard to believe that he got it running again. I've done it with older rigs but these newer computer controlled rigs get so screwed up that I've never seen one started again after a drowning.

    I'll keep the tailgate ladder in mind but for now I can still get in my truck. Sure wish I had a wire feed welder.

  4. BBC, the car was not running when it sank. As long as you wait until all the circuitry is good and dry before applying power, it usually will work again.

    I don't have any problems getting into the box with the tailgate up, just step on the bumper and over the tailgate. With the tailgate down, it's awkward stepping on what little of the bumper is left and it's a tall step. With the ladder the step is lower and it is easier to maintain your balance.


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