Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Huron Islands Fishing Trip

Monday I went fishing with a friend on his boat. We got on the water at 9am and were still on the water at 7pm. If I go again it'll have to be a much shorter day. Fishing shouldn't be a fucking job!!!!!

Can't tell I'm fishing, but I have a bobbing line in my right hand fishing in 230ft of water. This time I remembered to wear a long sleeve shirt to avoid a "trucker's tan" on my right arm. Next time I need a hat so my face won't get sun-burnt.

One of the Huron Islands. At the highest point on the island is an old lighthouse. Discovered my cheap TracFone worked out here and my friend's Verizon cellphone didn't.

This gull hung around all day looking for scraps.  It got lucky when my friend cleaned some of the fish and threw the guts overboard.

Sunlight reflecting on the water. Thought it looked cool.

Half of the fish we caught.

The other half of the fish.


  1. My favourite lure was a Number 2 Red Devil that I took the hooks off for my then 3 year old daughter. You could fish all day, never snag a line on anything and best of all not catch anything you had to clean and eat.
    Being out in a boat all day is wonderful.

  2. Kulkuri,
    Have you tried Escanaba Bay? Tree-Fucking-Mendous small mouth bass.


  3. Escanaba is on the South Coast of the UP. I live close to the North Coast. It would mean dragging the boat over a hundred miles to fish in Big or Little Bay De Noc.

  4. Great pics. If you are out all day, it is not a sport it is a religion.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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