Friday, December 30, 2011

An Idea Whose Time is Way Past Due!!

Back in the '80s during the time of St. Ronnie of Reagan they started passing laws about drug testing; it wasn't enough to "Just say NO."  It probably wasn't long after that that some called for drug testing those that make the laws.
Gingrinch proposes drug testing all who get federal aid.  Does that include politicians????
Here is something from 1996 calling for the House to drug test staff.  Then in 1997 the House did a rule change calling for drug testing.  All that happened was it got sent to a committee to die.  In following years there were bills introduced calling for drug testing of the Hous;, they died in committee also.  Ron Paul spoke out against drug testing several times when the matter came up.  His argument was that it violated the Fourth Amendment, which would apply to all drug testing.  Back about this time I wrote to my CongressCritter at the time, Bart Stupak.  This was when he had only been in office for a few terms, before he got corrupted by "The Family" on "C Street".  I actually got a response that wasn't the usual form letter bullshit.  It said that before they can start drug testing they had to set up procedures on how the testing would be done.  At the time the House was run by Newt and his FuckingRepublicans who were all in favor of drug testing everyone else!!
This is an idea whose time is way past due.  All you have to do is look at what politicians around the country are doing and one explanation is that they are doing some powerful drugs (can you think of a better explanation???).  If minimum wage workers have to piss in a cup to get a job as a greeter at Wally-World, then all elected officials should do likewise.  I mean, how much can anyone endanger the public by working as a greeter, and how many millions are affected by what the politicians do???  Who does it make more sense to piss test??  Didn't this all start by saying it was a public safety issue??  If that's the case, go after those that can cause the most damage, and from the looks of things, we should have done this right from the start of the drug testing craze.  They should have to do a pre-employment test like most of the rest of us!!
They always want to fuck with those that can't fight back!!
Now if it's OK for those on welfare, unemployment, food stamps etc. etc. to have to piss in a cup, then those that make those rules should be the first in line to piss in a cup.  They should lead by example!!!!

Let's pass this on, feel free to repost this and/or add your own ideas.  Let's start using all the social media available to us to shame the bastards into doing the right thing!!!  Here is a page on facebook that I found.


  1. Kulkuri,
    I pissed in a bottle about every year and a half from '79 til '88.
    I had no problem witn that. But, this testing of people on unemployment and welfare is wrong.
    So, you smoke dope or even do meth, coke, or even herion - You still have to eat and keep warm.
    I can remember years ago when I was the assistant manager at a pizza place - I had a man come in and ask for money - the old gent was truthful with me about the purpose; he wanted to buy himself a bottle. I gave him a five out of my wallet. He later came back by with a righteous buzz - We had a pizza not picked up and had the guys warm it up for him. I hope God was watching.
    I am a triple dipper - USAF retired, VA disability, and Social Security and I have been known to drink a drop. Should I have to take a breathizer to get my money?
    Give John Boehner one first...


  2. I am a triple dipper - USAF retired, VA disability, and Social Security.

    He earned what he gets, the fucking bottom feeders on welfare can just damn well do the piss tests.

    I only did them when long haul trucking but they were no problem for me being as I don't do that stuff, other than a rare hit on a pot pipe at times.

  3. I agree - if the rationale is public safety, the WalMart greeters should get a pass, while Congress should have to piss...


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