Saturday, December 31, 2011

Drug Testing

Found this cartoon that seemed to fit the theme of this post!!

"the fucking bottom feeders on welfare can just damn well do the piss tests."

This comment totally missed the point of my last post!!  That post wasn't a rant against drug testing, this one is.  The last post was about those that make the rules should also follow those rules.  WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER!!!!!!  One of the problems in this country is there's two Americas, one for those who have to follow the rules and pay and those to whom the rules are mere suggestions and not really ones they need to obey unless they choose to obey them and to whom stuff is given freely even tho they can more than afford to pay.

Hey, if the president has to piss in a cup(and he does), then a piss-ant congress-critter can too!!!!!!
The real issue here is not drugs, but rather the issues of privacy, due process, probable cause, and the fourth amendment. We are dealing with a constitutional issue of the utmost importance. It raises the question of whether or not we understand the overriding principle of the 4th amendment."  Ron Paul '97

Now if it's a 4th amendment issue for Congress, it should also be a 4th Amendment issue for all of us.  I remember learning when I was in school that in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty, but with the way drug testing is done you are guilty until you prove you're innocent.  Totally ass-backwards. 

Another reason I am against drug testing willy-nilly is the tests are unreliable.  When you are going to do thousands of tests, you go with the low bidder regardless of the results.  When there is a false positive, that person will play hell trying to clear their name or may never know the result and will wonder why they are having so much trouble getting a job!!  If it's a false negative, then the test is bogus.  You haven't accomplished anything with the test and would have had the same result without the test and saved money at the same time.  Why don't they report on the inaccuracy of drug testing any more, don't think they've improved, just nobody talks about it anymore!!

When they first started this bullshit of drug testing, the rationale was public safety.  Test those that whose jobs could be a hazard to the public, truck drivers, pilots, train operators, and those in sensitive government positions, etc. (The military has their own fucked up rules and really isn't part of this discussion.)  Then it became big business to test everyone with a blue collar, pink collar, or no collar, but not white collar!!!  I say if you are going to drug test, piss test the suits, they can afford the good drugs!!!

Testing those at the bottom end of the economic scale is a waste.  The cartoon in the last post about how only 2% of welfare applicants tested positive is based on fact. Those people probably had the money to buy drugs before they had to sign up for welfare. Once on welfare, who can afford drugs, and if they spend their miserable puny amount of money on drugs, who the fuck cares???   The only ones that benefit from drug testing those on welfare, food stamps, unemployment etc. are the companies that make the tests and those that administer the tests.  Also it may give some jollies to the sadistic bastards that think if someone is poor they should suffer as much as possible.

This need to denigrate the poor and those less fortunate seems to cut across all types in society.  Religious types, non-religious, well off, and those that are one missed check from having to seek assistance, why this is is a fucking mystery to me.  I guess some people just need to be able to look down their noses at someone.

Friday, December 30, 2011

An Idea Whose Time is Way Past Due!!

Back in the '80s during the time of St. Ronnie of Reagan they started passing laws about drug testing; it wasn't enough to "Just say NO."  It probably wasn't long after that that some called for drug testing those that make the laws.
Gingrinch proposes drug testing all who get federal aid.  Does that include politicians????
Here is something from 1996 calling for the House to drug test staff.  Then in 1997 the House did a rule change calling for drug testing.  All that happened was it got sent to a committee to die.  In following years there were bills introduced calling for drug testing of the Hous;, they died in committee also.  Ron Paul spoke out against drug testing several times when the matter came up.  His argument was that it violated the Fourth Amendment, which would apply to all drug testing.  Back about this time I wrote to my CongressCritter at the time, Bart Stupak.  This was when he had only been in office for a few terms, before he got corrupted by "The Family" on "C Street".  I actually got a response that wasn't the usual form letter bullshit.  It said that before they can start drug testing they had to set up procedures on how the testing would be done.  At the time the House was run by Newt and his FuckingRepublicans who were all in favor of drug testing everyone else!!
This is an idea whose time is way past due.  All you have to do is look at what politicians around the country are doing and one explanation is that they are doing some powerful drugs (can you think of a better explanation???).  If minimum wage workers have to piss in a cup to get a job as a greeter at Wally-World, then all elected officials should do likewise.  I mean, how much can anyone endanger the public by working as a greeter, and how many millions are affected by what the politicians do???  Who does it make more sense to piss test??  Didn't this all start by saying it was a public safety issue??  If that's the case, go after those that can cause the most damage, and from the looks of things, we should have done this right from the start of the drug testing craze.  They should have to do a pre-employment test like most of the rest of us!!
They always want to fuck with those that can't fight back!!
Now if it's OK for those on welfare, unemployment, food stamps etc. etc. to have to piss in a cup, then those that make those rules should be the first in line to piss in a cup.  They should lead by example!!!!

