Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jesse Ventura on Magic Underwear

When asked if he thought Mormonism was a cult, he replied that all religions are cults. ”I believe in the teachings of George Carlin,” he quipped.

Poor Jesse, nobody in the MSM wants to talk to him!!

Found these vids on Addicting Info from a link on facebook.


  1. Outstanding!

    Thank you.
    I have actually seen Mormon underwear in the Air Force - religion makes people do some strange shit.


  2. I used to like Imus but he's become such an asshole..and who knew Jesse could be right about so many things and still be a buttroy.

  3. Jesse is "right on" on some things and way out there on others. I like his take on flag burning. He basically said he didn't fight in a war and put his life on the line to take rights away from people!!

    Used to watch Imus off and on, but had more or less stopped watching before his "Nappy-headed Hos" comment. His brother Fred had a show on Sirius satellite radio. Fred's Trailer Park Bash.

    Have no idea whether or not magic underwear exist and don't care.

  4. Interesting how when someone develops a reputation for not sugar coating anything he becomes persona non grata with the MSM.

    I think Jesse is a little strange at times, but he always says exactly what he's thinking -- he doesn't pander to anyone.


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