Saturday, June 2, 2012

Something Is Rotten In Michigan

What really gets me is that this is Russian TV.  Where is our so-called "Liberal Media"??????????

This shows again how the FuckingRepublicans are afraid of democracy and won't allow the people to vote on their fucked-up policies!!!!


  1. Kulkuri,
    So, why isn't the petitioners taking court action agianst Timmons? Clearly there is a conflict of interest issue at foot with this mess.

    Also, where did you find that great video clip?


  2. Americans are far too brainwashed to ever wake up to the fact the Republican Party is the greatest threat to democracy.

    And where are the Democrats? They are cowards and appeasers to not be loudly campaigning on this.

  3. Sarge, supposedly it is in the courts, but the supreme court in Michigan is controlled by the FuckingRepublicans. Fat chance getting a favorable ruling!!?? Found the vid on facebook,

    YDG, yes this is from Russian TV. They do an English version online. They have done a number of news pieces about what's happening in the USA. They do more than sound bites unlike our "Librul Media" and also interesting stuff about other parts of the world. I think they may be on satellite like Dish.

    Also there's Al Jazeera online for news.

  4. I think the liberals are afraid of democracy also, I know that I damn sure am.


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