Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Last Known Wild Wolverine in the Wolverine State Goes on Tour

Jeffrey Ford, a former Deckerville High School teacher known as the Wolverine Guy, set up a motion-triggered camera to capture this photo of a wolverine near Ubly. The wolverine was found dead in 2010 and was preserved. It will be on display from June 4-18 at the Sanilac County Courthouse. / JEFF FORD/TIMES HERALD

Article in the Detroit Free Press caught my eye.  I didn't know there were any wolverines left in the state(and this may have been the last one) even tho the nickname of the state is "The Wolverine State" and the University of Michigan sports teams are called "The Wolverines".

Found this article while looking for something about the Detroit Grand Prix that was red flagged and then shortened because the streets for the race course are so fucked up that pieces of pavement were coming up and flying around.  The potholes and debris got so bad they had to stop the race and fix the holes with epoxy.  We need more tax cuts for corporations and the rich so we'll have even less money to maintain the infrastructure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Okay, If the state can introduce wolves into Baraga County to help with the deer over population program then why can't the DNR in Lansing reintroduce the woverine?
    Kentucky now has elk in the land between the lakes, we have turkey all over Indiana - Duh!

    I am certain that Michigan can restore the woverine and build the
    population. Maybe the University of Michigan should take a lead role in this...


  2. Kul- I am almost sure I saw one of these pricks while on the Paint River. Not positive though. Almost seems like they've become almost like bigfoot.

  3. can't help myself..every time I hear the word Wolverines I think of Red Dawn.

  4. I've never seen a wolverine, cranky little fucks so I guess that's okay.

    Fuck road racing, if they want good roads they can pay for them.

  5. J.O.B., What you saw could have been a fisher. Fishers are almost as big and bad-ass as wolverines and are in the same weasel family. We do have fishers, but have heard for years that there were no wolverines left in the state. Then again, they said the same thing about cougars!! Recently there have been confirmed sightings of cougars UP on the Tundra!!


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