Let's pass this on, feel free to repost this and/or add your own ideas.  Let's start using all the social media available to us to shame the bastards into doing the right thing!!!  Here is a page on facebook that I found.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Repukes Remind Me of an Old Joke

The current crop of FuckingRepublican hopefuls reminds me of an old joke:  A new sailor was being shown around the ship back in the days of wooden ships and iron men, back when the ship would be at sea for months, sometimes years at a time.  After showing the newbie around the ship they come to a barrel and the newbie is told it is for relieving sexual tensions.  "When you feel the need just stick your cock in the bunghole."  The newbie asks if he can try it now and is told go for it.  He sticks his cock in the bunghole and receives a blowjob.  Then the newbie asks how often he can do that and is told anytime except Wednesday.  When he asks why not Wednesday???  "That's your turn in the barrel!!!"

Now is Newt's turn in the barrel, who's next?????????????

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Old Lady's fat cat or bloated road kill??  You decide,

Trickle Down Economics Explained

The Old Lady has always said, "The term 'Trickle Down' should tell you they are pissing on you!!"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm a NFL owner, NO SHIT!!

Yesterday a stock sale for Green Bay Packers stock started.  I bought one share which will give me one vote(on what I don't know yet) and no special privileges what-so-ever other than bragging rights!!  

Sample illustration of the stock certificate I should receive in a couple of weeks.
They are going to use the money raised from the sale of stock to make improvements to their stadium, which strikes me as a better deal than begging for taxpayer money to build a new stadium or the team will leave like so many other teams have threatened, you know, the ones owned by Billionaires!!!!!!  Because the Packers are owned by shareholders in Green Bay and other areas, they can't leave.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mass Delusion or What??

I've been wondering lately why most people religious or not have to believe there is a higher power.  Whether it (the higher power) is controlling things or just started the ball rolling is irrelevant. Just because Mankind hasn't been able to create life in the lab without adding a few drops of swamp water doesn't mean there has to be a higher power. NO, it just means nobody has hit on the right combination of parts and the right trigger to set it off.

There are various estimates on the number of stars in the universe, anywhere from 9 to 300 sextillion (that's a 1 followed by a shitload of zeros, 21 or 36 take your pick). There are probably billions of planets with the right conditions for life and maybe millions with life, altho' it may not be life as we know it.  The thought that we are created special and the only planet with life strikes me as being very conceited.

I go by the theory that we are a fluke of the universe, in that SHIT HAPPENS, sometimes it's good shit, sometimes it's bad shit, but shit nevertheless. The fact that I believe we are a fluke doesn't mean there aren't a lot of other flukes out there.

Ever since I figured out that religion was a big lie, I've had no problem with not believing in a higher power.  Hey, shit happens, we're here, deal with it.  The older I get and the more I learn, the more I wonder about those that would believe in a deity that would through a matter of good timing allow psychopaths (serial killers, rapists, etc.) a free ride to heaven because just before they die they ask forgiveness and accept HeyZues as  their savior, but would send someone who lives a good clean life to Hell to suffer for eternity simply because they don't believe in the deity.  What a vindictive bastard!!

I have no problem with most of the Big-Bang theory, but something I read recently had me scratching my ass!!  Recently I read something that said the Big-Bang Theory supposedly started with a single atom and some kind of spark or lightning bolt and that atom expanded millions of times a second until in the space of a few minutes or hours all the material in the universe was created.  Now that seems as fantastic to me as the story of some old bearded dude sitting around in the dark bored and deciding to create heaven and earth and all the stars (let there be light), all the plants, fishes, and animals.  Then from mud creates the first man, first woman from mud is a failure, so makes one from the man's rib.  Both the starting from an atom and starting from Adam require taking things on faith of which I am lacking.  Both seem to me like flip sides of the same coin and have no currency with me.

I've also heard that there are some who think if they build a telescope powerful enough and point it in the right direction, they can see the actual beginning of time.  See the Big-Bang happen.  What if the light from that moment passed by us a couple of eons ago???

Anywho, thinking you are powerless and there has to be a higher power to explain how shit happens is to me the epitome of low-esteem.  Once when I said the Groucho Marx line, "Any group that would have me as a member, I don't want to join."  Someone said I must have a low opinion of myself.  I said, "No, I have a high opinon of myself, just a low opinion of others, especially groups."